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  1. jas

    Three eared spinners

    Thank you they do look good! Regards Jason
  2. Hello, Does anyone have any photos of three eared spinners on centre laced wires....have toyed with the idea of them over the years but would like to see images if possible, Regards Jas
  3. jas

    Bumper weight

    Many thanks chaps! Regards Jas
  4. jas

    Bumper weight

    No worries Mike! Regards Jas
  5. jas

    Bumper weight

    Ah should have explained the car and bumper are 90 miles away!
  6. jas

    Bumper weight

    Slightly unusual question but.....Don't suppose anyone knows the weight of a front bumper? Sending mine of to be rechromed but the car isn't here to weigh it just trying to figure out best way to send it. Seems to be a fair amount of companies (tnt,my Hermes collect plus and Royal Mail to name a few) out there now, Regards Jas
  7. jas


    Is there any checks you can do on the bosch pumps?
  8. jas


    ...starting to think it may be fuel related still have to try dizzy cap then thats me just about changed all ignition parts...I have braided hoses and I read somewhere they can cause fuel vaperization that had also crossed my mind but I have never had problem with them before always been on car,....its on a bosch fuel pump thats maybe 2 years max 3 years old...
  9. jas


    Ok changed coil only did about 10 miles out in country first but mostly in town seemed ok but just as I was turning into my street it missed couple of times....voltage stays constant in town and at higher revs at 13. The coil did seem cooler than the one I had on previous(Intermoto?) I would say luke warm but does heat up a fair bit when standing (guessing thats normal?) I had read some people move their coils to the wings, what are the characteristics of a to hot coil? Whatever it is it doesnt do it all the time thats why I keep thinking electrical (also why I am not a mechanic I dont have a
  10. jas


    Changed full set of BP6ES....Both times runs ok for 30 miles or so then starts. It's always starts at low revs and usually when I have stopped somewhere presumably when engine is at hottest?
  11. jas


    I don't think there was much variation from memory Peter but will check it out tomorrow I'm fitting new coil after work see if that makes any difference....will report back.. Regards Jas
  12. jas


    Hi Peter It was changed recently as well
  13. jas


    Ok so maybe I spoke to soon....filled up car tonight and went out for wee run..stopped after 10 miles car running fine. Continued to next town about 4 or so miles and stopped for ten mins maybe,got back in car missing in all gears again...turned around got onto motorway and it cleared when given blast. Same next town when low running. The car is on points already as I know a couple of comments said to change to them. The coil was hit but not mega hot not sure what it's supposed to be? Going to try changing coil first the dizzy cap if that doesn't work. Could it be fuel pressure? Or bad fuel? U
  14. jas


    Gents there is a lot to be said for "if it ain't broke"...may have to do as suggested and test each one individually to satisfy my curiosity now. Many thanks again Jas Ps apologies I typed my name as Has before...specsavers job
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