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  1. Thanks - I knew there was a logic to it...!
  2. I have just ordered a set of castors for my car. I decided against the ones with the built in jack as I'd like to have a more heavy duty jack around anyway, and ordered one separate. My question - before I get into this and learn the hard way - is how should I go about getting my Triumph up onto the castors - one tire at a time? one side then the other? (my guess). Do I block the castors on the side that already has them to keep the car from shifting? I thought Youtube would have this but its just a lot of videos trying to sell ones with the jack built in. Thoughts welcome...
  3. I'll try and post a picture of my "faded" one. I like the idea of a blue ocean, which is still pretty much there on mine. But, haven't seen a repro yet that has that color.
  4. Ahh..the plastic is glued to the base....
  5. Hi Roger - am I guessing that the repro's have changed? Trying to get original and I would think a blue ocean isn't too hard to add if I wanted to!
  6. I wanted to replace this emblem on my TR4A because the continents had faded in color. When I ordered the replacement from Rimmer Bros, I noticed that my original had a (faded) blue ocean as well, whereas theirs has simply no color (or, a metal one). Can anyone tell me if the blue ocean color is correct, and this one isn't?
  7. Thanks Harry - will give a try. Any others?
  8. Can anyone recommend a local (London area) seat trimmer? I've got to restuff my two TR4A seats and straighten one frame that seems to be crooked. I already have the foam etc but need to get the seats to someone who can do a quality job and perhaps even touch up some of the scrapes etc in the seat leather. Many thanks, Ron
  9. Well, all the answers confirmed my thoughts - great things to have in tight spaces. One question: if my car is going to sit on them for extended periods, would the dollies (with a curved surface for the tire) be preferable to the skates with two bars? Thinking about spots on the tires....
  10. Does anyone have any experience with using "wheel positioning dollies" to move/store a car in the garage? My garage is tight and I'd like to be able to get my car in and out of a tight space easily..... If they work well - or are rubbish - please let me know.
  11. I bought my 4A in '82 and added a surrey in 2000. I sold the surrey in 2013 (to a happy club member in Yorkshire) and never looked back (no pun intended). I now have a lovely Mohair top with a zip out rear window. My car looks great, the top quickly goes down for nice weather (and up, accordingly) and I thoroughly enjoy the car. I think it's a personal thing. Yes, I appreciated less wind noise, etc, but always felt my vision was restricted and gee, the cabin felt cramped (in spite of the fact that it did indeed give me more rear space - it's just how I felt with the ever-present rear window). So I went back to the true convertible. Happy ever after....
  12. Guys - noticed Luka's the grill for the first time - is that a TR4 grill on a TR4A? I own a 66 TR4A and my front grill is different.
  13. Last question - any idea how many TR4A's were equipped with the 4:1 differential at the factory? Mine was - just wondering how many others?
  14. And yes, I have the 4.1 gearing. It's much friendlier at slower speeds and works a charm when paired with the overdrive. I was given a 3.7 to "try it out" and thought - well, this is OK if I didn't have overdrive but you really have to rev to keep from stalling driving around a parking lot, say. At least, that was my impression. Smoother ride, better mileage with 3.7 etc etc - well, I like my 4.1....I don't over-rev the engine anyway...
  15. I've decided to do the strengthening so that's being done now; while it's up I'll ascertain the gearing. I do remember being offered a newly rebuilt diff (and trying it out) in London but the gearing was different - yes it could do a "smoother" top end but it "lugged" at low speed. I preferred a faster shift with more revs, as my diff gave. So trying to stay original.
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