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  1. As an added comment - it was basically £3k all in (shipping here to there, customs fees etc.) The wait and lack of knowledge, however, was maddening. The wait only seemed to grow once I was stateside. The customs process seems to be much longer in a shared container (because of personal goods, etc). The last time I shipped ('04) my car was ready as promised, but those were different times. Schumacher was the freight forwarder. Not any neighbourhood I'd like to spend time in, and their mgmt is in California, including the person who handles east coast exports(!) But my car was ok (in spite of their horrendus Yelp reviews) and they do seem to like and handle vintage/rare cars. I had NJ plates ready, but honestly I just left my UK tags on and happily motored everywhere. I understand many do that if their car/caravan etc is only in the US for a short-ish period. Haggerty is the vintage insurer that I used, but maybe only for domestic US. My paperwork was fine so no delays and Anglo/Pacific here did a good job of taking me through the paperwork process. But, I should have shipped solo in a container.
  2. Hi - I just shipped my car (back) to the US (I had originally bought it there in 1982!). Here are some of the goods and bads of the experience: Basically, I was wary of RoRo and looked to ship in a container. A single container is quite expensive (probably around £2k and up - excluding any insurance - but this end only. More later). I let myself be talking into a "shared container" as a way to save money. Big mistake. I had little / no control over export date and import date - all up to the shipper who was waiting for a "suitable" container. I dropped my car off in the London area on August 14th and did not see my car again until Octopber 22nd in Elizabeth, New Jersey! In between the only thing I could effectively monitor was the ship movements once it was onboard. Honestly, I can track a letter so much better! On arrival, it went immediately to customs - for up to three weeks I was told! Ok, I've got to fly and pick it up and drive to Massachusetts, so it is helpful to have some idea of a date....but I had none. Be warned - a shared container takes a while - and if customs decides to do a "search" YOU share the cost of this with whomever you are sharing a container with - and it can be £££. The car must be delived in London with below a 1/4 tank of petrol. Ok. When I was finally notified it was out of customs, I was told 3-5 business days to get to the freight forwarder (about a mile away!). So, another random waiting process. I finally bit the bullet and flew down to camp out with friends in NJ waiting for my car. I was lucky - it was ready the following day, after paying additional freight and handling fees, it was around £3k. I was also lucky - no scratches or dents. The freight forwarder was in the WORST location, with razor wire, etc. The building did nothing to inspire. That said, I did see a few vintage cars so that seemed to be "their thing". The car ran up fine, but died on the main road just in front. No idea, as I could see petrol in the tank, but none through the clear fuel filter. On a hunch, I sourced more petrol and it fired up. I drove it (through many VERY dodgy neighborhoods) to a friends in NJ in prep for a 300 mile journey the next day. In spite of some heart-stopping backfires very early in the am, it ran up to its destination without a hitch. I'm delighted to have my car, but I will never ship shared again. As a post script, I learned that they shipped the car with the petrol cap open (who knows why, but that's how I got it - and it probably helped evaporate the fuel). I learned you can still see petrol in the tank even when you are empty, the car will run with fuel in the carbs only (briefly) and I learned that it's essential to have a in-line clear fuel filter, which was pretty black on arrival in Massachusetts. To be replaced!
  3. Thanks - I knew there was a logic to it...!
  4. I have just ordered a set of castors for my car. I decided against the ones with the built in jack as I'd like to have a more heavy duty jack around anyway, and ordered one separate. My question - before I get into this and learn the hard way - is how should I go about getting my Triumph up onto the castors - one tire at a time? one side then the other? (my guess). Do I block the castors on the side that already has them to keep the car from shifting? I thought Youtube would have this but its just a lot of videos trying to sell ones with the jack built in. Thoughts welcome...
  5. I'll try and post a picture of my "faded" one. I like the idea of a blue ocean, which is still pretty much there on mine. But, haven't seen a repro yet that has that color.
  6. Ahh..the plastic is glued to the base....
  7. Hi Roger - am I guessing that the repro's have changed? Trying to get original and I would think a blue ocean isn't too hard to add if I wanted to!
  8. I wanted to replace this emblem on my TR4A because the continents had faded in color. When I ordered the replacement from Rimmer Bros, I noticed that my original had a (faded) blue ocean as well, whereas theirs has simply no color (or, a metal one). Can anyone tell me if the blue ocean color is correct, and this one isn't?
  9. Thanks Harry - will give a try. Any others?
  10. Can anyone recommend a local (London area) seat trimmer? I've got to restuff my two TR4A seats and straighten one frame that seems to be crooked. I already have the foam etc but need to get the seats to someone who can do a quality job and perhaps even touch up some of the scrapes etc in the seat leather. Many thanks, Ron
  11. Well, all the answers confirmed my thoughts - great things to have in tight spaces. One question: if my car is going to sit on them for extended periods, would the dollies (with a curved surface for the tire) be preferable to the skates with two bars? Thinking about spots on the tires....
  12. Does anyone have any experience with using "wheel positioning dollies" to move/store a car in the garage? My garage is tight and I'd like to be able to get my car in and out of a tight space easily..... If they work well - or are rubbish - please let me know.
  13. I bought my 4A in '82 and added a surrey in 2000. I sold the surrey in 2013 (to a happy club member in Yorkshire) and never looked back (no pun intended). I now have a lovely Mohair top with a zip out rear window. My car looks great, the top quickly goes down for nice weather (and up, accordingly) and I thoroughly enjoy the car. I think it's a personal thing. Yes, I appreciated less wind noise, etc, but always felt my vision was restricted and gee, the cabin felt cramped (in spite of the fact that it did indeed give me more rear space - it's just how I felt with the ever-present rear window). So I went back to the true convertible. Happy ever after....
  14. Guys - noticed Luka's the grill for the first time - is that a TR4 grill on a TR4A? I own a 66 TR4A and my front grill is different.
  15. Last question - any idea how many TR4A's were equipped with the 4:1 differential at the factory? Mine was - just wondering how many others?
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