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  1. That will be interesting to follow. You might also want to start a thread here http://forum.britishv8.org/list.php?3 It is not restricted to just v8's. Simon
  2. I have a hard time deciding whether I prefer the looks of the TR6 with the hard top or without. I like both. Simon
  3. kiwican

    Rear airflow

    Here you go
  4. kiwican

    Rear airflow

    I think mine stops about level with the bumper, it will spit on your foot if standing in the right (wrong?) spot when loading the boot. I will check tonight and take a picture as was requested.
  5. Have a look at this link for an install into a cast iron manifold. http://www.74tr6.com/exhaustmanifold.htm Simon
  6. kiwican

    Rear airflow

    I have a single pipe exiting on the drivers side. I just put a chrome tip on the end with a turned down outlet. This extended the exhaust length and put the fumes down into the airflow (I assumes) and seemed to end the fumes issue. Simon
  7. I have a K & N in the air box and drilled a couple of 2" dia holes in the housing to allow for a bit more air flow. I have also done the 3 K&N's see photos. For the 3 K&N's make sure the connector is long enough so that the body of the filter is away from the throttle linkage. I had some interference so used some turbo adapters (similar to these https://www.summitracing.com/parts/vpe-2710?seid=srese1&gclid=CjwKCAjwtdeFBhBAEiwAKOIy5-VWWBCLYlIbhyc4WOAB-nmKAqhxfC2DQkvFzYDB4bRHKdR-0XmeexoCKqUQAvD_BwE) to space the filters away. Doing this means you need a sleeve to mate the f
  8. I had a similar issue a year or so back. I had to remove the speedo and tach to access the shear bolts. A small cold chisel and hammer was needed to get the shear bolts to unscrew and then there is a bracket towards the base of the steering column that needed to be unbolted so that was seat out and hardtop off so as to get on my back into the footwell to be able to undo these bolts. After that the steering lock and ignition came out quite easily. I am sure there were other things to undo as well but those were the worst of them. I took the assembly to a lock smith and had them rebuil
  9. That is a stunning looking car, backed up by a great sound. If you re-install the roof spoiler will that add anything on top of what you have already achieved? Simon
  10. Company cars... also know as a "works drive"
  11. Thanks for posting the photos. Those old boats are great to look at. Simon
  12. I cannot help on your question but would love to see some pictures of the boat. Simon
  13. Hi Tom, I dont have any photos but they were the original units converted so look exactly the same except the speedo has a digital odometer, and both needles are rock steady, no more bouncing around.
  14. I have an electronic tach and GPS speedo. Had them for about 10 yrs. It seemed easier to do that than fix what was wrong with the cable. Works quite well although sometimes takes a few minutes to find a satellite but I think that is more to do with where the GPS is mounted. It is buried under the dash. There was an option to go with the sensor rather than the GPS but the GPS seemed less complicated. All came from West Valley Instruments in the US. Simon
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