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  1. Killer Elite is pretty good in my opinion but has the same aspects as Get Carter so probably not suitable for all audiences. Simon
  2. I wonder if the sidewall flex where the rubber meets the road is enough to throw off the reading a little. Your math equation would assume a perfectly round tyre whereas the actual road to top of tyre height will a little different (less). Doubtful that makes 10% difference though. Simon
  3. Thanks Stan, I will apply a bit more force and see what happens. I already got the shear bolts out and they were a lot less of an issue than I thought they would be, took about 10 minutes to get them both out. They did have some decent soakings with the PB Blaster stuff. Simon
  4. I am trying to remove the steering column lock. The bolts that attach the stays to the bracket on the steering column have this dome over the nut. I assume it is just a cover over the nut but it is metal and is on tight. Does this just lever off or does it include the nut as part of the unit. Before I go using brute force and break something I would appreciate some guidance. Thanks Simon
  5. My condolences to Alec's family and larger TR family. I only had the pleasure of reading his posts which were always entertaining. I suspect there is a Mr Joseph Lucas who is keeping his head down at the moment as he is probably going to be getting a bollocking very soon about his electrical system. Simon
  6. No apologies needed, I am far from perfect when it comes to typing. It just seemed like a way to add a little levity. Simon
  7. It does have the extremely rare FERST ROAD SPECIFICATIONso that probably adds a premium Simon
  8. So no oil leaks, no worrying about making it to your destination, no lingering odor of exhaust... I dont see the attraction. I wonder if will use Lucas electric components, that might add back one piece of excitment. Simon
  9. I just sent you a PM with Neils email address. I dont like putting email address in a public forum. PM's are found in at the top right of the page, look for a small envelope. Simon
  10. Driving from Las Vegas to Vancouver Canada, 350 miles away from home my says crap, we forgot our passports. Hooked a U turn drove home got the passports and headed out the next morning. Definitely not senior but most certainly a moment. Normally we fly there but this time were driving so the routine was off. Simon
  11. I have had pacesetters on my car for the last 25 yrs, pi rhd. I did not have any issues fitting them that i remember. Simon
  12. This link might be of interest to you for a home made remedy. http://buckeyetriumphs.org/technical/jod/AdaptingJOD/AdaptingJOD.htm Simon
  13. kiwican

    Noisy Bosch pump

    The Moss conversion I bought about 16years ago was filter before pump. I have just had the pump replaced and the mechanic that did the work reversed it so the filter was after the pump. His first comment when he looked at it was the filter should be after the pump. He also put a small in line filter between the tank and pump. The Moss kit also had a tight bend in the hose between the filter and pump which has pinched the hose a bit so the flow to the pump was probably not what it should have been. Simon
  14. I bought the SS hoses about 15 years ago because the nylon ones were splitting at the fittings. My thinking was that the SS hoses would stand up to the hot dry conditions I live in although the heat under the bonnet is hotter than what the outside air temp is, even in the middle of summer (although sometimes I am not sure about that). I have not noticed any starting or vaporization issues. Simon
  15. I have now had a new Bosch fuel pump, filter, larger supply from tank, upgraded electrical feed, and a new fuel tank fitted. The car runs but when the ignition is turned off the car runs on / diesels for a few seconds. Any suggestions on what is causing this? Can too much pressure be the cause? The pressure has not been checked yet. Except for the fuel pump issues car was running fine previously. Regarding the new tank, this one would be a North American spec and I believe I have read that these dont vent the same as the PI tanks. Have I got that right? If so could this be part of the problem. Thanks Simon
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