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  1. Grinnal, A few photos of your cars would be good as well, if possible. Simon
  2. Regarding the Lucas overhaul kits, are bits included in that just for the electric motor? Is there anything for actual pump mechanism? Simon
  3. From a rallying point of view, oversteer is when the passenger is scared, understeer is when the driver is scared.
  4. I know that is probably a tongue in cheek comment but no need to feel sorry for us. Our petrol has been cheap for years and still is by comparison. I hear people complain about the price and I tell them of what other countries pay. Some people here have no idea what the rest of the world deals with. New Zealand ( my home country) is NZ$3+ per liter. Simon
  5. kiwican

    Mr Djokavic

    If being deported counts as having a criminal record, the next time he goes to Oz he should have no problem gaining entry:)
  6. Hi Stuart, That is true but any seal or perishable item will dry up and disintegrate. After we moved here we spent the first couple of years here chasing leaks, replacing hoses etc. Simon
  7. Thanks to all for the comments, it is food for thought. To sell my Tr6 would be quite an emotional thing for me as I have had it so long and I really like the car. The TR8 I could let go of quite easily although my wife might have something to say about that. In the mean time I will probably keep them both and hope that prices do appreciate a little, although I have to drive and do not look at them as an investment. Simon
  8. Tim, I would be interested in your thoughts on the Stag vs the TR6. I have had thoughts of a Stag to replace both our TR6 and TR8 as a way of downsizing but am unsure if that is a good way to go. Simon
  9. Even if it is a light house, some still want to ignore the signal
  10. In an article on line, which I cannot find again, it suggested there might be a new race director next year. It also said teams will not be able communicate with the race director. F1 should take a leaf out of Nascar's book, when it comes to race day they dont leave much room for debate on things, it is their way or the highway.
  11. kiwican


    I was thinking the same. Simon
  12. I did not know there was a difference either so it made me wonder why so I thought I would ask. Thanks to all. Simon
  13. kiwican


    From the link Hamish posted “...once the last lapped car has passed the leader the safety car will return to the pits at the end of the following lap.” The "last lapped car" would mean that all the lapped cars would have fulfill this requirement, not just a select few. Simon
  14. kiwican


  15. This is the method for setting the CR cars
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