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  1. We get that show here. It is the only one where they turn up at your house with a van full of tools and fix your car. There are a few TR's around Las Vegas, probably 5 or 6 in our club. California has a lot more. Do a search for Triumphest and you will get an idea of how many around the west coast.
  2. Garage Squad is the name of the show. Simon
  3. I have the braided hoses and have had no issues and I live in a hot dry environment. I dont notice too much issue with starting time. If the car has been sitting for a while then it takes a little bit of cranking but nothing to bad. I think some of the time the extra cranking might be due the battery having drained a bit. Simon
  4. And then there is this... https://www.statnews.com/2020/11/09/covid-19-vaccine-from-pfizer-and-biontech-is-strongly-effective-early-data-from-large-trial-indicate/ Simon
  5. Sad to hear but what a great innings Simon
  6. https://www.rat-co.com/ Their new frames are not cheap, they do not show any frame sections from what I saw at a quick glance Simon
  7. I have a RHD drive car in the USA. I have no problem with it. Maybe drive it for a while before committing to the conversion Simon
  8. Very sad. This is a bit of a concern of mine in the US whenever I see a pick up truck coming up behind when stopped at an intersection. The article also says that the deceased drivers wife was with him and taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. When I look at the photo I wonder how that could be but thankfully it seems she will be OK. Simon
  9. Thanks for the reply Pete. I did not think there would be an easy answer and you noted a few things I did not think of. I guess you just have to monitor the condition of your vehicle and make decisions based on what you see. Cheers Simon
  10. So a slightly off topic question, how much does a chassis degrade over time from use and being exposed to the elements during normal use, assuming no real exposure to harsh environments such as salted roads etc? I know it will be impossible to answer as all cases differ but I imagine there is some fatigue due to use, and some degradation from being exposed to moisture in the air etc. For my car, it was new in New Zealand in 1972 and spent 19 years there so was driven in rain (occasionally) and would have been exposed to some salt from driving near the ocean. From 1992 through to 1998 it w
  11. Ratco in US make replacement frames. Seems to be cold rolled box section steel. See here for information if interested. Not cheap and then have add freight costs for overseas. https://sites.google.com/view/ratco-test-site/tr-4a-5-250-6-products/construction-details Their home page https://www.rat-co.com/tr-4a-5-250-6-products Simon
  12. A friend of mine in New Zealand was also having issues with the information provided on the web site and app for live streaming. He has emailed them some suggestions for making the website a little more use friendly to get to live streams. Hopefully they will address this for next years event. Simon
  13. I thought I was doing well at 33 yrs but it seems like I have a way to go. First photo with numbers on the door c. 1988 in New Zealand. Second photo top of Mt Charleston just out side of Las Vegas around 2018 Simon
  14. Hi David, Which model did you choose? Simon
  15. Last weekend I took my TR6 for a drive, 20 miles or so on the freeway. After exiting and coming to a stop, the car started running on less than 6 cylinders. Seemed like 4 but things improved a little so I made my way home and after a cooling off period I started pulling injectors. Number 2 was not working, no fuel being sprayed. I put in a new (recon'd) injector and things were back to normal. Yesterday the same thing . Started of fine but after an bit of a run and stopping at a traffic light back to less than 6 cylinders. It did seem like it was trying clear but when I got home I pulled
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