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  1. Wow Lots to think about - if a visit to the scrapyard if/when I finally admit defeat. Thanks all Ernest
  2. Hi Bob Thanks for the suggestion.....the time when we had scrap metal merchants in south London have long gone! Best Wishes Ernest
  3. As ever Thanks all for the helpful response- looks like the local tip for recyling. Best Wishes Ernest
  4. About five years ag I bought a 12 volt car battery (standard not sealed)- it was for a VW campervan with a very small area in which locate it. It turned out to be too big, so it went into a shed and has been there, 'forgotten', ever since. I came across it over the weekend and tried to charge - but it seems not to respond to charging. Any ideas on saving the bat. or is it just for the recyling centre.? Best Wishes Ernest
  5. Thanks Stuart That's usefully specific advice. I shall highlight this with Rees Bros when it goes on for MOT/Service. Thanks Mike ,that looks like a god idea. Best wishes both Ernest
  6. Hi all My 6 is running very well but ongoing issues with 2nd gear o/drive. 3rd and 4th gear o/d come in nice and smoothly. But 2nd gear o/d hardly works at all when first out on a run - delay in coming in, intermittent, and drops out sometimes - Once the car has been running for about 20 mins it seems to work OK. Any suggestions/ideas would be appreciated. It was good today to be out on first decent run of the year! Reminder of how nice these car are to drive! Ernest
  7. Thanks for the tip re. sender/gauge matching Richard and the recommendation for CAI. Best Wishes Ernest
  8. Thanks all for the range of helpful advice - I am trying to work though suggestions. The TR Shop do have replacement gauges - on an exchange basis. And they seem to be nice people to deal with. Thanks for the head-up on this Crawfie Best Wishes Ernest
  9. Thanks for the range of helpful advice. I am working through suggestions. Best Wishes Ernest
  10. Well I am still trying to sort out the temp gauge going immediately to hot, when the engine is cold, issue. The car is booked into Rees Bros to sort our the timing chain cover oil leak and renew thrust washer and I asked Andy to renew the temp gauge (I have replaced the sender). Andy says (and Rimmers confirm) that you can obtain a replacement gauge. So, my question is: does anyone know where I might obtain a temp gauge for a 1972 CP (do black rim). Andy say that they will be able to strip the current one down to see if it can be fixed, but I would prefer new o
  11. Thanks CP26309 But the radiator is cool when the gauge reads hot - it does seem to be the cooling system itself but the way in which temperature is monitored. Best Wishes Ernest
  12. Thanks all for the useful suggestions - Yours does concern me somewhat Stuart.... I view you as the go-too expert of parts quality. Let's hope the standard of Rimmer's parts is now at least adequate. I will definitely try your suggest RobH - it seems obvious when I read your advice but I had not even thought of this. Best Wishes Ernest
  13. Brilliant l! Thanks Stuart and Tim Have just ordered a replacement from Rimmers. It seems that.... as new thermostat and soon a new sender then, if the problem continues I assume it would most likely be a faulty be the gauge. Thanks again Best Wishes Ernest
  14. Hi Stuart and RobH Thanks for responses. Please excuse my embarrassing ignorance, but where would I find the 'sender unit'? Best Wishes Ernest
  15. Hi all Just following up the overheating problem I posted about a week or so ago. I replaced the thermostat this morning but on running the engine the temperature gauge went straight to max!!! A stone cold engine but temp. gauge indicating max temp. So it seems to be a faulty gauge.. I guess it might be the connection to the engine but this seem odd as has been working fine for years. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Best Wishes Ernest
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