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  1. Hi Ian I was unsure if Roger would be prepared to store information related to individual cars - other than basics of ownership history but, as you note, worth contacting him to see. Best Wishes Ernest
  2. Hi all Just a note to have one more go at contacting the current owner re. the TR 'bit' I have found recently - see top posting on this thread. If I don't get a positive repose to this message the material will no doubt be dumped at some point. This would be shame as the material does provide some interesting history on the 5 whose numbers are noted. So, if any of you out there know someone with a conifer green 5 with surrey top etc. then please bring the posting to their attention. Best Wishes Ernest
  3. Thanks for cautionary advice Waldi and Roger Ernest
  4. Hi all Whilst clearing out some draws yesterday I came across a couple of bits related to a TR5 I owned (1989-1993) The bits include bills of sale (Geoff Mansfield of Northern TR), a long letter from a previous owner detailing work done on the car plus a picture of the car racing at Oulton Park When I bought the car from Geoff the reg number was TR 125 but, due to my not being into quaint number plates l sold it to a farmer down in Hampshire - he put it on a late TR6. I then put an age-related (G reg) number plate on the car but can't remember what it was The car's commission number was/is CP3012 The engine number was/is 2238 E The car was conifer green, surrey top, wire wheels and o/d If the current owner wants to contact me via this forum would be happy to forward these bits- I am not sure if I should give out e.mail address/phone numbers on this site so hopefully someone will clarify? I would have thought phone number would be OK? Ernest
  5. Hi All I thought that it might be useful for me to share my experience in trying to register for MOT exemption. Having downloaded and complete the V112 form I took this, with the new tax car tax renewal form, to the main post office in Bromley; my local post office said that could not deal with this. It turned out that I was the first person who had applied for the exemption and they were unsure about the process. They were really helpful and the three counter-staff conferred for a bit and then looked through their on-line and hard-copy guidance and concluded that they just had to 'see' the completed V112. They 'looked' at the form, then completed the tax renewal. I asked what proof I had that the MOT exemption had been processed and they were unsure re. this. We agreed that they would stamp the V112 with their Post Office stamp - so hopefully this would suffice if necessary. Given the number of classic cars I see around in Bromley I was surprised that I was the only individual who had applied for the exemption. Perhaps other members of the Bromley classic car community are sensible enough to just continue with MOT tests. I will probably also do this but I just wanted to be covered incase I decide that my own do-it-yourself' skills are sufficient. So, if the process followed by the PO counter-staff was correct, I suggest that if anyone seeks MOT exemption they should obtain the 'official' PO stamp, this being at least some proof that the form has been seen. Best Wishes Ernest
  6. Hi all Thanks again for this useful 'flow' of helpful information - it feeds into my intended discussion with Andy. I had a new 6 back in the early 70s and i don't remember any issues with suspension - but then my back was considerably younger! Ernest
  7. Roger, Simon, Nigel Thanks very much for mix of useful advice and observations. The car is due for asevice qyute soon so I will have a chat with Andy Child at Rees Bros and get them examine the current state of the rear suspension and see what they suggest - it seems that there are various options. Ernest
  8. Thanks Roger Problem being that I am not sure whether springs or dampers - If it helps, the car is fairly stable and comfortable on smooth surfaces but 'jolts' a bit on a small pot-holes or over a drain. What would be an improvement in terms of overall -springs and dampers set up? Ernest
  9. Hi all I was out in the 6 today and, even accepting poorly maintained road surfaces, I still feel the ride should be a bit smoother. The car is currenty on standerd dampers and I am seeking advice on what would be the best alternative. i was thinking of uprated lever damper arms (available via Moss). I don't realy want to spend too much. Any ideas? Best Regards Ernest
  10. Ernest


    As eve,r than\ks all for this range of helpful advice - i shall start by checking the fan's operation. Best Wishes Ernest
  11. Ernest


    Hi all Last week I enjoyed a 80 mile round trip in the 6. The car ran well when the road was clear but as soon as I got into slow moving traffic the temp. rose. On the way back the gauge went into the red even though we only got caught in some slow-moving traffic at a couple of sets of lights. The car had a new radiator fitted about 200 miles ago by a very reputable TR specialist and it has a supplementary fan that was working Although I had the fan on continuously when in traffic it did not bring the temperature down. When running the temp returned to about normal. The water level was fine and I only drove up to about 60 miles per hours during the run. Any idea on some simple 'fix' that I can do to make the cooling more efficient for the time being. Could it be the thermostat not operating correctly? Best Wishes Ernest
  12. Ernest


    Thanks very mch for these three useful posts. Its reassuring to be able to access such good advice promptly delivered! Ernest
  13. Ernest


    Hi Does anyone know if 'Redex' is still available? If not, is there a substitute? I have an old Stuart Turner engine in a boat and I have been avised to spray some Redex in the cyliner when the boat is laid up for the winter. Thanks in anticipation of help Ernest
  14. Hi Thanks both for useful advice. Have a nice weekend. Ernest
  15. Hi All As ever seeking advice. Just had lovely run in TR (first for about 4-5 weeks) and found overdrive not working at all. When switch flicked on the ammeter (sp) move abrupty towards + and when flicked off ammeter moves back. So I am assuming that it won't be electirical? Any advice would be very much appreciated. The car is a 1972 CP model Ernest
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