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  1. DRD

    TR6 Fuel Issue

    I think you can try fitting a heat shield to help minimise this.
  2. DRD

    spar plugs

    I used to use these but since getting my engine rebuilt and uprated I've gone back to the standard BPR6ES. They are noticeably better now.
  3. I would have thought it was the other way round - i.e. non resistive ones may cause interference with the electronic points?
  4. Ive got them, but mine is an ex US car so it's the right size. They seem pretty good to me, and also fill the wheel arches properly.
  5. That is exactly my point! The whole issue of whether setting the CO at idle is going to give the correct mixture at other engine speeds is another matter entirely. The OP just wanted an easy way to check whether his meter was working or not.
  6. DRD

    MX5 seats

    Many thanks Andrew, yes it is similar to yours. Maybe my tonneau is a bit tighter, it's a job to get on at the best of times. I'll give it another go when the sun is shining on it. All the best Daz
  7. DRD

    MX5 seats

    Thanks Andrew but I've tried it again and when folded forward the seat sticks out above the top of the door by several inches. I've got the same mounting brackets as you, from Paul, with the seats as low as possible. Cheers Darren
  8. Try it in a modern car, it should be almost zero if it's working ok.
  9. DRD

    MX5 seats

    Andrew, I'm sure I tried that but when the seats are folded forward, even without the headrest, they stick up above the height of the doors. Maybe my seats don't fold forward enough? Cheers Daz
  10. DRD

    MX5 seats

    Andrew, what did you do with the wind deflector when you put on the tonneau? I find you can't fold it down because the hood frame gets in the way. Cheers Daz
  11. You are adjusting the timing for the new distributor? It will almost certainly be different to the Lucas one.
  12. If the old one works OK than the coil should be fine. Does the new one have points or is it an electronic one?
  13. Check it again you must have some of the leads the wrong way round. Or maybe if it's a points dizzy have you set the gap properly?
  14. Mine does as well, I can only assume that it was done by a PO when the gearbox was rebuilt.
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