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  1. Jake, I used to run those size tyres with the 3.7 diff and the speedo over-read by about 7% at 70mph. I went back to the standard size tyre in the end because the lower profile tyres meant the exhaust kept hitting the ground. Daz
  2. DRD

    Knock knock

    I thought the anti-drain valve was fairly standard on modern spin-on oil filters. I tend to use the Mann ones (W712) which have this.
  3. Andy - does this have a GPS antenna you need to attach? Darren
  4. I got a free one from O2, you just need to use it at least once in 6 months. I think that's the same with Giff Gaff as well. Darren
  5. Hi Guys, I've got one of these as well but haven't fitted it yet. Where do you recommend fitting everything? PM me if you prefer. Cheers Darren
  6. I had this problem and fixed it by bending the steel wires on the boss out a bit so they grip the wheel better. Daz
  7. Quite - I'm guessing there's no point now.
  8. This is something I've been pondering. The Doc has refurbed my dizzy but has put points back in, is there any point in changing back to electronic ignition again now? Daz
  9. Crikey at 500 quid its not cheap. Better to get the DD to do a refurb on the original at half the price!
  10. DRD

    Broken stub axle?

    Looks like you stopped in the nick of time, could have been a lot more serious. Hope you managed to avoid any other damage Darren
  11. Mine has red primer on the underside where the underseal has come off. I always thought it was because the paint had peeled off as well. Darren
  12. DRD

    Dyno Result

    Hi Ian - looking good, what cam do you have? Darren
  13. DRD

    Radiator Cowl.

    Pleased you got it sorted. It's certainly better than the cardboard one which only lasts a couple of years.
  14. DRD

    Radiator Cowl.

    There's a guy on Ebay who sells them. Darren https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/adunn9?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754
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