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  1. DRD

    TR6 Radio

    I've just bought one so will let you know - shouldn't be that difficult.
  2. DRD

    TR6 Radio

    You can't go wrong at that price!
  3. Yes that one works well with LEDS and makes a ticking noise.
  4. I bought a TT one from Moss last year and it came in a Kent Cams box - it seems they make them to the TT spec (which is similar to their own tbh).
  5. I think they are all made in Vietnam by a company called Harrington. You can buy direct from them.
  6. In the winter months I use an Ecoair dehumifier which works well. The water drain is permanently plumbed in and drains outside. I now have a pretty well sealed garage with a roller shutter garage door. But previously the old garage door was very drafty. Despite this without the dehumidifier I always had condensation problems especially when the weather turned mild after a cold snap; everything metallic had condensation all over it.
  7. What size does the steel plate need to be? How thick? Thx
  8. Easy if you have the right size steel plate with a hole in the centre. Unfortunately I don't!
  9. Hi All, Does anyone have the tool that compresses the front spring they no longer need and are prepared to sell? Something like this https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?search_group=&q=386-895 Cheers Daz
  10. I'd be interested to know myself, but I suspect not as the seats/headrests are a lot higher than the standard seats. When I use the tonneau (with no headrests) I just pull out the headrest.
  11. DRD


    Thanks Guys, I'll give it a go. It seems more noticeable on a really smooth road?
  12. DRD


    Interesting - where do you put the clip?
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