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  1. Yes I was wondering whether that might be the case as well.
  2. About 11btdc, runs fine on V Power.
  3. Then why the pinking Tony? Darren
  4. I've added in some Octane booster for now but yes I'll be going back to V Power. Shame as the Esso stuff was cheaper. Cheers Darren
  5. Has anyone tried this stuff? Recently I've only used Shell V Power and the car runs really well. Just tried this Esso alternative and the car is continually pinking.
  6. Hi Steve - I've been plagued by running on since increasing the compression ratio, even on a new engine. I managed to avoid it by using cooler plugs and 99 RON petrol. I also have a anti run-on valve which does work well if the solenoid doesn't stick shut when the engine is hot.
  7. Yes but plus VAT, although the wheels weren't on the car at the time.
  8. I had mine powder coated in silver, it cost £60 per wheel.
  9. This company in the UK does a conversion kit - I think someone on here has fitted it? https://danstengineering.co.uk/index.php?route=product%2Fproduct&product_id=1260&search=tr6&fbclid=IwAR0LUu6UnoYj_4sTFTb0jDh5S6_E7FcFEtoERLeSsMNM2mV69NTIJDE1Nbc
  10. I've had some rubbish off the TR Shop as well - although they did give me a refund for the parts (but not all the wasted time spent trying to fit them mind!).
  11. Just phone them up and tell them your membership number. Once its added to your account then you always get the discount. Also I think P&P is free at the moment.
  12. Hi Murray - yes I'd be interested if the quality and price is right. Cheers Darren
  13. I tend to use David Manners these days, the parts seem pretty much the same as Moss but you get a discount as a TRR member and I've found their customer service is excellent.
  14. DRD

    Door Card

    I found that without the springs the handles were too loose.
  15. DRD

    Door Card

    Easiest solution is to use a thick wire coat hanger. Partially cut it to the correct length so it can be snapped off once the handle is on. This works fine even with the door springs in.
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