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  1. Petrol today is very volatile - its worth watching the Paul Ireland lecture on the TRR website. https://www.tr-register.co.uk/past-issue/2021/07/0133/TR-Register-Summer-Lectures-Modern-Fuel-Classic-Engines-13
  2. The guy that did the TRR lecture(Paul Ireland) the other week said he hadn't found any that gave complete protection. You're better off just using the Esso 99 RON stuff which is generally ethanol free.
  3. Also most of these additives generate additional deposits inside the combustion chambers which may have a detrimental effect in the longer term.
  4. I don't think it does now - no mention of it here. https://classicvalvemaster.co.uk/products
  5. DRD

    Speedo repair

    Thanks Hamish. Fortunately I think its OK now. I took the cable off, cleaned off the grease and put it back. It's now reading very close to the GPS speed.
  6. DRD

    Speedo repair

    Hi Hamish, how long did it take?
  7. DRD

    Speedo repair

    No I'm using the standard size - it always used to be OK?
  8. DRD

    Speedo repair

    Yes it fixed my wobbly needle as well, but since doing it the speedo consistently under reads by 4mph now.
  9. Glad you fixed it but you certainly like doing things the hard way!
  10. As ntc says if you take out the ashtray then you can get to the back of the gauge and remove it. Then its easy to fit on the new pipe.
  11. Possibly too many cold starts then left idling for long periods?
  12. It should be in the passenger footwell on the lhs near the firewall.
  13. I found that when I used a Mann filter - now gone back to the K&N one.
  14. DRD

    New exhaust

    Surely you'll have the same problem with the UK now? Maybe you could drive over and get it fitted then drive back avoiding any duties.
  15. DRD

    New exhaust

    Not sure that's entirely true, I've got the Phoenix manifold and that easily clears the steering column and I believe this design is very effective. Looks very similar to the Monza one tbh. The only fitting issue is that its very close to the starter.
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