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    Hello All, I now have new Felts and wonder how much to cut them down. Is 3mm above the steel ring enough or too much, also opinions on soaking in oil pre or post cut ? Thanks Kevin
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    Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the info Kevin
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    Thanks again to all. Been in touch with Moss this morning to ask them to compare TR6 against Spitfire Felts. They suggested that the TR6 felts are closer to requirements but suggest they would need trimming down. It would appear trimming down is the answer as old felt on one side unable to reuse. Kevin
  4. Hello All, Can anybody help me with advice. My log book tells me the Vin number is CP521740 where as engine number is CP51839HE. Clearly an engine swap I think at quite an early stage. Does anybody know what the HE stands for on the engine number out of interest? I will be having the head off in the next few months and wonder what might be the best Head Gasket might be, I do not understand what Tag also means. Many Thanks Kevin
  5. Hi everyone Kevine reporting back. In receipt of new Accumulator, piston, and rings and have now fitted a new Actuating valve.Firstly thank to Hamish a couple of post earlier with the link which shows a tip in getting the accumulator out. Basically remove Actuating valve ,Ball, spring etc and then put the ball back in. Remove solenoid and plate to expose large spring etc. Use air compressor and the Accumulator with pistons eased out. I noticed the accumulator was scratched and looked a little worse for wear. ( previous history unknown) Anyway replaced all parts and fiddled around setting
  6. kevine back again. Firstly thanks for input. I ordered a pressure gauge + new accumulator spring from Sheffied. First reading was 400psi without overdrive. Then overdrive engaged dropped to about 250psi although it raised as revs increased. Next I put in the new accumulator spring, firstly it was approx 7mm longer than the previous spring taking into account 2 washers. The readings with the new spring went to about 450psi and the pressure with overdrive in to about 300psi all seemed to work ok but when switched off the oil pressure dropped very low very quickly. I'am now thinking accumul
  7. Looks like overdrive maybe faulty. Ordered pressure gauge from Sheffied together with a new Actuator spring in the first instance. Spoke to a chap called James who was very helpful. Does anybody know if you can remove the overdrive without taking the gearbox out? Thanks again Kevine
  8. Hi Everyone, just a quick update. Replaced gearbox oil with EP/90 which I think has made a small difference as it seems longer to fail if that makes sense. Re set solenoid but also added a washer inside the solenoid plate. I feel more positive now. Maybe when setting the solenoid using a drill bit in the lever arm perhaps I should advance this a little? Thinking of buying a gauge to see what pressure I have. Also somebody posted about the electric loom which controls switches/solenoid which they said was the answer to their problem. Currently the solenoid clicks and clacks as it should. Stil
  9. Thank you for input so far. I have checked some of the responses. I'am now moving to the thought of pressure. some time ago i replace the solenoid plate and recall no packing washer was in the accumulator sleeve where the spring is positioned so might introduce a washer to see if that helps. Also have been using Penrite GB40 gearbox oil which i believe is thinner that EP80/90 which i may try. Following that it may be the Accumulator assembly is failing and noticed O ring which might be at fault. Next question is can the Accumulator assembly be removed whilst still in the vehicle and any body
  10. My overdrive seems only to be responsive when cold. After driving for approx 10 mins the overdrive becomes unresponsive. Usual checks made oil level ok. Click , clack of solenoid which seems good. Have gearbox tunnel off currently and considering options. Has anybody any thoughts? Thanks Kevine
  11. Hi All Can somebody point me in the right direction. When up to about 40mph the needle on the speedo starts to jump which does not reflect actual speed at all. Is the fault likely to be with the speed itself or the angle drive. (I have read various post on angle drives) A new speedo cable was fitted but made no difference. Any thoughts? Thanks Kevin
  12. Just got home and looking at the Moss site. I now see a reference to part number 93 which appears to be a plain packing washer WM58, believe this could be what I have albeit differant. (packing washer) has anybody noticed this before in their overdrive sleeving tube? Thanks Kevin
  13. Thank you. I have spoken to Peter at ORS as suggested by Bruce. He seems to think it might well be a spacer of sorts. This also backs up Stuarts post. As the overdrive was working well before I think I will refit and see. Kevin
  14. Hi Pete Thanks I have diagram in brown book and Moss nothing seems to correspond with the part I have got .I will contact Peter if nothing else appears on the forum Kevin
  15. Good Morning Having removed the solenoid bracket on my A overdrive to replace the gasket and apply a sealiing compound, I wanted to see the condition of the spring and spacing tube. On removal a washer / spacer I believe fell out with it which I was not expecting. The size is 21 mm Dia with a 5mm hole flat on one side. On the other side it has a raised section 12mm dai and 3mm high. ( all measurements are approx) I assume this fit into the spacing tube. I believe the flat side fits against the spring whilst the raised piece will fit into place when inserted. My hesitation is that I cannot
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