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  1. Hi there in the planning stages for a trip to Angoulême in September just wondering who else will be there for circuit of ramparts classic
  2. This is supposed to be a TR4A radiator Cowell... with the shiney side inwards and the rivets all over the outer surface. I phoned the supplier and they told me this is correct. What do you think? Dave Ashworth.
  3. Just been bleeding the brakes after changing the flexible hoses for braided ones it's where I put brake fluided bottle as for checking fluid levels in clutch master cyclinder not to much of a problem but I agree it's all a bit tight
  4. This my 250 conversion as I brought it
  5. Grafton


    Thanks everybody for your input
  6. Grafton


    Hi just asking has anyone fitted a servo to assist clutch movement thinking of fitting one to the tr250 as it is tad heavy
  7. Hi folks, just been reading your posts. It is a lot easier with a lift and transmission jack- no more crawling under cars for me now. ps I do let other members and friends use it
  8. Grafton


    Hi can anyone tell me whats the difference between a TR4a diff and a Tr6 diff thanks
  9. I was at Perkins engine factory last week ,there for 5 hrs had a bit of a look round,plenty of tractor diesel engines there. Should have brought one back.
  10. Hi David, if you are interested theres a couple us guys Prees way with trs.I personal have ex us tr4a and if you are interested you are more than welcome to have a look at her to see where everything fits . Grafton
  11. Hi yes change the wires on the voltage stabiliser made up some adaptor leads to fit.Anyway the voltage stabiliser must have been faulty before as it was giving out low voltage ie under 6v not the correct 10v giveing me faulse reading on the gauges. Bought a new soild state one via ebay fitted it the other day everyting is now find .PS had no trouble with heater motor, regards Grafton
  12. Thankyou everybody, it does appear to be the voltage stabiliser.Swapped the wires on the original and gauge worked.Already bought a replacement on ebay.Thanks again Grafton
  13. Help! Having successfully changed the positive to negative earth on my TR4a - charging correctly , swopped wires on the ampmeter so showing correct charge however the fuel and temp gauge are not registering. Tried changing wires on back of dials but no success. Can anyone out there help?
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