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  1. And if you'd prefer a ready-made solution... https://www.holden.co.uk/c/electrical/dynamos_starters/dummy_control_boxes_dynalites_1
  2. I can only assume that it was massively expensive to fly a car to Europe...was it?
  3. Happy New Year to Tom and all from our timezone. Tim
  4. Merry Christmas, all. Snow has just begun to fall here
  5. Lots of nice bikes there. I'm naturally drawn to Nortons as I have an Atlas cafe racer, but I think I'd go for lots 22, 38 and 54...at least...
  6. Happy Birthday to you from both of us over here!
  7. All extremely subjective, of course. I'd say that CD sounds "cleaner" but that's mainly because there's actually less sound in it. Now that pretty much all recording end up as digital files (even if they start as analogue in the studio) part of what I do for a living is to try to convince more of the creative community to record in true hi-resolution digital audio. It's surprising how difficult it is to get producers and even artists to move away from CD-quality audio which really has big gaps in it. Many would say that you can't hear the difference, but depending on what equipment/fil
  8. Thanks everyone. Now gone...I hope!
  9. Thanks for all the reports, everyone. The spam should now all have been dealt with. Tim
  10. Ah, thanks Kev. I hadn't seen that (obviously) but I can shut down this thread. Cheers, Tim
  11. Hi All, I don't think I've seen this posted elsewhere. This morning (EST) I got the following email confirming the Moss Motors has acquired Victoria British. This may not affect too many non-US-based TR owners, but I thought it worth posting... Tim November 23, 2020 VICTORIA BRITISH TRADITIONS WILL LIVE ON AT MOSS MOTORS After more than 30 years, Victoria British Ltd., a division of Long Motor Corporation, has decided to pass the baton to Moss Motors to carry on the tradition of supplying car parts and accessories for British car owners arou
  12. It doesn't look like too many cases are going Trump's way...
  13. Stan - as you imply, with all due respect to the maturity of many of us, I'd much rather see someone no more than in their 50s as leading a country. Just my view, of course. Tim
  14. I actually think that the most useful thing would be to let all of the Trump campaign's law suits go ahead (as they have been doing so far). That should make it pretty clear whhether there's any evidence of voting fraud or any impropriety or not. So far, not. Let's see what other legals action brings. All else seems to me to be hot air.
  15. Neil - could you be a little bit more of a problem solver rather than just a problem finder?
  16. Hi Bob, I hadn't noticed this; I always re-size my photos before I post them. I'm going to add one here and see what happens... Tim Edit: Seems true - do you know if this change happened wirth the redesign, etc.?
  17. And if you don't want to make your own, I think that these wil also do the job... https://www.holden.co.uk/c/electrical/dynamos_starters/dummy_control_boxes_dynalites_1 Tim
  18. Happy Birthday Stan (and happy Canadian Thanksgiving).
  19. TorontoTim


    I carry something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clarke-CTJ1250AB-Tonne-Aluminium-Racing/dp/B00OWCP3C2?ref_=d6k_applink_bb_marketplace A bit large, perhaps, but loads of room in the boot (imo) or even behind the driver's seat. Fast, easy to use and can do more than just help to change a wheel. Tim
  20. As seen above, I have owned an MG and, although I enjoyed it a great deal, I think my TR4 is a superior car in every way I can think of. If I didn't, I'd still own an MG. I think there are many enthusiasts who are not marque-specific. I'm not; by many measures, the Porsche 356SC that I owned was a FAR better car than my TR4. And, if I had a bigger garage, I'd still own a Porsche (although it would be an early 70's 911 targa). One of the very best gatherings here is the British Car Day (organised by the Toronto Triumph Club) where we get to enjoy many different makes - heck there's eve
  21. I'm not surprised! (My first classic was a 1966 BGT, fyi)
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