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  1. Hmmm, it took me best part of a day to go up and return down on a boiling hot day and yes it was freezing at the top.
  2. Reminds me of a dilemma I had one Welsh Weekend camping beside a river in Rhayader. There was a tremendous storm and the ground I was supposed to be sleeping on was shaking, Roger was asleep/ too much beer. My dilemma whilst listening/ feeling the storm was to leave the tent and get in the car TR4A or stay put in the tent. I stayed put. My thoughts were exactly the same as the arguments here for and against being in the car. I wish I had gone and got in the car now……!!
  3. “If you are going to emigrate don’t forget to pack your hammock” brilliant.
  4. Bob we didn’t go these photos are from my cousin via FB. It’s a shame we weren’t there it would have been good to catch up with Don.
  5. No John it’s photos and videos, sorry it seems that only FB users will be able to see it. Edit, can you see this? https://www.facebook.com/dee.ohren/videos/571883053912113/ See below for the photos.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/1142368284/posts/10227351645673852/
  7. Happy 60th Graham I’m sure Liz is planning something especially good for your Birthday.
  8. Roger still has his Petrol coupons for his first TR4A from back in the 70s when they were thinking of Rationing Petrol. Luckily it didn’t quite happen.
  9. Like it John D but how about this on The Wild Western Avenue yesterday ( well done Tesco)
  10. It’s Two’s Day
  11. Is there such a word as Valability…….???
  12. Happy Birthday Eli, remembering those much younger single days in London, Stonebridge Park with your TR6. have a greatBirthday.
  13. Pete, excuse all theadds, this is a good explanation of how we inherit and pass on our DNA https://whoareyoumadeof.com/blog/how-many-segments-are-in-dna/
  14. That is very. Interesting Pete I have often wondered why my grandfather was Christened at the age of ten along with three of his nephews and niece in 1881, they must have got a discount. He was the youngest child of eleven living children, one brother, Francis,was deaf and dumb ( apologies , I dont know the accepted current terminology for this condition) he was lucky enough to go to a special school in London to be educated properly.
  15. Don’t forget the 1939 register to register everyone before WW2 I find that an absolute treasure trove.
  16. And that’s what it’s all about, a lovely history seen through the census.
  17. Yes it has got much easier with the advent of the internet and sites like Ancestry and before that Genes reunited. All my research when I was younger was from family records and confirming my aunts work and just reading encyclopaedia and references to William Penn. On his line I am no further forward than when I was 14 and was hoping that DNA may solve the mystery. I have found other Penn Ancestors and relations but have not been able to take my tree back further on his line.
  18. See how interesting it gets. I’m in much the same situation being an only child and my only living grand parent died on my 3rd birthday. I started my Family History when I was 14 and dads oldest sister died. We had to clear her house out and we found a small attaché case of family Birth, Death and Marriage certificates. Included in these Certs were some copies and mostly originals, it turns out my Aunt was trying to prove we are related to William Penn the founder of America. I have a 3x great grandfather William Penn born in Chalfont St Giles in 1700s ( this is where Jordan’s is, where T
  19. Poor chap it’s terrible. What they went. Through. Suvla is one of the blocks at RAF Uxbridge ( the only one they saved and the one the IRA tried to blow up) it’s amazing what you learn doing Ancestry, I didn’t know before that it was a name of a place related to WW1
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