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  1. It’s got the Triumph World badge wheel centres. I know some people find them highly desirable. :0)
  2. Definitely Steam Punk.
  3. Mick it wasn’t me it was he who didn’t identify himself. :0)
  4. Look in the fridge, the obvious places are the best. Glad your doing well and keeping amused. x
  5. We also did the M25 Grand Prix on the way home, no hold ups for a change.
  6. Thanks for that, after my post I did vaguely remember seeing a couple of vehicles parked on the beach in front of a couple of very old cottages. I was in my 20s when last there and remember how tough it was going back up even then.
  7. I wasn’t aware that you could get a car down there. Donkeys used to be the only way to get goods up and down.
  8. Tim and Jan have already seen this live. Snap......!
  9. I thought you could pay for individual records of Fold 3 via Ancestry? I’m not sure though and never bother to purchase them myself.
  10. I think you needed to take more water with it, don’t drink the canal or Thames water when you drain it though. Sue
  11. Atlantic Bridge to Seil Island on our way back to Oban this afternoon. Just by chance we bumped into Steve Hall ( TR Enterprises ex ) in the pub here, he is off racing in Ypres tomorrow.
  12. We had the Jura Ferry from Islay to ourselves on Friday having had to leave the car on Islay on Thursday because the Ferry ( not the car) broke down.
  13. When I was very little I had a dolls pram like that. It had an outline of a dolls pram on the side, it should have been like a Russian Doll but it wasn’t, I contemplated this and what’s beyond the universe often at such a young age.
  14. Glad you had a great time. Thanks for reporting back, looking forward to it now, got an e-mail about the tickets last week etc. Not sure skin tight anything would suit Roger and I, especially leopard skin. To be honest I never even considered what to wear, you’ve got me worried/ thinking now. i just hope Roger doesn’t decide to wear his Preston North End shirt or Bowler hat............
  15. I’m sure all eyes will be on Rod the Mod so I wouldn’t worry too much about what you wear unless you are meeting him afterwards.
  16. Hope it’s good and you enjoy it. We are seeing him at Milton Keynes on 4th June.
  17. Tim they didn't have any crabs but we got six very large fresh tiger prawns instead. Any more would not have fitted in the frying pan.
  18. Here are a few of my phone photos of Hollycombe.
  19. We do this regularly at least once a year, we once witnessed a van with a trailer full of classic motorbikes trying to go over the Hardknott in the pouring rain but in fact slipping backwards. Roger went to help them and ended up taking the full weight of their-full trailer and preventing it going over the side whilst they reversed their van, needless to say I sat watching this unfold in our TR4A in floods of tears ( I am not usually a tearful female ) but this was around the time of Rogers hip op’. There is a much better Pass in Scotland at Applecross, “ The Pass of the Cattle” again we do this Pass regularly and at least once a year. We were once going down when a Travis Perkins Lorry, fully laden, was on its way up and having to do 3 point turns at every very tight steep bend/ corner in the extremely bad surfaced slipping away single lane road. Imagine becoming a Travis Perkins driver and finding out this is one of your routes. Great fun.
  20. +1, I’ve got the sweatshirt passed on by my son.
  21. Now Tony that’s not on, we have met up with Little Jim when he was over here and passing through London Heathrow. He’s a lovely and very witty chap who is sorely missed at The Bar since it’s demise especially for his tales of his fishing trips. little Jim, is it a duck billed platypus or what?
  22. Nice to see Little Jim is still out there. Perhaps having fun here is away from, non technical, prying eyes. Wink wink.
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