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  1. My Fault - I double checked the cast and stamped serial numbers and it is a CR Head on a CC Bottom End. No - There are no vacuum take offs on the Webers so I have ditched the Vacuum Advance.
  2. At last!!! I have been trying to get sense out of these Carbs for weeks now and now I've set the timing correctly, it all falls into place Thanks Guys for all your help and suggestions, I am now really pleased with the results. Next stop rolling road for a measure up, will keep you posted.
  3. Hi Tom Many thanks for that. I'll give those timing numbers a go in the morning....
  4. Hi NTC To clarify - I forget the Vacuum advance and Strobe set up at 800 rpm to 11 deg BTDC? Hi Tom - The F7s gave a similar result (hesitancy at full throttle) so I put the F16s in to see if there was any improvement. I have fitted Pump Bypasses that are rated nil/0 bleed-back. You will probably see from my recent posts, that I need to establish that the ignition timing is correct? I have been running the car at spec timing of 4 ATDC at idle, you will see in this post that NTC recommends, with the Vacuum advance disconnected, 11 deg BTDC. That is a big difference??
  5. Vacuum connected/disconnected? I do not have a Vacuum take off with the Webers!
  6. What about ignition timing? Book says at idle 4 deg ATDC with a strobe or 12 deg BTDC static. I have an electronic Power Spark ignition Dizzy with Vacuum Advance, the manufacturers have said that leaving the Vacuum Advance disconnected is not a problem. There is no vacuum take off with triple Webers, so what are your thoughts?
  7. Google - TR6 Brown Book You'll find PDF downloads of the original manual.
  8. Situation so Far - Mk 2 PI head, Extractor Manifold, CP Camshaft 35,65,65,35, 30mm Venturi, Needle 175, Main 125, Air Cor 180, Emulsion F16 (tried the F7), Idle F4/60, Pump 40, Bleed nil. Very pleased with running and about where I want to be. Gentle to brisk increase in Throttle, provides smooth response right up to 4500 rpm.(as far as I want to take it). However if I stamp on the throttle there is a lot of hesitancy? I am thinking about increasing the Pump Jet? or reducing the Air Correction Jet?
  9. Thanks Stan. I'll try some of those.
  10. Guys Is this the same thing? I cannot find reference in any literature I have?
  11. Hi Tom I might not have mentioned earlier that it has a higher compression head fitted (219015 TR6 PI CR) with a Compression ratio of 9.5:1. I'll work with the existing Cam for the moment. Reading all your recommendations and various Journals I have put together the following set-up from the bits I have. 30mm main venturi, 4.5 Aux Vent, 125 Main jet, F9/50 Idle Jet, 180 Air Corrector Jet, F7 Emulsion tubes. I have managed to source and am waiting for F4/60 idle jets. After checking all the fuel levels and screw settings, I ran her up yesterday. She started OK with plenty of
  12. Hi Roy 1969 TR6 CC USA car fitted with carbs. as against a CP, CF or CR. I popped an endoscope down the inlet track of the manifold and all checked out OK by the way.
  13. Yes John. Nowhere near as much fun as chatting on the Forum...
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