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  1. Just seen this as not having sold in their last auction! https://www.mathewsons.co.uk/auction/lot/lot-363---1959-triumph-tr3/?lot=5601&so=0&st=&sto=0&au=19&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=96&pn=1&g=1
  2. Its half the fun!
  3. Hi Tom Have gone to electronic ignition - just a whim - and can't check the static timing... Have you got your ignition setting at idle?
  4. Turns out the alternator had two wires connected. The large Brown/white The small brown/yellow. The white wire goes to the coil!! Silly me
  5. These are the wires that connect to the alternator. The two on the left have a large spade terminal and are (from left) White and Brown/white. The two on the right are (from left) brown/white and brown/yellow, I am not sure if the brown/white wire was knocked off when disconnecting?
  6. Here you go. I really just wanted a picture with the wires connected? Does it really not matter which terminal the thick brown/white or White connect to?
  7. Having got the engine back from the rebuilders I am in the process of putting her back in. I took photographs of the wiring connections but I'm b***ered if I can find them. Can anyone post a picture of the connections to the Alternator with the colour coding clear? It's a Three pin alternator from a 69 TR6..
  8. Belated Happy Birthday Lots of love Mandy and Peter
  9. My Fault - I double checked the cast and stamped serial numbers and it is a CR Head on a CC Bottom End. No - There are no vacuum take offs on the Webers so I have ditched the Vacuum Advance.
  10. At last!!! I have been trying to get sense out of these Carbs for weeks now and now I've set the timing correctly, it all falls into place Thanks Guys for all your help and suggestions, I am now really pleased with the results. Next stop rolling road for a measure up, will keep you posted.
  11. Hi Tom Many thanks for that. I'll give those timing numbers a go in the morning....
  12. Hi NTC To clarify - I forget the Vacuum advance and Strobe set up at 800 rpm to 11 deg BTDC? Hi Tom - The F7s gave a similar result (hesitancy at full throttle) so I put the F16s in to see if there was any improvement. I have fitted Pump Bypasses that are rated nil/0 bleed-back. You will probably see from my recent posts, that I need to establish that the ignition timing is correct? I have been running the car at spec timing of 4 ATDC at idle, you will see in this post that NTC recommends, with the Vacuum advance disconnected, 11 deg BTDC. That is a big difference??
  13. Vacuum connected/disconnected? I do not have a Vacuum take off with the Webers!
  14. What about ignition timing? Book says at idle 4 deg ATDC with a strobe or 12 deg BTDC static. I have an electronic Power Spark ignition Dizzy with Vacuum Advance, the manufacturers have said that leaving the Vacuum Advance disconnected is not a problem. There is no vacuum take off with triple Webers, so what are your thoughts?
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