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    Not my experience Im afraid Stuart.
  2. Thats pretty much what you get these days Im afraid.Ive not seen any repros with both ally edges. Though they should be the correct shaped ones, yet again poor quality control from Rimmers. I buy mine from TR Shop they are the right shape at least. Stuart.
  3. Quite hard to work with as there`s absolutely no give in it, also known as unsupported vinyl. Stuart.
  4. I use one of these as you can use it for IRS cars too https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Simple-Drive-On-Trakrite-Wheel-Alignment-Tracking-Gauge-Garage-DIY-Paddock-Tool/360410905838?hash=item53ea29fcee:g:iS8AAOSw1vlUs6RE Stuart.
  5. Very rare to find high ZDDP in synthetic, and why spend a fortune when the Classic oils one is a great product and doesnt cost a fortune, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Stuart.
  6. In that case see if someone can lend you one to get the contours as that would help (most people dont tend to use them anyway and theyre just sat in their garage/shed/loft!) Stuart.
  7. Iain People are too tempted to buy cheap off of Ebay . NGK are fine if you get genuine ones, as an Alternative why not get Nippon Denso, I ran them for years in my previous Volvo and they would do intergalactic mileage without any bother. Stuart.
  8. Good luck with trying to make a roof , hope your good with an English wheel. Stuart.
  9. It is possible to get hoods made in Double Duck but they do fade after a while, Vinyl is the easiest to live with and fold down easily (something you will need to learn to do properly to preserve the windows) Mohair looks nice but is bulky and also requires a fair bit of maintenance. Stuart.
  10. Thats as maybe but none of the glass people down here would do it as I have asked before now. Stuart.
  11. Thats probably not a flyoff then. Same as TR5/6 type. Stuart.
  12. A little more background on conversions and Purchase tax from that time http://www.e83w.co.uk/carmechanics.htm Stuart.
  13. Yes, I have a steel roof on my Honeybourne rear section. Stuart.
  14. It depends on how far over its gone as Ive known them be in such a position that its just in front of the catch lever so the cable wont work either. Do you actually get any movement on the cable pull, if you can then pull it out as far as it will go and jam it there with a pair of molegrips then get hold of the front of the bonnet and pushing it rearwards. Stuart.
  15. If it doesnt have the stop bolt then it can if pulled hard quite easily go over centre and past the catch lever hence negating its use. Stuart.
  16. With the door window seals on the sides of the frame its a TR5 one Stuart.
  17. 1. A good quality Spirit wipe or Turps 2. I always fit them off the car but then Im usually doing a resto so its off anyway 3.Any colour primer is fine though FWIW you can get black. 4.Sealant afterwards 5.As long as your happy with the tension of the frame then yes do one side at a time to keep the reference distances between. Stuart.
  18. stuart

    No Lights

    By the sound of your replies so far I would say a new loom would be a very good idea! Stuart.
  19. Its only the slight difference in bend towards the middle that makes them handed, you can make them fit either way. Stuart.
  20. Dont forget back then hardly any cars had rear discs (FWIW Triumph were the first to offer discs on the front for a road car) and also the drum brakes fit lots of others too so cheaper in cost scale. Stuart.
  21. We`ve been there lots of times, there was a company in the Midlands that was going to get them re-cast but that came to nothing, they did make some as just a skin but that was only any good for race cars when used with a ROB. Stuart.
  22. You could always rob some bits from this set Wiper spares Stuart.
  23. Sounds as if your wheel offset isnt quite right, You could fit wheel spacers if your studs are long enough (TR Shop do some nice solid 6mm ones) the trick with grinding off the outer edge of the top wishbones is an old one and can sometimes be enough. Stuart.
  24. That was the earlier price for the rear section only Im afraid. Stuart.
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