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  1. Ive got a 6 here where the bell has obviously come loose and its been screwed back together with very short screws so as not to contact the shaft. Stuart.
  2. Simoniz black wax is your friend. Boot polish tends to transfer. Stuart.
  3. Unless the thread is stripped (unlikely) its more likely not screwed in properly Im afraid. I have seen one that wasnt fitted properly get blown through a bonnet on an early XJ many years ago. Stuart.
  4. Apparently it has a rack fitted now so that would explain it. Stuart.
  5. Ralph If your looking for a pair of "B" Type calipers I have a pair eminently suitable for reconditioning. Stuart
  6. That pipe is the tank breather and by the looks of it theres a one way valve fitted to try and prevent fumes in storage. Stuart.
  7. Give him my regards too Don, he was a good friend on here. Stuart.
  8. Happy Birthday Vicky, have a gudun Stuart.
  9. TR Shop kits are very good and pretty much as close to original looking as you can get. The only thing is when fitting the clips to the door cards you might need to open the clip a bit to fit as the backing board is a little thicker than original. Take your time to get the angles of the clips right and you wont have any problems. I dont use Skinners Stuart.
  10. Spot weld the joint together with weld-thru primer between the joint first of all then clean into the "V" of the join with abrasive so your back to bare metal then tin the area with Fryolux solder paint then lead fill and file back then put the join line in and finally clean down the whole area with some quality spirit wipe. Then prime with Bondarust. Ive been doing this for a lot of years and not had a problem. Stuart.
  11. Happy Birthday Graham, have a good one. Stuart.
  12. Thats rubbish, you`ll get wind noise if the rubbers dont seal Stuart.
  13. Cobblers I have done it several times, if its already weak then it will crack in service anyway. Stuart.
  14. No I can pretty much guarantee its the doors that more than likely need a twist.Because if you look at the way the bottom of the wing sits in relation to the sill and how well the chrome strip sits against it, if you tried twisting the wing it would disturb that. Stuart.
  15. The door problem is often due to the door rubbers being too thick or it could just be the door needs a bit of a twist. To sort it if the its the door needing a twist then you need to remove the door card, put a block of wood between the "B" post lip at the top and bring the door in to meet it then with a large "G" clamp hook it over the lower shut triangle and into the door frame and wind it in until youve gone a bit more of a twist than you need as it will spring back and then try the door for fit. Sounds a bit Heath Robinson but it does work. Do be aware though on some occasions you can end
  16. Dont forget you need to make two small sections to go in over the arches, the left hand one needs a grommet letting into it for the wiring loom. Stuart.
  17. Precision do ours too, theyre good and will uprate to spec if required as well. Stuart.
  18. If you look at them they are handed in as much as the base is angled, looking from the rear the left one has the angle so the longer side is to the outside of the car and the right side is the reverse. Its so they sit vertical when fitted as the panels curve down on each side. Stuart.
  19. Then just local repair it as its not easy to sort that whole inner wing. Stuart.
  20. Sheets of 18SWG can be had from your local steel stockist Im sure, well worth doing. Theres lots on the Wirral. Stuart.
  21. If youve got a folder and a stretcher then it would be relatively easy to make that as one piece. Whats the rest of the inner wing like? As Ive stated before the new inner wings arent right and need cutting into several pieces and slivers inserting to make them fit properly. Stuart.
  22. There should be one in the bottom of the rear wing. Stuart.
  23. You might wish to add a firewall between the tank and the cabin for safety sake Stuart.
  24. The pipes are a good fit usually and Ive never had one come out, the rocker cover ones are usually designed to go with their rocker cover that has an outlet on the left rear so its a neat short pipe in. I dont think you could turn the cover round without risking the filler hitting the bonnet.Ive got mine on a 4a and it works well albeit with a long pipe from the rocker breather. Stuart.
  25. Also nine times out of ten the name has been sold on several times since you last used it too. Stuart
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