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  1. Quite probably but as that was a picture taken about ten years ago of a car for sale somewhere and as far as I know it’s still going it was obviously ok. FWIW you’ll notice it has left hand drive column and pedal holes. It belonged to the Michelin tyre company as a development hack and was run in both left and right hand form from new Stuart
  2. stuart

    Timing Chain

    I suspect the wear that Neil was referring to is actually in the front engine plate where the chain will also wear a groove. Stuart.
  3. stuart

    Missing part

    If you dont have a steering lock then the earlier 4/4a one can easily be made to fit if you can only find one of them. Stuart.
  4. Take your pick https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_osacat=0&_odkw=blind+rivets&_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313.TR3.TRC1.A0.H0.Xcap+rivets.TRS0&_nkw=cap+rivets&_sacat=0 Stuart.
  5. They use a place in Bristol now. Stuart.
  6. I see some are using Tesla drive trains and batteries. Stuart.
  7. Good luck with that, there are a number of companies doing that already, might be an idea to go and have a nose round one. Stuart.
  8. Presumably your building an electric TR6 then? Stuart.
  9. UK models have neither the PDWA nor the dash light. pipe runs are like this. Stuart.
  10. stuart

    Boot seal

    If you look at the seal its very obvious which is the correct way to fit it, the tube is slightly offset one way the offset needs to go to the outside. Stuart.
  11. My machinist does the mod too, makes all the difference. The old way to do it when none of us had any money was to grind a bit off the housing so it would screw in one more turn which was enough to take the slop out to pass a test. Stuart.
  12. stuart

    New B-Post?

    Correct, the later TR5 type is easier to fit as well. Stuart.
  13. The gearbox output flange is dead centre of the chassis as is the whole engine and box. Stuart.
  14. stuart

    New B-Post?

    No its not as my first picture is a TR5 "B" post. Stuart.
  15. The other problem is a lot of the steel nowadays has been recycled that many times it goes rusty as you look at it! Stuart.
  16. Unfortunately those pictures are library ones from 13 yrs ago so cant help with measurements Im afraid. Stuart.
  17. Sounds like this is his problem.easy to dislodge if bleeding too hard too. Stuart.
  18. Dont know if this helps. I was converting an "A" type chassis to "J" type Stuart.
  19. Is it like this as this picture might help you decide. Stuart.
  20. stuart

    New B-Post?

    That’s not the correct shape that’s why it doesn’t look right, this from Moss catalogue is a better illustration of its shape . Stuart
  21. They are as they were US market only. Mine came back from New Jersey. Stuart.
  22. Genuine Jaguar panels through the 90`s on were E-coated and had stickers on saying do not remove but experience showed that there was often spiders under that too. Stuart.
  23. Either cut a turn off or try and get originals, if you carefully cut a circle out of the backing board to coincide with the inner lip of the plastic escutcheon then that will also help. Stuart.
  24. stuart

    boot stay

    I dont have a picture with a tape measure but this should help. Stuart.
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