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  1. Thanks as ever for info Roger. Slip ring secured with some epoxy. Steering column adjusted under the bonnet to allow gap between column and boss (also advocated by John Morrison who has had the same problem) No longer sounding on its own!!!! Just need a longer contact on horn push or the longer spring pencil connector to make it work !!! Thanks everyone for the input on what seems to be quite a common problem ! The joys of owning these TR' s is sorting out these obscure problems !! Or are we masochists ? !! MARK
  2. I have had a problem with the horn sounding on its own when pressure is applied to one side of the steering wheel. Rather embarrassing at times! On investigation, two of the horn slip ring retaining tabs have broken off. One has remained in place but loose and appears to have been rubbing the bottom of the Moto Lita steering wheel boss. Are these tabs actually part of the steering column? I am loath to touch the remaining tabs in case they break off too !! Got a run coming up next weekend ! If they are part of the column I will have to find a way to secure the slip ring in place. A couple of
  3. Hi John The Tin I have got is Granville Cylinder black high temperature paint. You paint it on, leave overnight and says normal engine heat will cure. Which using your oven to cure the V.H.T paint on your brake drums would probably be better !!! Just make sure D is out !!!!!! MARK
  4. Jim looks same colour as my cylinder head. Would be interesting to find out if there is a connection to S.A.H. I found a forum post by the late Alex Pringle on the subject and he obviously had a good deal of knowledge of S.A.H. Is there anyone out there also with a good knowledge of S.A.H or could point in the right direction? MARK
  5. John what about motor cycle cylinder black heat dispersal paint. It is specifically designed to help cool and obviously will stand high temperatures. I think I may have some in my shed. (Somewhere !!) MARK
  6. Hi Jim Similar thoughts ! Cant see any obvious markings but head is a light blue. The high compression aspect would fit my car as slight pinking has always been a problem. This is probably made slightly worse by running on triple webers. MARK
  7. I was looking at parts for sale for TR6 on Ebay and came across a listing for a TR 6 cylinder head. In the information it said that S.A.H. built heads were painted Duck Egg blue. Is that right? It also said that their heads also had a plaque riveted on them which tend to fall off. What was the location of the plaque?. I cant seem to find the Ebay listing now. I am curious because my TR 6 cylinder head is painted a light blue which I have always thought strange and not seen before. Anyone out there got any knowledge of S.A.H ? MARK
  8. Iani have looked at your link to SC Parts and they seem to be the same and only offer one pipe with the boss but two different without the boss for thermo switch, unless I am looking at the wrong bit ? MARK
  9. Apparently all the main suppliers supply TWO different stainless downpipes. One for TR 5 and early TR6 because of difference in radiators. However they only seem to supply ONE stainless steel pipe with a BOSS for a thermostatic switch for all non US cars !!! Am I right about this ? Do they fit both radiator types without modification ??? MARK
  10. Thanks for that iani ! Looking at the earlier radiator and the later one, the angle of the lower exit stubs are different ! Hence there are two different stainless pipes, one for TR 5 and early tr6 - and one for later TR6 type radiator !!! However they both seem to have the same part number !!! . As a lot of early tr6s may have had the radiator replaced with the later radiator, so beware when ordering this part. Useful tool his Forum ! Help supplied when sitting on floor in the garage scratching ones head in bewilderment staring at bits what don't fit !!!!!
  11. I have just purchased stainless steel radiator return pipe with boss and thermostatic fan switch for my 73 uk TR6, part no.158417ss. However this new one is quite a different bended shape than my old one and the upper end does not seem to align correctly with the water pump housing connection. Fitting it would seem to bend the 90 deg. hose to quite a bit less than 90 deg. My old stainless one was not the best made but at least fitted but will need a repair. Were there different water pump housings and radiators that would explain my problem? Has anyone encountered this before? MARK
  12. MARK

    Twin Valve Springs

    TRTOM2498PI does your friend with Triumph 2000 and jaguar springs use inner spring configuration ? Has he found them to be good? MARK
  13. MARK

    Twin Valve Springs

    Thanks very much for your words of wisdom Jochems TR ! A final call - anyone ever used the AJ6 Jaguar springs ?? MARK
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