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  1. great looking motor, lovely detail. Very nice to see that they also did away with the lift hoop under the right rear head nut. Alf
  2. Sorry all, Just bumping this thread from 5 years ago to see if Chris found evidence when the doors cards were removed, or any one has come up with some new information, as the topic is still relevant to what colours and when, were used in Malines. I now have my Heater out for rebuild and took some images underneath to confirm original colour similar to exterior. It still remains a challenge to source pre-mixed rattle cans in the right shade - I tried again last year and now have two distinct colours with the same name. I am now looking locally for sources to have this section scanned. Cheers Alf
  3. Thanks Bob, Peter - 1/8" sheet and some 1/2" strip foam now on order - Amazon is your friend for this stuff. Cheers, Alf
  4. now starting assembly of the heater but would like help on the size and best type of foam material that is attached to the inside of the damper. When I disassembled it the foam came out as dust. Judging from witness marks, it would appear to extend the full width of the metal as opposed to just the opening to the core/matrix. I have 5mm foam but I am wondering if it should be closer to 3mm thickness - advice most welcome As an aside, the original matrix end tanks were severely ballooned and compared to a new repro, it was not economically viable to restore to the required dimensions to fit the box. Since the new is smaller, the foam around the perimeter may have to be thicker to stop the matrix rattling about. Cheers, Alf
  5. I would say absolutely yes, but hopefully more experienced minds will chip in Alf
  6. Ouch! So someone before me has walked a different path - does the metal sleeve (item 67) have the integral shoulder washer? I could not tell from the diagram.. Fortunately I have ordered a new wiper motor mounting kit from TRF, so should be able to restore it to stock. Many thanks Stuart and Alan, Cheers, Alf
  7. Alan, good observation on the grommet hole size, but my mounting must be different then. There is a metal insert which fits is inside the grommets and the mounting rubber washers - it all appears stock from the way it all bolts up to the wiper motor. Hence the size hole in the grommet. Any thoughts? Cheers, Alf
  8. Alan, this is as I removed it. Is the appearance from rust attack which the PO roughly cleaned and painted, or is that "look" original? My plan is to get it back to smooth metal, primer and paint. Should these rubber grommets be re-used (I do have a new hardware kit ordered from TRF). Cheers, Alf
  9. Thanks Bob, got the rattle can ready. Cheers, Alf
  10. Sorry for silly question, but what is the correct colour for the TR4A wiper motor mounting bracket - body colour or black? Cheers, Alf
  11. Sad as it may sound, I am removing the Clayton heater and reverting back to my original heater which I am now in the process of rebuilding. The Clayton heater was causing too much grief for my liking, but I am probably just anal.. Alf
  12. +1absolutely! You might get it apart with many important internals falling on the floor, but rebuilding and getting it back would be impossible. Apart from removal/install (use some sort of crane, as well advised above), I found this to be the only way to assemble, if health is a challenge. Alf
  13. Tanks Tony, Just wondering, what size/amperage are the relays? could mini relays be used to save space? Cheers, Alf
  14. +1 Roger, as I do have a round bodied 14W motor that I picked up at a local flea market about a year ago. It was a completely unrelated purchase to this topic - I wanted the rack, so maybe all a fortuitous accident. Wonder if it works.... Cheers, Alf
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