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  1. allow me to latch on with another related question. Do you still use the shield/cup and sealing ring when using the SuperPro trunnion bush kit SPF 1844K? Thx Alf PS my 4A IRS Moss catalogue indicates these parts on p42 as 96 and 97 as opposed to 56 and 57 - any significance here
  2. OK thanks Gavin, I don't the mirrors at the top of the list either. I keep kicking that one down the road as I know I should really rebuild the doors, replace seals, winder mechanisms etc. I hope to finish the full rebuild of the drivetrain by July But heh, mirrors always in the shadows.... Thanks Stuart, I had a look at those but still torn between the ones you have and the Tex versions. will close the thread out for another year Gavin...? Cheers, Alf
  3. Gavin, this thread that you kicked off is now a year down the road, so just wondering what has been your experience? Cheers, Alf
  4. Nice! Did you make the switch identifier back plates Alf
  5. Thanks Charlie, I am more of the mechanical type but this info is good to know. Cheers, Alf
  6. The main situation I to cover is going into reverse with OD engaged - apparently it has happened due to a variety of failure modes. Seems simple precaution really. I wonder if my LED could be a 12v version, must check.... Cheers, Alf
  7. Thanks all, extremely useful input - I now have more definitive options to work with - must be some small relay that Roger. Will check the "bits" boxes for more appropriate lights and switches and dash out to check for holes in the steel dash. Much appreciated as always, Cheers Alf
  8. Thanks Guys, I really have to get my head around the use of LED's (I aleady had the problems with the dash lights). A diagram would be appreciated thanks Roger. Stuart, did you have to drill a new opening in the 4A dash to do the light? I assume the 4's dash rheostat location is different from the 4A then. Cheers, Alf
  9. Roger, you set-up is quite fancy. Isn't the dropper resistor intended to reduce the LED intensity? but you then add a further resistor for additional reduction at night? Mallaby, I agree on the toggle aspect. This version just provides for the included light indication. I'm still playing with switch options and location. Cheers, Alf
  10. Very clever option for the light Roger, brilliant idea! I will check for clearances inside the cowl to see if the LED I have will be OK, Did you connect to the relay or ....? Alan, yes that is the plan for the switch including vinyl wrap, but only going this far until other idea surface or the grey matter wakes up (also pondered option of a switch on the headlight stalk) Cheers, Alf
  11. Any suggestions for locating an OD-engaged indication light and a fan over-ride switch. I have the following style devices )there may be better) One option is to re-purpose the ash tray but not sure if that is a good idea, or exactly how to go about doing that. Another is to fabricate a new bracket to fit next to the H -support, but that could interfere with the old knees.. I assume many members have undertaken similar exercises - all suggestions welcome Cheers
  12. just received some different LED's from ClassicCarLeds and they fit in both the new and original bulb holders without any issue. The thread profile is also seems to be a good match to an original bulb - go figure? I can only assume the Bettercarlighting versions could be from a bad batch
  13. I wonder if the new individual holders I got are old stock or the problem has not been sorted - part number is 161-915, so it must sourced from Moss. Alf
  14. Wow, this forum is great with so many informed contributors. The plot thickens, but there seems little that can br done about, but purchase additional bulbs from different sources and hope that some of them fit. Clearly Bob and others have got them to work quite satisfactorily. I have now dismembered a broken bulb and using the base only with pliers trying to install and determine what has to be modified in the holder This is becoming a mindless time consuming and expensive dash bulb upgrade... cheers Alf
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