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  1. Ordered one of these last week from Rock Auto and it arrived in in a few days. To attach the control cable I cut off the end of a household electrical earth block from B and Q, it slides over the control arm just right.
  2. Possibly useful if trying to show insurance companies that you have maintained the car to a reasonable standard?
  3. Had this last week. The problem was due to a poor contact to the base of the bulb when in the bulb holder, pressing the base of the holder lit the bulb. So I gently bent the two copper strips further into the holder to put more pressure on the base of the bulb. A thicker strip of copper should retain the shape/contact better
  4. It’s fiddling job to slacken the tank retaining screws/bolts to slide the tank diagonally into the boot, I am sure I read a link in the forum last year, as the sender has to be removed to slide the new gasket over it but the new cork gaskets a cheap and the repair solved my similar problem.
  5. Not as much as I intended, had a go at “walking rugby” yesterday. Managed to be the only one who went base over apex with minor assistance. Cycling uses different muscles!
  6. My 72 car has left to right, temperature,oil,fuel, amps
  7. My previous owner had used a silicon sealer on the rubber gasket but still smelled. Biggest improvement I have made is replacing the sender gasket on top of the tank , the filler neck gasket and the grommet around the filler cap. Don’t over adjust the boot lid catch to make the list sit lower.
  8. Thank you both for the advice
  9. I Have a leak around the fuel sender gasket so it will have to be replaced, should I use a sealant as well and if so which one is recommended?
  10. Does this car exist in the register, it was owned by my uncle Frank. It was black with a red interior originally
  11. Gates Barricade is only recommended for low pressure return pipes, is ther something for the high pressure side?
  12. In the process of doing mine from a 71 Tr 6, the rim is a dense rubber like material not leather and full of tiny surface pits
  13. Hi Dex, I got Mark 1 mx5 seats from E bay and used the Tr trader seat brackets for an easy instillation. You can watch the MX5 owners club forums as a guest, there is a for sale section. Your local area has its own site at www.mx5northwest.co.uk perhaps a request to the area leads might bring some leads. Richard
  14. Yes but which one would have to go to provide drooling room. Too many ideas too little garage space!
  15. Like the car rental idea as I have a hankering for a 3a ( like a uncle rallied) but need to use for a few days at least to convince the boss.
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