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  1. After filling any cracks with a flexible filler I recoloured the rim using a kit from The Scratch Doctor. Missing bits of the rim on the spokes were replaced using an old spectacle case!
  2. Came back to the car after lunch and a very apologetic old chap had had the door of his car blown out of his hand and had scraped red paint on the door of our silver car. I was amazed that spraying with wd40 rubbing with an electric toothbrush type tool and then a micro fibre cloth go rid of all the paint transfer
  3. Service would be improved if reminders were sent out 3-4 weeks before renewal. Not been contacted yet but due in 10 days
  4. Don’t forget to remove waxes and silicone off the panels first, I did each side in one long stripe and then cut the door gaps.
  5. Happy with mine, the vinyl has stayed put. Richard
  6. In the olden days I was an optometrist so had access to cases that were used by my supplier to send finished specs to me. The finish is very similar to leather cloth but is stiffer. By cutting out pieces the missing trim between the spokes and rim can be patched ,layered, filled and finished. P M me if you want a case
  7. Had ago at mine a few years ago. sanded the rim by hand, used flexible filler for the cracks, built up the missing rim to spoke bits with spectacle case material, recoloured using a Scratch Doctor leather steering wheel kit, resprayed the spokes using car paint and lacquer . It will not win prizes but looks ok
  8. There is an article in this months BBC History magazine about Coventry’s car history mainly Standard and Triumph
  9. If you look on the BBC News web site today and look at the section on masks they have a photo of one TR drivers idea!
  10. Lightly scatter talcum powder around every joint or seal from filler cap onwards. This helped me trace my leak which was the gasket on top of the tank.
  11. Had mine done last year. £63 including vat ,antifreeze and labour.
  12. Had anyone used the Better car lighting DRL kit? How easy was it to fit? Ta Richard
  13. I hired one from the Warwick , Stratford area about 8 years ago. Nice area to see if the 6 is for you.
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