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  1. Sorry to hijack the thread, but how would an alloy firewall be fitted with a Surrey top. thinking about access to mounting bolts. thanks Neil
  2. My Carbs have a short upswept spacer that fits between the carbs and manifold. this I believe helps the carbs clear the steering column
  3. Apologies, pictures have rotated?
  4. I have triple SU’s on my 6 cyl TR4 they seem to fit fine, though would need the "dented" wheel arch to clear the air filters. I believe I have 1 left hand and 2 right hand carbs. many people say they cannot work with with the triumph 6 but mine has managed to develop 179bhp, so cannot be that difficult to set up...
  5. Well done, team triumph! looking forward to it
  6. Great development of the stub stack concept, they Look great! don't fancy making 3 more do you?
  7. I found the full radius stub stacks as above, the only ones to work well with K&N filters on SU’s no scientific proof, but clearly felt In acceleration.
  8. eBay item 254636568608 purchased a set myself very recently, came next day
  9. Hamish, Thanks for posting that, I had been looking for a little while for those exact stub stacks. i had similar in my spitfire on 1-1/2 SU’s and couldn’t find the larger size from our normal triumph suppliers. cheers! Neil
  10. Hopefully the below link works? the only pictures I have at present as it’s all wrapped up in a box, at the back of the shed. the red and green, as you can see, should never be seen together. in the sunlight it makes your eyes go funny
  11. The top has a double lip seal down the centre, so is watertight. it seals vertically and horizontally along the central join. I have only ever trial fitted it to my car, as it’s green and really doesn’t go with a red car. I already have a single piece hard top for winter use and would like to purchase the fabric section for summer use. So I can’t see I’ll get any use from the 2 piece and certainly don’t want to go to the expense of getting it painted if it won’t be used. Neil
  12. Bill, How about a 2 piece hardtop? Then you can store it in the car and enjoy roof down motoring. If you own a green tr then I may have just what you need
  13. I have always had triumphs, since my first car in 1993. These have mainly been Spitfires & GT6, but the two I really regret parting with are the triumphtune development spitfire and my T6 Lemans spitfire, which I built from scratch. More recently my triumph of choice is my modified tr4 6cyl. Neil
  14. Big Thumbs up from me to all, who’ve developed this project. great project to keep me out of trouble, for a bit!
  15. How about a 2 piece top? think it’s the correct colour for yours?
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