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  1. On Page 17 of the latest TR action Magazine July 2022, Peter supplies a couple of pictures of the end to end run from Oct 1973. More info was kindly supplied by Julian Stephens in an earlier thread. The event is also recorded in a magazine article (below) Now the reason for trying to contact Peter Gore, is the photo he shows is of my car, 637JHU. It was driven on the event by Julian, who has kindly supplied me some photos, but it would be great to add a better quality version of Peters photo to the cars history file.
  2. I have an original one, that was going to be fitted to my previous car. Stainless steel, used with some marks but will no doubt polish up well, was going to list it on eBay shortly.
  3. It does seem that most people who travel in her have a memorable experience
  4. Thanks very much Tony. I certainly think it’s a "good un" great to find out it’s history. if you have any recollections of her, I’d love to find out more?
  5. Great to find out these little stories! all adds to the cars history
  6. Thanks, no idea why it posted upside down, tried unsuccessfully to change it…
  7. It will be a keeper just enjoying it at present I’m attending my local TRR Glavon runs and tours to build up a little experience and knowledge and within the next couple of years get into some rallies and events. (fingers crossed) Never tried any form of motorsport yet, so eager to learn. long term triumph owner though!
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