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  1. Moss also have a data sheet for their tool…
  2. https://www.holden.co.uk/p/lucas_switch_bezel_tools
  3. Hi, These Wiring diagrams may help you to trace the wiring http://www.advanceautowire.com/tr24a.pdf Regards Ade
  4. Brian This is a useful comparison of both styles of clutch slave cylinder arrangement. You can see the two bracket shapes and how they differ and also which side of the bracket each cylinder should mount. Ref:Moss Catalogue Regards Ade
  5. Hi Peter, Try posting in the For Sale, Swap, Wanted section - somebody may have one for sale Regards Ade
  6. This may help too if you haven’t already seen it. Regards Ade Instructions HS6 to TR.pdf
  7. TS1871 - May1954 according to Bill’s book. Regards Ade
  8. Engine mount steady bracket? two each side (total 4) Part 72 in pics. You beat me to it Stuart ;-) Regards Ade
  9. Hi Stuart, Thank you for your very kind offer; I’d be very interested in the loan of the paper pattern please? I can DM you my postal address. Do you have anything similar for the rear quarter holes too? Kind Regards Ade
  10. Hi Ian, Thanks for this info, the plot thickens lol Kind Regards Ade
  11. Hi I was wondering if there was an original engineering drawing showing the hole positions for tenax pegs in TR2 doors and rear quarter panels? Hoping to make a card template to drill correctly before paint. I obtained a replacement original door but somebody has re-dropped the tenax holes incorrectly due to the wood no longer holding the screw pegs. I’ve also replaced the rear quarter panels so no holes exist at present. Kind regards Ade
  12. Thanks to all for your replies, very much appreciated. I’ve taken a picture of both number plates together for comparison and now noted that there is a distinct difference in the Font on the front plate (bottom in the picture). I believe the front to be more original with its Bluemels label and pressed border around the aluminium plate. Regards Ade
  13. Thank you John, much appreciated. On closer inspection of my front number plate, it has a small Bluemels silver sticker adhered to the top edge which makes me think it’s older than the rear I pictured earlier.
  14. Hi all, What would be period correct number plates for a 1955 TR2 (i.e. what would have been fitted when new)? I have looked on Tippers UK site and found the picture attached below. The plates on my car are looking tired so I intend to replace them following a restoration. Does anyone still have original plates they could share a pic of please? Regards Ade
  15. Just spotted this lot on eBay and wondered if the current owner of this car is a member here. Some historical documents, tax discs etc I’m not associated to the seller. The car is on DVLA site still, last log book issued 1985. TS7707 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/vintage-triumph-TR2-documents-/224815714402?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0 Regards Ade
  16. A couple of other drawings showing correct clips and spacing plus associated ‘rubber tape’. Could you be getting additional vibration due to poor engine/gearbox mountings? Ade
  17. I thought you’d like that Stuart. There are pages and pages of it, bits failing and very regular servicing at approx 1000 mile intervals. I think this first owner must have been a boy racer haha! Ade
  18. Phil Your car being early it would have originally had an early front apron like my first picture. It only really matters if you are building a concourse car. I’m sure a lot of owners would have modified their early small mouth apron or changed it to the TR3a wide mouth like my car was, in order to gain better cooling and also look like the newer model. Bonnets are complicated as there were at least 7 varieties according to Bill P’s book. All bonnets had 4 slots up until TS6157 when it changed to 2 slots Regards Ade
  19. Hi Phil, Yes there is a difference between the early TR2 small mouth apron and the later small mouth apron fitted to TR3. Below pic1 is the early one with a complete 4 sided tunnel from the mouth directing all the cool air to the radiator. Pic 2&3. The later one has the top of the mouth tunnel cut away ‘left and right’ to allow air to also travel up into the engine bay. Engine cooling was an issue on early cars. Somebody may have some better pics.. Regards Ade
  20. A great handbook Christian, thanks for sharing. Here’s a taster of the life of a brand new TR2 in 1955 in the hands of it’s first owner. The gearbox didn’t last very long lol !! Ade
  21. I believe this to be an original early TSOA handbook for my 1955 TR2. It also contains all the cars service history, hand written in the back from 1955 onwards; including rotation of tyres, warranty work etc. I love the history of these cars. Thanks for starting this great post Christian Ade
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