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  1. Hawk

    Car shows

    Mrs Hawk is a huge Rod Stewart fan and I have been to see him a few times (even though I'm not a lover of anything after The Faces) and he is amazing live. A true performer who will have everyone on their feet within minutes - all singing and dancing. Enjoy
  2. Hawk

    DIY Waxoyl

    Pah - you'll be telling me that I should stop cleaning my hands with petrol and sand next
  3. The 'best' plate I have seen was a good few years ago when it was on a white Lamborghini - NOW111Y spaced to look like No Willy
  4. Looks lovely ... is the asking price fair? I have no idea on values of 3s. I find it odd that (presumably) very large sums have been spent on this restoration and it is being sold after 50 miles.
  5. Hawk

    DIY Waxoyl

    That's a great tip - thanks. You may recall that last year (1 week before heading to LMC) that I hit a huge pothole and cracked my chassis on both sides of the diff. I repaired just in time and then went over the chassis to check all was ok. But Ii will also check again before covering.
  6. Hawk

    DIY Waxoyl

    Cheers - that's really useful
  7. Hawk

    DIY Waxoyl

    Appreciate all the tips - thanks
  8. Hawk

    DIY Waxoyl

    Thanks for all of the replies - I think you have convinced me to give it a go and I will add this to the list of my summer jobs to do. Out of curiosity, how have those of you that have done this managed with areas that are blocked by items under the car - brake / fuel lines, exhaust, diff etc. Have you removed, carefully masked or simply sprayed over?
  9. Hawk

    DIY Waxoyl

    I'm looking to have Waxoyl (or similar) applied to my 6 and have been quoted anywhere between 400 and 800 pounds to have it done ..... which brings out the inner tighthness in me Is this a DIY job? I appreciate it is messy and smelly (I have done panels before but not a complete car) but I can't see it being difficult. I have access to a lift but suspect my mate will tell me to go and do one if I ask to spray waxoyl so this wold be a do at (my) home which means it would be on ramps / stands. Is it just a matter of painting on with a brush? I have a paint gun with my compressor but don't imagine it will cope with waxoyl unless I thin? And I don't have a wand for cavities. Any tips? Or should I just pay up?
  10. Very nice .... and definitely worth the wait
  11. An excellent outcome - thanks to all who have got us this far and for those who will volunteer going forward.
  12. Hawk

    TR4A numbers left

    How many left provides information on how many vehicles are licenced (not how many are actually left) so invariably you see an increase when 40 years is hit (free VED and no MOT). It is also quite interesting to see how many people only tax motorcycles for 6 months ...and with it a corresponding shift in numbers.
  13. FWIW I ran my Lancia for many years with a Fiat Uno space saver. Used it anger to get me home (over 150 miles) and it went through 4 or 5 MOTs without any issue.
  14. Had Marko posted "I have performed an HPI check which shows the car as being a write off" "And I have informed the seller" that would be both factual and correct. By stating that it is 'apparently' a write off and that the seller is well aware suggests that there is an attempt to deceive / mislead. Any how, it seems that it is all sorted now and I wish all involved good luck with the sale.
  15. "It is apparently an insurance write off and the seller is well aware" - neither factual or correct according to my dictionary.
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