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  1. Agree with all of that but unfortunately they wouldn't (couldn't?) quote me for multi vehicle cover (8 in all) because I wanted to include my kids who are both under 25. My TR is insured with them though.
  2. Hawk

    TR6 Seats

    My original seats were fully refurbished in around 2017 as my wife and I still found them to be ridiculously uncomfortable. That compounded with the lack of neck support led me to change to MX5 tomsbstone seats. I agree that these are not OEM and do not look OEM but the benefits for me outweigh that. Mine are also heated and when I get round to wiring them in will be even better. Having just done 2000 miles around Scotland, I can attest to comfort .... as can my wife.
  3. This is great advice. I also photograph everything when I rebuild and make notes so I don't forget about hidden fasteners and tips to avoid skinning knuckles / dislocating my wrists.
  4. wow - thank you. Pretty sure that even I can follow that. Really appreciate the help.
  5. Thanks for the info. I have no wiring (other than that in seat and the attached connector) and the switches that came out of an MX5.
  6. Mrs Hawk Volvo has a heated steering wheel which I thought was a gimmick and utterly pointless .... until I tried it!
  7. I have heated MX5 seats in my 6 but have not got round to wiring them in (which I do want to do). I am planning to use the MX5 switch gear so just need to sort wiring. BUT I am hopeless with electrickery and would not know where to start! Can anyone who has done this please give me an idiots guide as to where to take the feed from, relays and fuses required etc .... that would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. My dad helped me wire my first fog light to a Hillman Avenger like that ... his logic was that if you can use full beam it isn't foggy enough to use your rear high intensity light. He (like me) is one of those people who get angry at 'fog lights' being flicked on in rain and light fog and / or being left on because the effing light on the dash isn't enough of a clue!
  9. One of the good guys whose help, guidance and generosity has been invaluable to me.
  10. My Vaillant boiler was 25 years old and still going strong when I replaced it a couple of years ago ... reason being that parts were no longer available and British Gas were offering stupid deals (almost cost and 0% finance). I was told by a number of fitters that either Vaillant or Worcester Bosch are the best....and we opted for WB as it meant minimal changes to pipework and filled te gap of teh old boiler best. And it came with a 10 year warranty IIRC I reckon we are saving approx £10 a month due it being more efficient. .
  11. That is a fantastic itinerary which (IMO) is significantly more appealing than the recent UK event .... and I would love to attend (and could probably convince Mrs Hawk to attend as well). Unfortunately I am already boked up for that weekend
  12. Hawk

    Oil spray

    Some pics would be helpful if you can? Not oil related but potentially relevant .... I had a small weep from my water pump that was distributed all over the bonnet by the fan. I was losing no (noticeable) amounts of coolant and as such it took me ages to trace - particularly as it only weeped when hot!
  13. I have .... with pleasing results. Simon knows his stuff and is sensibly priced ... and I will be using him again.
  14. Diff is perfectly safe with a TR6 and a quick way of getting both wheels off the ground but if you are worried, jack up using chassis and put an axle stand in .. and repeat on other side.
  15. Almost forgot, you also have to have insulation and energy efficency to a requisite level - so double glazing, cavity wall, lots of loft insulation etc.
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