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  1. Same here but seems fine again now
  2. Thanks Sean but I don't think I have the same issue as the bulbs remained lit when I pulled them from the bracket. It is not clear in my pic but the bulbs are hanging down.
  3. Thanks all - really appreciate the pointers. I am away with work for a few days but will have a play over the weekend and report back.
  4. I stumbled into the garage last night to grab another beer and was met with an eerie glow coming from my TR (see pic). Having been out for a spin earlier in the day, the roof was down and I believe it was this that has allowed me to see a problem that I had not previously seen.......the interior lights being on. Full disclosure: 1 - I am a muppet with electrics (and so please talk to me as if I am capable of little more than changing bulbs or putting a multi across battery terminals!) 2 - I have had a an intermittent (maybe 3 times a year) issue with the fuse that powers lights, OD and gauges blowing 3 - coming home from LMC last year, the interior light flashed on a couple of times when going over bumps (only visible at night) - I looked for problems with the wiring but nothing obvious and I haven't noticed since. And so some questions: * - the car is hooked up to a battery tender so no issue with battery being drained but am I right in thinking that removing the bulbs will remove any power drain? * - are these lights supposed to be on a live feed so powered at all times? * - is this on the same fuse as OD etc? * - any thoughts on where the issue may be? I have tried to follow wires in loom and cant see any obvious bare wires but a few pointers as to where I should look would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hawk

    Longer green card

    A friend of mine encountered this very same issue a couple of years ago and insured with this lot https://www.hertsinsurance.com/european-green-card/
  6. Common sense prevails albeit that the person who proposed racers have insurance cover that is not available needs kicking up and down the road!
  7. I'd forgotten how good they look. And nice garage
  8. Lots and lots over the years but the current stable is: 2015 MV Agusta F4 1997 Yamaha TRX850 1989 Kawasaki KR1 1988 Jawa 500R Always looking out for 2Ts to play with and restore and have a hankering to do a full nut and bolt on something from the 60s or 70s.
  9. It always amazes me what some people will do to bodge a car. I bought a Lancia many years ago that had allegedly been the subject of a rebuild restoration. When I got it up on a ramp I found 3 holes in the floor that had been 'repaired' by taping cornflake boxes above the holes and then waxoiling over them!
  10. Hawk


    I use Bluetooth speakers - there are plenty available on the market to suit all budgets and they double as a hands free phone kit as well. Currently, I have 2 UE Megabooms linked to my phone and I have to say that the sound is pretty impressive. 20 hour battery life means I don't have to worry about charging if away for a weekend.
  11. Hawk


    I have had some cut at Timpsons without isue
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