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  1. I agree that oil does last longer than a year but change mine every year on all my vehicles (regardless of mileage) for the following reasons: 1 - it's an easy rhythm to get into to ensure I don't forget 2 - I tend to use the car less over winter so have more time for maintenance (and can leave oil draining overnight) 3 - cost of oil is not significant versus cost of engine repair
  2. As has been said above, you need to be very careful about using Dot 5 .... whereas 5.1 is compatible with everything (apart from 5). 5 does look pretty though
  3. Great effort - good to see such a thriving and well publicised group. I find it interesting that some groups are extremely active and well publicised and others (well .... let's just say) less so.
  4. I understand Siegen to be part of the Sealy group with Siegen being used to distribute 'low end' tools. Not saying that's a bad thing but .... Personally, I would never trust any review on Amazon (people are paid to write good reviews) and would never buy a tool without trusting the brand or being able to check it out in person first.
  5. Very nice Steve - I always wanted an 888 but a 900 was a close as I got at the time.
  6. Unless I am being daft (always a viable option!), there no longer appears to be a home for general (non model specific) help / discussion - and so I'm going to ask in here. I have an electrical issue that I have been unable to trace that results in an intermittent blowing of the fuse linked to lights, OD etc. Can anyone recommend a decent garage and / or auto electrician in the Warwick area?
  7. +1 - the ability to use ratchet spanners in a confined space really is dependent upon number of teeth on ratchet
  8. I had a foot-pump but (as the valve had failed) I was unable to get enough air into the tyre to lift the car enough. Like the idea of wedding crashing
  9. I couldn't get it under the car at any point where I would feel comfortable jacking the car up (bearing in mind the car was essentially on the rim).
  10. .... if the tyre is completely flat (as a result of what I believe to be a failed valve) the car sits too low to get a scissor jack (or at the least the one I had in the car). Luckily I was at a wedding and was able to borrow and electric pump to get enough air into the tyre to lift it enough to get a jack under but this isn't always going to be the case. Anyone else encountered this as an issue and have a solution?
  11. Completely agree with the "call to enquire" comment but reserve prices and low start prices are an excellent method of generating interest. You get people hooked with the potential of a bargain and then hope they get into a bidding war. I have seen this in practice. About 10 years ago I had a car advertised for £700 or near offer (hoping to get £500) in local papers, Loot etc and had no luck so threw it on ebay with a £100 start price and £500 reserve. It sold for £1350 in the end.
  12. Hawk

    Car shows

    Mrs Hawk is a huge Rod Stewart fan and I have been to see him a few times (even though I'm not a lover of anything after The Faces) and he is amazing live. A true performer who will have everyone on their feet within minutes - all singing and dancing. Enjoy
  13. Hawk

    DIY Waxoyl

    Pah - you'll be telling me that I should stop cleaning my hands with petrol and sand next
  14. The 'best' plate I have seen was a good few years ago when it was on a white Lamborghini - NOW111Y spaced to look like No Willy
  15. Looks lovely ... is the asking price fair? I have no idea on values of 3s. I find it odd that (presumably) very large sums have been spent on this restoration and it is being sold after 50 miles.
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