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  1. I bought diesels because they were cheaper to run. I ran LPG (on a few vehicles) because they saved me money. My wife bought a Hybrid because it will save us money. The environmental impact had zero impact on my decision (and I still run a V8 and a 2 stroke motorcycle).
  2. Sigh ... they will realise when it is too late.
  3. 1 - an almost negligible amount. My wife has a hybrid and I recently plugged in for 5 minutes (as it was empty) while popping into Tesco. Barely got out of the car park before it switched back to petrol. You can work it out easily enough if you know the output of the charger. 2 - I understand that it will b (if not already) compulsory to include EV charging points on all new builds
  4. Interesting - I have changed all my dash lights to LED and do not have that issue.
  5. Hey Pink just whipped one of my plugs out and it looks as if I have swapped to NGK BUR6ET
  6. I use triple electrode plugs n my 6 and would recommend them to anyone
  7. I still haven't managed to sort mine .... and have just disconnected the relay
  8. I have used Hamilton Classics and they are great. In fact I have one for a TR6 that I bought when my garage was being rebuilt and was used for less than 4 weeks. Will dig it out if you are interested and you can have it cheap
  9. £1263.64 + VAT to be precise (or £1516.37 delivered)
  10. This is my motivation as well. As far as I am concerned the rood is down unless it is raining but even with a wind breaker, long journeys begin to grate
  11. I am hoping that a surrey top would reduce any exhaust gases getting into the cabin but interested to hear on other's experience / thoughts
  12. I'm not a fan of complete hardtops (even with a sunroof) and am looking for that halfway house between hard top and rag top. BTW, I've got a recon injector in my garage for you and will have to pop round soon.
  13. Yes I saw that (looks good btw) and I have reached out to Honeybourne on the back of your post .... thanks.
  14. Thanks Roger ... when you say it fits, is it a bolt on or does it require significant fettling and / or modification.
  15. I am interested in fitting a surrey top (with vinyl roof section) to my TR6 and am sure I have seen this done but I can't seem to find one? Is there a kit available for a TR6 or does the TR4 / 5 kit fit?
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