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  1. Agree that the quality is not great. I solved the problem of my bonnet popping open by sourcing a NOS spring. The actual catch is still made of cheese but at least the bonnet stays shut now.
  2. Hawk

    What a Beast

    Is that a Dnepr? A friend had one years ago and it was a fascinating picee of kit. Had 2 wheel drive and was very competent off road.
  3. I have always liked VBH but that was lazy journalism ... do some research or at least have some awareness of the car. About 8,500 came to the UK? They were built in the UK!
  4. I'm surprised by this suggestion and wouldn't have thought that radiator paint would cope with the temperature ranges. Or be designed to manage the damp / wet.
  5. Hawk

    Ned's axe

    Trigger's broom
  6. That's seems about right to me in terms of pricing ..... or a veritable bargain against the 57k TR6.
  7. I have also tried to contact Neil and have had no response. Another forum member now has my money
  8. Hawk

    Expensive TR6

    I get that and have done it myself - albeit I have made a profit of previous cars. I am also the recipient of a TR6 that was basically purchased for half the price of the parts purchased before you take onto account the 4000 plus hours of labour!
  9. Hawk

    Expensive TR6

    To my eyes that is a lovely looking TR6 which has clearly had a lot of time and money spent on it. However, to pay £57k for it is madness IMO and there is no way I would spend that .... YMMV.
  10. I've used multiple high temperature paints in aerosols and brush applications and always had good results. Gloss BBQ paint is incredibly durable and easy to apply.
  11. Agree that the wipers are awful and so I have always relied on rain x but that sounds really interesting - thanks
  12. I really must get round to doing this ... just need to take the plunge and hope I can get my sausage fingers to manipulate the instrument bulbs
  13. Hawk

    Wind Deflector

    Just checked my receipt folder and I bought mine from https://www.airax.de/en/windblocker/triumph/?p=1&n=48 The often advertise on ebay and are open to offers
  14. Hawk

    Wind Deflector

    I have the same one (I think) but was initially disappointed as it wasn't as effective as I had hoped (and experienced in previous open top cars) and, as your photo shows, sits much lower than the breeze breaker. And so I made some extention bars to raise it a coupe of inches and this has dramatically reduced the wind noise and buffetting while still fitting under the hood.
  15. Hawk


    Quick update. I ordered convex mirrors from Phoenix Wing Mirrors and they arrived the next day. I can now adjust the drivers side so that I can simply flick my eyes at the mirror and see what is behind me. This is an improvement of 0/10 to 7/10. Nearside is different and there simply isn't enough adjustment in the bullet mirrors to have a good view of the road behind. I can get a view if I lean over a bit which is not ideal but better than it was ... 0/10 to 2/10. Overall, well worth the spend and is good enough for me to remove the need to change mirrors as I really like the look.
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