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  1. Cash is the only safe way of doing this if you are truly concerned. Bank transfers and paypal / card payments can also be reversed. As stated above, any request asking you to accept a higher amount and return the difference will be criminal (most likely fraud bit also money laundering).
  2. Looks to be a nice car - congrats. As years go by, I find myself liking the TR7 shape more and more.
  3. That does indeed look good - but I have no machining / workshop skills and wouldn't be able to make the brackets.
  4. If anyone has one for sale or knows of one up for sale, please let me know. I would also consider a different make of wind deflector ..... what have you got? Thanks in advance
  5. Mrs Hawk has finally ground me down and convinced me that we 'need' a breeze breaker. Personally I'm not a fan of the mesh variety and very much prefer the glass / perspex screens but understand that these are designed so poorly that you can't put the hood up without removing it which just seems crazy to me. And so what I am after is some recommendations and / or an offer of one for sale on the cheap In making any recommendations, it would be really useful to know if the hood can be raised with the wind breaker in situ and if the hood cover still fits (there seems to be some that require modification to the hood cover?). Thanks
  6. I can't imagine how that rack messed up your fuel figures .... but all worth it to get to roads (and hills) like that.
  7. Hawk


    This really does make me laugh. The government believes that it is a safety issue to have tyres over 10 years old fail the MOT but the cars they are most likely to be on are exempt!
  8. If motorcycles are your thing, http://www.nationalmotorcyclemuseum.co.uk/ is just up the road
  9. That colour combo works really well - nice job
  10. Hawk

    Rear indicator query

    Stating the obvious (perhaps?) but it is worth bearing in mind that having them fitted but not working is an MOT failure and could lead to accusations of the car not being road worthy. This would probably only be an issue with a Traffic Officer (are there any left?) or in the event of an accident when the other party could claim your indicators were not working.
  11. I agree that oil does last longer than a year but change mine every year on all my vehicles (regardless of mileage) for the following reasons: 1 - it's an easy rhythm to get into to ensure I don't forget 2 - I tend to use the car less over winter so have more time for maintenance (and can leave oil draining overnight) 3 - cost of oil is not significant versus cost of engine repair
  12. As has been said above, you need to be very careful about using Dot 5 .... whereas 5.1 is compatible with everything (apart from 5). 5 does look pretty though
  13. Great effort - good to see such a thriving and well publicised group. I find it interesting that some groups are extremely active and well publicised and others (well .... let's just say) less so.
  14. I understand Siegen to be part of the Sealy group with Siegen being used to distribute 'low end' tools. Not saying that's a bad thing but .... Personally, I would never trust any review on Amazon (people are paid to write good reviews) and would never buy a tool without trusting the brand or being able to check it out in person first.
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