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  1. Many thanks Waldi - really helpful. It’s all new to me, so this info is invaluable. Need to get the car on axle stands during the week (BBQs and rels popping round today delayed things) and have a good look underneath and fully understand what’s what. Are the crimp clips better than proper fuel line clips ? Wouldn’t use jubilee, but understand the equal pressure all round fuel clips are ok ? Wasn’t aware of R14 - will do some research so I know what it is and get some ordered.
  2. I bought mine with a really good chassis and body and fully knowing that there would be jobs I needed to do. I’m just discovering what they are and really enjoying the process, but eyes fully open that things will crawl out of the woodwork. I wasn’t expecting to have to put new fuel hard lines in and replace the hoses, but then again, I didn’t know it had an alloy tank when I bought it, so negatives and positives. I’ve only driven it into the garage so far. Had I not decided to tackle the fuel smell first I’d probably put a few miles on it. Working on these cars is half the enjo
  3. It’s 4.7mm all the way to the engine bay. Here’s the PRV which is in the boot. The rubber mounts had started to dissolve with the leak, so a new pair on order. Also a pic of the feed to the MU. I think the PO put the connection in to allow a pressure gauge to be put into the line. Theres been some knocking against the inner wing so will clamp it securely and once I replace the line.
  4. Thanks Gareth - every day’s a school day !
  5. Next question and bear in mind any fuel injected system I’ve ever had has been on a modern car.. If I’m increasing the o/d from 4.7mm to 8mm surely I’m decreasing the pressure from the pump to the MU ? Bernoulli’s theorem is haunting me from the old days, so does that affect anything upstream, i.e MU PRV etc ? It’s all a learning curve at the mo so very happy to be educated. Cheers Jonny
  6. As ever Stuart and the 7th cavalry to the rescue ! Thanks Stuart - that means I need to replace the whole line, which isn’t a problem. Another thing sorted.
  7. Whilst the smell of petrol in the car confirms I have a Triumph, it’s time to let it go and move with the times. I have a Bosch fuel pump installed which went in in approx 2008 and stripping things down, I traced the smell to a slight weep where the soft lines eventually go to the hard line that runs through to the front of the car. I’ve therefore bitten the bullet and taken the alloy tank out and am going to replace all the rubber fuel hoses with Cohline 2240 R9 which can handle pretty much anything ethanol wise. I do however have an issue in that one of the hard lines in the s
  8. I’ve done that and there’s so much conflicting advice I thought I’d reach out to people who have much more experience with TRs than me. On that note I’d genuinely be interested in hearing how you would do it Neil, as I understand that you do have a lot of experience with these cars. Micky’s been kind enough to give his advice and to a TR novice, it’s all gratefully received. I must say there are a lot of very helpful people on here !
  9. Smashing - thanks Micky. Makes perfect sense.
  10. Sticking a new ally rocker cover on as the existing original steel is a bit leaky and the paint is flaking off. I’m using a cork gasket as it’s the thin type as advised by Rimmer. Question is - do peeps usually use Hylomar or similar with cork gaskets, or install as is ?
  11. Did some research a couple of days ago and bought NGK BP6ES. Got them from the Green Spark Plug co on eBay. £14 ish delivered for 6.
  12. That’s great info - many thanks George. Might knock up a heat shield for the starter though.
  13. My car came with a tubular stainless manifold. I’m thinking of the best way to reduce heat to the throttle bodies and also starter. I don’t want to wrap the manifold as this can cause issues, but thinking of a heat shield of some sort. I’ve read up a bit ne you can get one for the carb cars, but not injected. Is this because the PI throttle bodies don’t soak up the heat as much as carbs ? My throttle linkage is the underslung type as well, so potentially getting expansion of the metal and associated issues with fuel delivery. Am I being unnecessarily cautious ?
  14. Hi Steve, I have been considering doing it myself. Was looking for burr veneers 1.2m long, but that shows my lack of knowledge I take it you butt the veneers up to each other. Need to do some research on this as the process isn’t rocket science. It’s getting the deep lacquer that’s the tricky bit.
  15. Interior now back in and hood ready to go on. There are a couple of small paint chips from hood removal/fitting, so will get these sorted before the hood goes on.
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