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  1. Hi guys Next time you buy a new indicator lever, check the wiring. This came with the live wire and left side soldered the wrong way round so after an hour of head scratching I realised it had been made wrong in production! Rich
  2. Figured light switch :-) There are two springs. One flat spring goes behind the copper plate. The other from the plastic with the pins to the housing, this helps hold all in place. I took the opportunity to clean up contacts. There is also a brown wire on a contact for when you pull the lever, flash to pass I think its called. So look at the picture, the picture at the bottom you can see a small hole. In this, is where the spring goes. I cleaned the area and also put wee bit of Vaseline grease on the spring. All of the housing was cleaned, with focus on the metal strip and the contacts and its never worked so good! The top picture, if you look carefull, you can just see the spring behind the strip.
  3. Think I found it . . two things! 1. Wire broken at top of lever join. I tried soldering, it did not hold so have to buy replacement. The unit is difficult to re-construct, I tried using a cut piece of plastic but aligning the soldiering to the horse shoe copper contact in the unit is very very difficult - so put to one side for another day. 2. There was a spade jammed into the bullet on the main live from the indicator. No good...it had melted a bit. Also, generally I cleaned all the route and terminals for hazards, the relays and tested for rsistance and the cleaning helped also. This afternoon is the light switch lever arm.... Rich
  4. Hi Gareth did as you suggest - I have lights when I send 12v direct to either G/W or R/G. Seems the supply in the switch is dodgy . . I keep battling. Rich
  5. Thank Gareth, I will try that. For issue N3. For the main lights, the lever that operates lights came apart in my hands and I now struggle to re-assemble it. It all looks OK but when I made my first attempt to push it all back together nothing worked! Here are some pictures. What I really struggle with is the mechanism as a whole. I cant understand what the tiny spring is and how it operates - whereas the hook spring I guess is from white plastic to body . Wires as I can see are blue/white, blue, red/green and brown which does not really correspond with the diagram. Last buy not least, I read this has maybe something called flash to pass or whatever? I understand that this metal strip runs across and enables voltage but when I re-assembled in does noting. always happens on a long weekend :-( Assembly tips much appreciated. some success I has was I got the four way hazards working after 2 years! Rich
  6. Hi guys All seems to have connection and I am now at the earth/ground on the pin from the hazard relay. I did an ohm test all over and all is good just no blinkers!! Really think this is an earth but where do I go from here? Rich
  7. I think tomorrow I do an Ohm/resistance test from turn signal to turn signal flasher... lets see!
  8. Thanks Waldi for No1 . I have re-soldered as best I can. The wire broke right on the join on the small brown circuit board and it seems you cant get it apart. I have re-solderedering has been tested. Lets hope. No2 . I maybe was not clear, I have mimicked the switch but it still foes not engage blinkers. Any other way to bypass or test? Thanks Rich
  9. Hi As my Dad would say, you made a right dogs dinner of that....! I have been posting below on the 6 pin to pin for flashers. That seems to be fixed but its part of a wider issue or issues so re-post. Issues 1. No flashers/indicators. Factors are: - Flasher unit under passenger footwell is good, I tested it - I can see a broken terminal on the indicator lever on column. I cut the wires and thought to re-solder but am unsure if anyone has done this before, do I need to take switch apart ? Any tips on fixing? Issue 2. continuing from above I thought if I physically joined the wires which go to the indicator arm, I'd get a blink - I do not so am getting stumped. Is there a way I can bypass all and do some kind of test? Issue 3. As I was taking steering column apart to get to harness I took out light lever switch. The switching unit was working OK and on taking it out the tiny spring dropped on floor. I can see a small copper plate edged thing is loose and I can figure how to re-assemble. Cars been parked a few days now and I am getting a bit stuck. appreciate any help to get me moving. Rich AKA desperate in Denmark.
  10. hi Gareth and others Thing with these old cars, you go to fix and then find another. . . so I had originally realised I had no blinkers and thoughts I would re-do the hazard and simultaneously do the blinkers as its all connected. I know think I am there on the blinkers BUT the way I found what the blinker issue was, was by removing or undoing the indicator arm where I can see the wires are bust right at where the join the plastic. I now though cannot see how I can pull the wires out! Do you know how I can do this ? There is a plate under but it seems quite stuck. Also I correct myself, it seems they did have two bulbs, one for flasher one for hazard and I am missing the flasher bulb. Thanks guys Rich
  11. Hi Gareth Same thinking here but was going to use 7+8 and 2+4 of the six pin hazard. I found 1+2 had my test bulb flicker for a moment only during switching? I have not been able to figure the full logic of what is open/closed on all pins yet. Rich
  12. Thanks One finding just, the 70s wiring has one bulb for both the hazard and indicator bulb. The 72 has two bulbs for hazard bulb and indicator, so redundancy I guess! What I am struggling with now is adapting the 70s wiring to the 6 pin socket. I have to get there eventually... Rich
  13. Hi I have also no indicators and nothing connected to the 6 pin hazard. I have a good flashing unit (tested off batter) and also ran a direct live to the flasher and the lights do not come on at all. Rich
  14. hi all My CC 1970 has a rocker type hazard with six pins and has never worked (can I say import test with local country inspector was creative as he was more into taking car for a spin than checking - say no more....). As you can see from the two attachments they differ in wiring and I struggle to get the hazard to work, and I am sure, one day I will need it to work!! My existing rocker has a total of six pins, four pins in a circle at top and two pins at the bottom. Last but not least - -I cant find the traficator bulb (green and red/green and white looking at wiring diagram) but can fine a green and white, going into a lucas bullet that then splits to another two green and whites and that then disappears into the etha. Would so much appreciate help and advice. Rich
  15. Wow . . what a fantastic journey.
  16. Hi all I tried spraying the inner cusp of the brake light stop. It was grey plastic and all traces of shine were gone. The 'chrome spray' was nothing like on the lid, but it make it 200% better. I read one guy used aluminium leaf but that was a bit far off for me. The remaining chrome plastic is a bit pitted and I polished this, but not much I can really do on this less then send the plastic away and have if scrubbed and re-plated, so I will say the bumps are part of the character of the 50 yr old car :-)
  17. Looks good Andy, all I need do now is understand whats best for my engine :-) Rich
  18. Hi quite a few European countries have high viz vests, spare fuel, warning triangle. Enjoy the trip !
  19. Hi If you use the function to fit your car on the NGK web site mine comes up with NGK 6637 BPR6EIX IX Iridium Plug (which I have and are a bit sooty). I there a guide to what all the numbers etc mean? I am easily confused ;-) Rich
  20. Another on the lights - I found the reflector part also pops off BUT be very careful as many PO's have glued them so use plastic feelers else they can crack. As for the foil, I rolling pinned them flat and used metal polish again. For the cluster, I am seeing the stop light has no shine left on the bowl so will look into aluminium leaf or chrome spray. Rich
  21. Hi all Maybe I get a roll of the eyes and a 'oh I knew that' but I found the following of much use when I took my back lights off for a cleanup and tidy. Some of the lenses were very dull and almost misted - - and very dirty, so I soaked the lenses in soapy water for 24 hours and scrubbed with a soft brush and this gets the core dirt and grease off. This only cleaned and de-greased them but they were still dull, the super tool was the use of metal polish and a rag, with about 5-10 polishes. This brought a gloss like new. The polish left white where the Lucas lettering was but this washed off with cold water. Final was a bit of window cleaner and they look like new. Hope this is of help Rich
  22. Exactly Podone - gravity and age does terrible things :-)
  23. Yes Missus stays home, I occasionally take the young 22 yr old out from across the road who complains way less :-) Rich
  24. Yes Waldi . . was doing back flips!!! :-) Rich
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