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  1. Morning all I did a bit of reading and some people seem to either split them and re-insert of use a fine screwdriver. I think splitting them is too risky as if I damage them getting new ones is expensive, so will try gently prodding the felt back in. Rich
  2. hi the insides of my hot air blowers seized up and I've taken them out and I can see that there is some felt which was jammed inside... has anybody been able to replace this otherwise they seem to rattle around! I guess originally the felt acted as a buffer of sorts and my felt seems ok but I just can't figure out how to get the felt back into it!
  3. I think I will give the harboard a go!
  4. Hmmm . . maybe. Am I also missing some sort of cardboard cover to the left over the transmission shaft? Rich
  5. Dear all Can anyone tell me the purpose of the holes in the back shelf - they appear to be mounting holes to me, and the tab (marked in red circle). I'd like to plug them off but am curious on their purpose. Richard
  6. RE earthing, I have two earths coming off the loom and screwed onto the knurled stems that hold the two dials in place. Rich
  7. Well I never! Thanks for replying!
  8. Hi guys I generally do not like dash LEDs but thought I would try a brighter LED for the trafficator now for some reason the LED bulb I bought works when I turn left but does not work when I turn right crazy??? The normal analogue bulb works fine! Appreciate some help on my vs thanks bye
  9. Hi I am not sure originally where it goes but I ran it to a bolt on the radiator, and the horn works great. Richard
  10. Years ago my batterywent flat at Heathrow, the AA recovery guy who came to bump start me was adamant that cars parked near airports lost their charge quicker than all others, ie that he was always coming out to the airport for flat batteries and often to new cars . . still wondering if he thought it true or it was a wind up!!
  11. Stuart - -why a TR4 bonnet pull? Rich
  12. I found it!!! it is on the driver side so for me on the left but looking into the engine bay it really makes sense if I place it on the right hand side so if you have this this piece of metal and are happy to post to Denmark I would happily also pay for whatever costs or what it is worth Richard
  13. Hi Mine is a LHD, dont it make sense to put on passenger side?! Anyway, heading to man cave and I have the trim off as I put new door straps in, so will check Richard
  14. thanks . .! why on earth though would someone cut this off . .and does it not get in the way of the passengers foot? Thanks Richard
  15. I can't recall seeing that bracket!! I will check tomorrow thank you
  16. Hi all PO had a homemade bonnet pull and I have a 'new' or original. Can someone be so good as to tell me how the pull mechanism is fitted to the dash? I found two holes under the glovebox but it makes no real sense how its fitted or the cable is routed, Thanks Rich
  17. AarhusTr6

    Kidney Panels

    hi Its quite good fun to actually make a set, there are many examples out there
  18. Ok thanks I have an old brown belt (lockdown = belts dont fit!), think that could look good maybe if I chop it down.
  19. Hi all Could somebody have a look at their windscreen water bottle bracket and tell me what material it is that goes around the bottle and is held by two rivets on the actual bracket ?? The little bit left on the rivets appears to be a fabric mine seems to just rotted away and I'm doing a respray and cleanup of the bracket Thanks
  20. Hi waldi I do not think I have an oil cooler is this something that you recommend??!!
  21. Hi I have bought a new oil filter and was just asking you guys if this is one of those spin on adaptors and also if I should try to reposition it so it is more vertical?? Richard
  22. Its a mod from Martin at Distributor Dr! A vacuum advance! Richard
  23. Ok Was thinking the electrical wire baxk to the coil is close to the engine block
  24. Hi I have a set I need to fit . . and keep putting the job off until 'tomorrow' and I have had these seals 3 years. . . Any experiences on fitting them - the outer ones were quite a challenge for me Richard
  25. Hi Rev counter is hidden from pic, but its under the vacuum advance bell housing Rich
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