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  1. just as a side step to oil/water heater ideas, how about this for a modification
  2. Hamish, Am I right in thinking that is a water in/out and oil in/out item? periodically over the years I have checked my oil cooler and lines and they do start out cold and then, dependant on ambient temps (and driving attitude!) they do get hot so all works well. I remember it was about 20 years ago I bought the thermostat oil cooler, came from Flexilite but only seems to be an American company on the net now? anyhoo, Pete Cox says he's never seen one like it before so maybe it is an import etc
  3. Miles I'm with you "Not sure what the video was supposed to demonstrate. I thought it was going to show that at start up when the engine is cold, the thermostat is closed and most of the water is directed back down the bypass hose until such time as the water heats up sufficiently, to open the the 'stat (and block off the bypass with older 'stats), thus allowing most of the now hot water to to be directed to the radiator to be cooled. The bypass hose blew off before that happened though" Without temp readings from the start of the video you don't know whats going on/is it cold to s
  4. oooah I got that one Judson time......
  5. didn't make it out this year!
  6. strangly I have a Judson "on the shelf" and it too had damaged ali manifold fixings... I have had it welded up (sadly not at your prices!) and now it needs dressing. Not plucked up the courage yet to try and fit it
  7. OD box and used SAE 30 for 25 years now, now worries
  8. if your float is still the brass type just check it still floats (sounds daft I know) as solder is be eaten by ethanol
  9. enjoy Curborough Hamish. I used to run a day there, blooming difficult to get it right on every bend when it "look" so simple but great fun
  10. not a great lover of deep pits to work on cars, I once had to run to the aid of a mechanic who left a car over the pit for sometime and then returned, climbed down and whilst under the car, lite a cigarette. The fuel tank had leaked letting fumes lye at the bottom, there was a "wooomf" noise and he lost all his hair!
  11. surely this would change the angle of the float chambers?
  12. I'm guessing not then........
  13. funnily enough I was only looking at the ends of mine the other night as my horns seem to play different tunes each time I use them and wondered if the wiring in the stator being to "light". Can anyone tell what gauge it should be?
  14. yea I though it looked tr3?
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