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  1. got my fix at the click n collect for the olds today!
  2. yea my dad used to put a leadlamp under and a blanket on top
  3. The predecessor to the GK but I'll take that!
  4. my car left the factory with the ACE wheel trims, I have them stashed away "for when I put the car back to original". Did anyone realise they were handed?
  5. thanks Ian for the maintenance link. Mine seem to struggle sometimes and I did think perhaps they needed a relay or something as I thought it might be a power issue. Now I will go and p**s the neighbours off and try "tuning" them....do you think an SU flow meter would help
  6. Hi David, have you weighed them yet as a comparison to your wires? or even a steel if you have one??
  7. oooh yes, it will definitely look more like and MGA now
  8. always lied that dark blue on the Michelotti cars and it really sets it off with the matching Surrey
  9. need to fix this before the wife sees it. Anyone recommend any products to sort this out. Yea, a bunch of flowers!
  10. I've got all the parts to do a swap from Amps to volts but I was going to re-manufacture the face of the volt meter to "look more in keeping" with the dash/period style. Just a bit of artwork and then get it printed by one of my suppliers...... of course that was a Sunday morning pillow idea about 20 years ago and still on my list Has anyone experienced an Alternator's regulator packing up and send s**t loads of amps down the loom?
  11. that's great, thank. do you know the weight by any chance as I've worked on the Jag's (D & C's) and they're heavy IMHO as they are really thick ali?
  12. can't find them on the frontline site? (wanted to scar myself on price) I know they were originally 16" on the jags< i'm taking it they have remodeled them to 15's?
  13. I've been involved in "this sort of thing" for a long time and I dread to think what that would cost to do now! I have a couple of motor show pics, I'll sort them out as my father before me was in the exhibition trade too.
  14. wow, can I come o your four posters C L I N I C I could do with a make over but I think it will take you longer than two years to sort me out! Still, a steam clean, wire brush and a coat of underseal on me bottom half would be a good start!
  15. thanks for the offer, I'll come back to you if I may when I get to it...
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