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  1. Thanks for all the advice. Then I am going to: Change the gearbox mounting. As old one was only 8 years and 10.000 km old, which supplier would you recommend? Turn crossmember upside down, or a bit of a grinder to shave off few mm as it is mounted. Jose I.
  2. Roger. Mine is a TR4 built in October 63 and yes, it has the vibration damper, maybe fitted by previous owner. Graeme. At first I thought that maybe the crossmember was fitted upside down, but the original spare parts catalog shows the rear lip in the upright position
  3. While working on the exhaust, I realized that the bracket (P/N 130888) that holds the intermediate pipe hanging from the right hand of the gearbox mount is touching the crossmember. Nonetheless, no rattle or noise felt before. Distance between crossmember and top of overdrive case, where the bracket bolts is 1" Is it normal or the gearbox mounting is badly worn? As the gearbox tunnel is out maybe the best to do is change it. Any advice will be welcome Jose I
  4. Sorry Chris for the late response, I have been out of town and doesn't see your post. Many thanks, but I just sourced the manifold from a friend of the TR Register Spain. Thanks again Jose I.
  5. Hi I think I am late for this but, have you an exhaust high port manifold P/N 304164? Thanks Jose I.
  6. Mine have same engine mounts,no distorsion, and as Ade-Tr4 says my alloy rad sits lower than the thermostat housing, been misaligned and impossible to adjust due to interference rad/bonnet. Regards JIR
  7. Hi Leonardo. I'm from Madrid, Pozuelo de Alarcon to be precise. ¿did you join the Spanish TR Register? http://www.trclub-spain.com/ To all members, sorry for this off topic message. JIR
  8. Really nice pic. I was wondering why Alonso was in the focus when I saw the signature! Regards from a Spaniard who also owns a TR4 JIR
  9. Slightly different but related problem. When I bought the car, 1963 TR4, it came with a non functional water temp gauge, so I changed it for a new one P/N BT2240-00C and a sender P/N GTR104. Since then gauge reads high, at normal between 90º and 140ºC (maybe 125?). I have not measured temp at the radiator top but surely is not above 90º. Kenlowe fan and Revotec temp controller fitted and voltage stabilizer also changed for a solid state one that gives 10V steady. Gauge and sender not compatible? My mistake because I bought them from different suppliers? Regards Jos
  10. jir

    Wiper Motor

    Quick test today gives the following results. Green +12V white earthed ----- No action. Green +12V brown earthed ----- No action. Green +12V white & brown BOTH earthed ----- motor running, don't know if fast or slow (but maybe is fast). Earthing the casing doesn't help And there is not self park switch as I see in many pictures and spares catalogs. Next step: Open the casing and diagnose armature, brushes, wiring... Regards Jose I.
  11. jir

    Wiper Motor

    My car, (63 TR4) has a wiper motor marked "DR3A 12V 75448B". It works as a single speed and no park function, but the wiper switch is two speed (Lucas original) and has also the two speed wiring loom. The motor case has three wires (green, white, brown) and only works if green is +12V and the others grounded both (?). The car has been converted to negative earth and alternator by a previous owner. Somewhere in the Net (The Triumph Experience - Triumphs List Archive) I found a thread about wiper motor DR3A as special option in the TR4. http://www.triumphexperience.com/archive/tr4_wiper_m
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