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  1. DaveR


    I agree get the kit as also the jets may be worn. Dave
  2. DaveR

    Oil leak

    Standard Triumph have always fitted plain and fibre washers on the rocker cover fixing studs/bolts on the six cylinder and small four cylinder engines right from the Vanguard 6 through to the last of Dolomite/Spitfires. The picture shows Vitesse 2 Litre Mk2. Dave
  3. At Stafford the TSSC always used the main hall, the pavilion bar and one of the other smaller buildings for the evening entertainment. Plus, there were places to eat, permanent showers and toilets. No shed in a field and I have attended Stafford 22 times. My understanding is the move away from Stafford in 2014 was due to rising costs and due to some pressure to try affordable motor sport venues. The comments I heard at last year’s Stratford from both TR Reg members and TSSC members were that they wanted a Malvern and a Stafford type of event. From my observations people appear to want a s
  4. Good decision, Over the years I have regularly attended both the TR International, and the TSSC International and found Malvern and Stafford have similar facilities. At Stafford there is a large brick built hall, plus a number of smaller buildings. One in the past was used for the evening entertainment. Also permanent bar, showers and toilets. Dave
  5. I echo the comments re the CO being too lean, that's even for the 125BHP engines. Dave
  6. I haven't heard of any problems with the luminition system on the TR7 Dave
  7. The electronic ignition kits now available for the TR7 are basically designed for Lucas 22/25/45 or the earlier Delco type of distributor where a solid magnetic ring fits over the cam. But with the 7's distributor, 300 type, the advance weights are above the cam and therefore prevent the magnetic ring being fitted without strip down the distributor. It has to be fitted bottom end up. AccuSpark and Pertronix are a popular fit, but do require the distributor stripping. There were some TR7 kits that just senses the distributor cam lobes and lacks a magnetic ring or light chopper. For
  8. DaveR

    Vin number

    Yes E, which my response is for a Fixed Head. The SAT was only used on late cars. Dave
  9. DaveR

    Vin number

    SAT = World Ident for BL (Triumph). T =Triumph. P TR7 or TR8. A = UK or European market. E = Fixed Head. J = TR7 4 Cylinder. 7 = RHD manual. A = UK and rest of the world spec, not USA. A = Solihull built. 408114 = Serial number. The S you have should read as a J. Dave
  10. It operates a temperature controlled shutter on the original air cleaner box. When the ambient temperature is cold (e.g. Winter) hot air is fed from the exhaust manifold into the air cleaner. In spring/summer temperatures it only operates during warm up. After warm up the shutter switches the air supply to hopefully cooler air. If you are using separate filters then it should be blanked off. I bought a new Toledo in 1973 and had it until the early 1990's. By that time it powered by a 1500 tuned engine, overdrive 3.63 diff and a Leyland ST suspension kit. Dave
  11. Rust is generally a problem on project cars e.g. Sills, wheel arches, floor, sub-frame, suspension mounting points, body seams. If the engine has overheated, caused by a silted up cooling system, then the head may have warped. Due to the cross studs and dis-similar metals the cylinder head can be a pig to remove. The water pump seals can give problems and as the pump is located in the block you need a slide hammer or puller to remove it. Give the cooling system a good overhaul. The 4 speed gearbox tends to suffer/wear in the TR7. Suspension bushes and ball joints wear. On the electrical system
  12. RobH, I agree that many an electronic ignition has been used to try to overcome the problems with a worn the distributor. However, the 4 amps through the points does create limitations, even amplified systems that retain the points give better results due to the lower current. That is providing there is still sufficient wetting current present to keep the points clean, 500mA is about right. Also there is point bounce to consider at high RPM when comparing both set-ups When designed correctly electronic switching is cleaner and more predictable. The advance curves are a separate iss
  13. RobH, Agreed that is the theory but in practise there is a small power gain due to the limitations of the mechanical points switching arrangement. A lot has to do with the high current being switched through the points. Dave
  14. Yes electronic ignition will give a small power gain. It also gives better starting and smoother running. Plus of course the points are a pig to get to. There is loads of room to fit an electric fan. The power advantage would be very small, but it's still worth doing as it will give a quicker warm up. Dave
  15. I found the extractor manifold didn't make much difference. However, what did was a good straight through stainless steel exhaust system. Either the sports or standard boxes. Most standard boxes are now straight through. If in doubt get the sports system. On the carbs side fit K&N's with BDC or BAE needles. BAE are slightly richer and overall give a better performance. I have tried the recommended BAL needles with, and without the full sports exhaust system and found them too rich. Also small rams inside the K&N's help. You don't have to change the carb piston springs. The above
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