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  1. Hi from Austria, with interest followed your discussion. Here thoughts coming out of my experience with my classics a TR4 1963 and a Volvo 123GT 1967. Both have got welltuned homebrewed engines, TR 150, Volvo 180 bhp . @ running on, may also derive from sharp edges (i.e.hot spots) arround the combustion chamber remained after having flattend the cyl.head. .These should be radiused by abt. 2-3 mm , same to edges arround the plug hole. . I'm sure you 're familiar with. @ ignition timing , I'm used to adjust with timing light at 21 to 23 ° at 1500 revs both cases.
  2. In addition , Ignitor I type , advance setting 22° at 1500 revs on 25D4, coil is Lucas sport (golden).
  3. I run Pertronix Ignitor in my TR4 over 20 years and in the highliy tuned Volvo 123GT as well. Bought with Retrorocket USA. Use NGK BPR7HIX Iridium - type plugs in both cases . No problem att all. Wolfgang
  4. I'd take a LUCAS Sports coil DLB 105, Moss nr. TT2981, 3 ohms ,40000 volts. You will be happy with. When using a 1,5 ohms coil you need a ballast resistor also same 1,5 ohms , this must be bypassed by a relay while starting the engine. Thus you get higher voltage to the coil's primary circuit which provides high voltage at the lead to the distributor then and that helps better engine starting ( improved igniting energy) under severe conditions ( e.g. in wintertime). Right after release of the start button the ballast must be again connected in series with the coil, thus 3
  5. Hi Rich, I've got the same J-OD configuration in my TR4. Just in brief, YES it is quite normal ! Anyway whenever changing gears in OD position ( 3/4 or v.v.) it is recommended to disengage the OD switch before shifting. The OD's cone clutch wont be overstressed by shifting under load. Hope this helps Wolfgang (Austrian member)
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