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  1. Bit of a long shot but do you still have these seats?
  2. Hi Stuart, a real long shot but do you still have any TR4a seats for sale.  Looking to improve on my very flat and not well supported TR4 seats

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    2. Popey


      No worries- thanks anyway 

    3. Dady


      IMG_0445.thumb.png.524925a1c90b12ddf19303eedb9455f7.pngHi Popey,

      I have a pair of 4A seats that I’ve replaced with MX5 type. They are black with white piping. They are not brilliant to be honest but still quite supportive. They also have had electric heated elements fitted at some time in their lives but cannot attest to function as I never need to use them! See attached photo.

      pm me if interested




    4. Popey


      Possibly interested, as they are a much better shape than my very flat (well the drivers seat appears to slope to one side).  Are they vinyl or leather and how much were you looking for please?



  3. Hi, this is a real long shot but do you still have any revington seats for sale pls?

  4. That looks like a good option thanks. Out of interest what size is your steering wheel please? I still have the original but am looking to replace with a smaller one (thinking probably 14'') as it's a bit tight getting in and out.
  5. Hi, New TR4 owner here. Just wondering if anyone has devised a neat way of fixing a mobile phone on the dash? I use mine for sat nav and am currently just lying it 'screen up' in the passenger seat which is not ideal!
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