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  1. Thanks again for more info. I have sent a message to bctriumphregistry.com/.Will do the same for Bill Sinclair and obcc. Will check now for your PM. Dave
  2. Hi Guys Thanks a lot for your replies, I didn´t expect so many, only names I could think of, sorry I forgot about you Yves and Graeme. Well we are going to VERNON a town 400kms. inland from Vancouver, where it does snow, I´ve seen it, but what beautiful countryside, would love to drive it in my 3A but it is all a matter of cost getting it there, and where to keep it, especially if it has to be in heated covered place. Tom! I was interested in your heater idea, does it cost much to run it? I know of Drakes Motors, as a matter of fact a have messaged Scott on a couple of times from here, but have been to their house/shop in Kelowna ( some 30 kms away.) Simon, I will definitely get onto the bc triumph registry, it will be very advantageous to know other owners and maybe join a club if they are in my area. All for now, answers will be appreciated Dave
  3. Hi Guys I am thinking about bringing my TR3A to B.C. Canada but require to know what you have to do when the car is laid up for winter. Do you have your cars in heated garages? or what other preparations do you have to make? possibly put them up on axle stands to clear tyres off the cold concrete or steel floors. Thanks Dave
  4. Inge I heard some time ago that the servo for the GT6 is smaller than the usual size, but I don´t know how effective it is. Dave
  5. Tom and Mick I always remember St. David´Day, not only because that is my name, but my Mum was a Taff, so it was difficult to decide who to support in that game. What struck me and Margaret was the singing of the "Land of my Fathers" by every one of the team so proud and loud, just like the crowd in the stadium, what a change from the half heartedness of this country´s footballers. Dave
  6. Hi Tom Have a nice day today. We congratulate your rugby team against us, but we will never forgive you! Dave
  7. Hi Richard Try Gorilla glue, it sticks like the proverbial to an army blanket and is waterproof.. Don´t get any on the inner cable though. Dave
  8. Hi All I have just had to replace my Armstrong rear shocks after feeling the bumps over everything on the on the road. It is not an easy job as per the workshop manual as I could not separate the link from the arm which is a taper joint fitting. To get the shocks out with the links attached meant releasing the retainer plate under the road spring to get the link through passed the spring and the chassis. Getting that plate on again was some job, fortunately I was on a two post lift at a friends house and he helped with muscle ( I´m 80 years old now) using a wrecking bar for the leverage. We got the four old nuts on each plate with an air gun as they are longish bolts and after they where on, I replaced them with new nyloc nuts, one at a time, and torqued them down to 28-30 ft. lbs. To get the new shocks in you are supposed to tighten the front bolt through the hole in the tub, but it was over a half bolt diameter out, so I had to get my hand in up between the shock´s support bracket and the side of the tub and then tighten it with an open ended spanner and a long bar to get the leverage. Putting the link onto the arm was easy enough and I used copper slip on the taper.The last part of the link to the spring plate was easy enough, job done, then it was the turn of the other side, all over again, Without the two post lift, this would have been an impossible job on the garage floor on axle stands. The reason for the bumpy ride was because one of the shocks was broken internally, when the cam plate on the arm shaft had lost its spline so the cam did not turn and operate the two internal cylinders. It took us nearly a day to do the job. The ride now is much better,
  9. Mick I thought Mike Ellis was the one who had this info as I wrote to him twice before but the last time I did not get an answer, so maybe he handed it onto Gertjan. I have another owner here in Spain but his car is in Warrington where he still has a house. Can you give Gertjan´s details for me so I can pass on this info. thanks Dave
  10. Hi Martin Goggle Drakes Motors or maybe Drakes classic motors in Kelowna B.C. for a little more info before you make the journey. Len is the father and Scott is his son. Never heard about Mollis, when is that for a future visit? but only if it is near the date of Morges or too far to travel twice in one year. Hope you get info from Mike Ellis O.K. but I have never seen a hardtop like that, it would appear to have quite a blind spot. Keep in touch and KEEP TR-ING. I call my car TRESA which is Spanish for 3A Dave
  11. Hi Martin I believe Mike Ellis keeps a register of all known TR3B´s. I sent him a message last year about a friend of mine here in Spain who has a complete as built unrestored model, and now that he has returned it to U.K. he has won many awards for his originality. Where in Switzerland did you live? I have just returned from my sixth visit to the Swiss Classic British Car Meeting in Morges, alas only four times in my 1958 TR3A. Do you know of Drakes Classic cars in Kelowna B.C. I have been there three times to see his stock and a natter. May seem a long way but not as far as Morges for me around 1000 miles one way. Dave
  12. Hi Chris I changed my mech. pump diaphragm to one for higher percentage ethanol 2 or 3 years ago, because of my visits to France where 10% is the norm now. All my fuel lines are copper except the joiners to the float bowls which I must change this weekend now I have the correct tubing sent from TR Bitz. DAve
  13. Hi Guys There was one of these cars at the Swiss Classic British Car Meeting on last Saturday ------ Very Nice! There was also about 8 Jensen Interseptors all from U.K. and who had driven down especially for the show, so plus the other local CV8´s and Interseptors there were about 12 of the marque in all. Aston Martin was the car of the show this year, so the place was crawling with them from MK.2/4 and up to DB6 and the more modern types which to not impress me as much as the classic style. Also present was the Jaguar F type, also not as classy as the E type or XK 120´s,140´s and 150´s IMHO. TR´s were present in force as well from a long door TR2 right up to a TR7/8. Apologies for the double spacing, but I can´t find how to eliminate that. Dave
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