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  1. Hi all I hope you are all keeping well After selling the TR6 last year, and retiring this year, I have now decided to sell any TR6 books and manuals that I have had over the years. I have, both in excellent condition, the following:- 1. Brown Bible, TR6 TC and PI Repair operation Manual. part 545277/EC 2. Brooklands Technical TR6 74-76 Spare parts Catalogue. RTC 9093A 3 & 4 In more worn condition I also have an original ring binder TR6 repair operation manual, plus TR6 PI Workshop Manual Supplement. Covers and pages a little discoloured from age work use , but pag
  2. Andrew I had a feeling you would snap it up on the first assessment viewing and your absence from TR6 ownership would be short lived! Looks like you have unearthed a little gem there and I hope you don't encounter any "messers" with the M3 sale. Bev was right of course. Safe and enjoyable motoring in your TRs and I look forward to meeting your new acquisition. Cheers Rob
  3. robnob

    Short TR6 film

    Enjoyed that Roger Nice one, quality work. One wonders how long it took to make Cheers Rob
  4. nice sunny weather is forecast and I hope you have a great time - enjoy have a few moody bottles of red for me too! cheers Rob
  5. Hi Beex64 Get in touch with Derek Graham the TR6 registrar - he normally has everything you need on this front, very helpful and informative. SAFFRON TR on here... cheers Rob
  6. Thanks Chaps. Ragtag - no not the commission plate- that is present on the car but just out of shot unfortunately...another photo assumption but not true, Ok, here's the scenario. (Yet another) Private buyer called me last week and asked for some pictures of my TR6- no one seems to want to jump in their car and view which is beyond me. When I buy my next car I'll be travelling wherever to view a good car as soon as they are up for sale. "MK1 eyeball" as Alec said and there's no substitute for that. I travelled far and wide as a fastidious TR buyer who has owned three of these sinc
  7. Hi All I've just had my vehicle "evaluated" by a so called TR expert, who didn't actually view or drive the car but has made a number of "assumptions" on the basis of this picture that I sent on request. I'd be appreciative of any observations, and in a day or so I will advise the quite staggering assumption that was made today. This is a 1969 CP UK TR6 Full BOC rebuild in 2000-2001. Thanks ROB
  8. +1 for Renovo... my mohair hood gets the regular treatment, comes up a treat and good repellent qualities too cheers Rob
  9. oh, so that's how you do it nice job chap Rob
  10. Looks to be a worthy project for someone - nice colour too... you up for another 6 Andrew? Cheers Rob
  11. matter of preference... I have an after market Motolita - great feel and good response from the road and looks smart too cheers Rob
  12. The panel gaps although never great will give a fair idea of the overall state of the car with regards to chassis and body fit. Like I said before a good car should have good even panel gaps at door shuts and if the line is less parallel, more akin to a v shape with a large gap to the top, it would suggest some chassis issues at worst or poor alignment of any removal / refit of doors, more likely the former. Overall you have to weigh up the price versus condition and any sums you consider you,ll have to, or want to, pay to put those issues right. Always worth a PPI in any event, anoth
  13. Take a good look if you can by removing the boot trim and looking at the state of the inner wings from there - you may get a better idea of the overall condition of the inner wings, something that the "black stuff" may be hiding. Check the panel gaps at the doors too - if the gap at the top is disproportionately larger than that at the bottom you should consider some chassis issues and I'd be walking away rapidly. The usual regarding the differential mountings as well - if you can get a good look underneath at the condition and certainly listen for any "clunking" noises on take up
  14. And they weren't the only skid marks in evidence either !!! ;-) Cheers Rob
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