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    Originally joined the Register in 1984 when I owned a 1973 TR6 (OPC 310L) and another 73 TR6 (NAP 966M), then a basket case 68 TR4A (NHA 717F) and then another 68 TR4A (SUV 407F). Have recently found OPC 310L (TR6) and SUV 407F (TR4A), anyone know the whereabouts of my other TR6 (NAP 966M) and TR4A (NHA 717F)?
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    andrew smith

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    Farnham, Surrey (uphill from Baldrick) - but West London born and bred!

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  1. Andrew Smith

    TRGB Fuel Pump Kit Installation

    A vuvuzala Len - turn up the volume: Cheers, Andrew
  2. Andrew Smith

    TRGB Fuel Pump Kit Installation

    Ian, These might be of use, albeit not exactly the same kit, but you'll get the idea. The first couple are pre-fitting a Diaphragm PRV (to stop resonance), the last two show the Diaphragm PRV fitted : Cheers, Andrew
  3. Andrew Smith

    TR6 Steering wheel 15 vs 14,5 inch - Advises

    But surely Triumph wouldn't lie Derek................. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Andrew Smith

    TR6 Steering wheel 15 vs 14,5 inch - Advises

    Derek, The CP sales brochure claims the steering wheel is 'leather clad' and the CR one has an even greater leather feel so I suspect they are. Cheers, Andrew
  5. Andrew Smith

    TR6 Steering wheel 15 vs 14,5 inch - Advises

    The 14.5" CR wheel is much nicer to drive with, it has a thicker and better padde rim with softer leather - makes using the 15" CP wheel feel like steering a boat. In the end it all depends how much originality you want. Cheers, Andrew
  6. Andrew Smith

    Thank you

    Looking great Andrew, get out and enjoy driving it. Cheers, Andrew
  7. Andrew Smith

    Boot trim

    Yes Gareth, it finishes off the boot area nicely and stops any exposed paintwork getting scratched to death, particularly if a lot of touring is being done - must fit it to VUX. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Andrew Smith

    Boot trim

    Depends how far down the 'originality' route you want to go Jonathan, so many owners incorrectly fit the back-board i.e it should be tucked behind the metal brace and screwed into place as shown below - to be honest it's a bit of a phaff, but correct: Black felt type material is glued to the N/S wheel arch on the exposed painted area (ignore the painted washer that's another story): Cheers, Andrew
  9. Andrew Smith

    VUX is now back home!

    Brendan, The trip is planned for June 19 but have decided to go to Corsica another time - we're doing a week each in Spain, South of France and Italy. Thanks Paul, it's getting a bit full but hopefully room for another bike with some jiggling around with the space. Gareth, No, they are 185/70/15 Vredesteins which do look good and give almost the same rolling radius as the original 165/15. Cheers, Andrew
  10. Andrew Smith

    Where is she now?

    Hi Brendan, Al Warner (Director C&B) is a very good mate of mine and I remember your TR6 at Wimbledon when he was doing some work on my 3A in early 2003, look closely below..... Hope you manage to get back in contact with WVX. I bought back my old TR6 (VUX) this summer after 5 years of being without it and being in the doghouse, see: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/67010-vux-is-now-back-home/ Never give up hope. Cheers, Andrew
  11. Andrew Smith

    VUX's MX5 Seats

    Pete, No bending needed, the brackets have plenty of vertical adjustment so I suspect I've just set the seats a little too high. The MX5 seats look good in the Tomato - I wanted my seats from Paul to be in leather with horizontal slats similar to the original pattern, no holes or diamond pattern though....... Cheers, Andrew
  12. Andrew Smith

    VUX's MX5 Seats

    Tom, You can, but you'll need to have deep pockets for the restoration: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR6-circa-1969-pair-of-seats-requiring-refurbishing-as-photos/173597055219?hash=item286b30d8f3:g:O9kAAOSwwhhbMpex:rk:2:pf:0 Cheers, Andrew
  13. Andrew Smith

    Vredstein Tyres

    Roger, I've got Sprint Classics on TuRK and VUX, great tyres for touring (they seem to last forever) and the odd bit of spirited driving - got them from Blackcircles. Cheers, Andrew
  14. Andrew Smith

    vote for Jabbeke TR2

    Yep, congrats to Glen and his team at Protek and all the sponsors, e.g. the TR Register, Moss etc. Cheers, Andrew
  15. Andrew Smith

    Millers VSPe Power Plus

    Thanks for the feedback folks, much appreciated and very useful. Cheers, Andrew

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