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    Originally joined the Register in 1984 when I owned a 1973 TR6 (OPC 310L) and another 73 TR6 (NAP 966M), then a basket case 68 TR4A (NHA 717F) and then another 68 TR4A (SUV 407F). Have recently found OPC 310L (TR6) and SUV 407F (TR4A), anyone know the whereabouts of my other TR6 (NAP 966M) and TR4A (NHA 717F)?
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    Farnham, Surrey, but West London born and bred!

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  1. Yep, that's it: standard silver - same as used on the OE wheels. Cheers, Andrew
  2. A common place for leaks is the adapter plate between the gearbox and overdrive unit. Give it a wipe and nip up the bolts, although you will have to remove the gb tunnel to do a proper job. Cheers, Andrew
  3. Yes, it you want to be smart - but virtually everyone with an Armed Forces background knows you can't be 'over and out'. However, civilians understandably don't know VP (Voice Procedure) - therefore the term is acceptable as most know in what context it's meant.
  4. That's exactly what I did with VUX's seams and it looks good. Cheers, Andrew
  5. What happened to the joint between the rear quarter an rear deck? e.g. Cheers, Andrew
  6. Hi Steve, A mate of mine has the kitted out GS1200, he loves it and did a 2-week tour in Spain and Portugal in the summer - his has the factory lower seat, lower suspension and shorter centerstand. As for the tache, it was de rigueur to have a pornstar version in the 70s and 80's, but I kept it through to 2005; I have always been behind the fashion curve! Cheers, Andrew
  7. I'm still mad mate, even if a bit brain faded these days...... Cheers, 'George'
  8. Great collection of off road bikes Chris - took me back to my enduro (Yamaha DT250) and motocross (Suzuki RM370) days in the mid-70's and early 80's, sadly not too many photos left but dug these out: Keep the bikes, stories and photos coming. Cheers, Andrew
  9. A lovely 'paio' Steve, no need for the little blue tablets for many members I'd guess........ Cheers, Andrew
  10. 'V' nice Chris.....there are surprisingly many of us that have either classic or modern bikes tucked away next to our TRs, so you're in good company on both fronts - have a look through this thread: Cheers, Andrew
  11. Edit: reply deleted - didn't read the question correctly............. Cheers, Andrew
  12. Bit of an oxymoron that........but have you tried fitting the fast idle cable to the MU, it may have saved you removing it all and would be buckshee fix. Cheers, Andrew
  13. No, the black cover was a carryover from the TR5 for the early CP TR6's, later CP cars and all post-73 CR TR6's were fitted with the exposed motor similar to the donor used in the conversion above. I'm sure Derek Graham will be along and can advised of the change over point. Cheers, Andrew
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