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    Originally joined the Register in 1984 when I owned a 1973 TR6 (OPC 310L) and another 73 TR6 (NAP 966M), then a basket case 68 TR4A (NHA 717F) and then another 68 TR4A (SUV 407F). Have recently found OPC 310L (TR6) and SUV 407F (TR4A), anyone know the whereabouts of my other TR6 (NAP 966M) and TR4A (NHA 717F)?
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    Farnham, Surrey, but West London born and bred!

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  1. Chateau de Hattonchatel, the last overnight stop on our 3 week/3,000 mile Euro tour in June 2019. Lovely memories. Cheers, Andrew
  2. Thanks for posting Deggers - great video, the dog is totally unphased and the star of the clip. Any idea how was that filmed? Cheers, Andrew
  3. Yes, very well done to all involved. Top marks! Oh, and it's good to see Prince Andrew has found a new job - although I suspect Kevin Timms would not appreciate his doppelganger........... Cheers, Andrew
  4. Maybe the Supermarkets should sell British Army 24hr Ration Packs (rat packs), dozens of menus available to suit all dietary requirements, cultures and religions - after several days living on those you'd be bound up for weeks, so no need for loo rolls.
  5. Great thread Pete, I just love the old post-war Brit bikes and always appreciate when enthusiasts spend time and skill (plus money) to restore them back to their former glory. My era was the Jap bikes of the early 70's (including the Triumph T160 Trident) through to mid-80's. Here's my November 1970 CB750 K1, a 20,000 mile survivor which I'm slowly bring back to life having been off the road since 2015. This weekend's job is to remove the four exhausts and deep clean all the nooks and crannies. I'll look forward to the next Sunbeam instalment. Cheers, Andrew
  6. It seems Bev did find it funny and Whatsapp'd it to some of her friends, but knowing how my mind works () she didn't want to encourage me!
  7. Actually, you're right Bob - Bev didn't think it was funny either, even after I explained I was trying to lighten the mood a little..... Cheers, Andrew
  8. Another B&W photo that TuRK's second owner (Dudley Ings) sent me - taken as the Queen Mary leaves Southampton in July 1959. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Here it is at Lincoln in 2018 when it took the Concours Standard TR4 - TR5/250 Class. Cheers, Andrew
  10. For £75k it should be spot on Tim, but then again there's 'concours' and 'concours'. Cheers, Andrew
  11. ...........very tongue in-cheek and my just kind of humour Bob. Cheers, Andrew
  12. You're not dreaming Tim, it is black crinkle finish - here's my old 70 survivor TR6 ('Saffy') - TR5's are the same finish I believe. Cheers, Andrew
  13. Iain, Tom I'd much sooner take a battering from Bev than have a stroke - although that said, the injuries would probably much take longer to heal though! Cheers, Andrew
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