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    Originally joined the Register in 1984 when I owned a 1973 TR6 (OPC 310L) and another 73 TR6 (NAP 966M), then a basket case 68 TR4A (NHA 717F) and then another 68 TR4A (SUV 407F). Have recently found OPC 310L (TR6) and SUV 407F (TR4A), anyone know the whereabouts of my other TR6 (NAP 966M) and TR4A (NHA 717F)?
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    Farnham, Surrey, but West London born and bred!

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  1. How's this for a period 3A photo, it's my 58 3A with its second owner a very dapper Dudley Ings who owned 'TuRK' from June 59 to July 67. There's more here if anyone interested: https://www.flickr.com/photos/115740825@N05/albums/72157676482612026/with/31502736097/ Cheers, Andrew
  2. Good to hear you had a great day Rog, even if you had to work. However, not being a whiskey drinker; does that mean you drank a whole single barrel of Jim Beam all to yourself............ If so, I guess you're reading this post in morning, or maybe even very late in the afternoon? Cheers, Andrew Cheers, Andrew
  3. Lot 15, the RC30: https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/15-1988-honda-vfr750r-rc30/?lot=50871&so=0&st=&sto=0&au=485&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=0&pp=48&pn=1&g=1
  4. I'm guessing that would be a covert recce Conrad............ Cheers, 'George'
  5. Lucky you and Vizma - have a great Christmas. See you sometime in 2021. Cheers, Andrew
  6. In Nottingham, Hmmmmmmmm?
  7. Hi Steve, Yes, you're always welcome to pop over and test the MX5 seats out and if it's a decent day take VUX for a spin. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Looks like a very faithful restoration and decent price for a Stateside TR6 - however, at 1.04 mins he doesn't seem to have cured the smell of petrol and/or exhaust fumes in the cabin........... Cheers, Andrew
  9. That's exactly how I saw it in the mid-80s. As I remember it was Royal Blue back then (hence it was owned by BlueBob) and it seems to be blue in Jim's photo. Cheers, Andrew
  10. Have the great birthday Roger, I'm sure Sue will attend to your every need............ Cheers, Andrew
  11. Simple things first, so don't chase the fault or pay someone to sort a simple fix for you - where's the water collecting under the car and trace it back to a source. If you've been out driving the car, then parked it up and then found a pool of water under the radiator (left side from the front) then it could be something as simple like too much water in the rad. There should only be about 1/2" of water in the radiator (expenasion) neck, anymore than this and it will overflow through overflow tube onto the ground. Welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of useful help from like minded e
  12. Neil, I remember seeing a TR6 with airbrushed artwork of George fighting the Dragon either under or on the bonnet at a local car show in the mid-80s - I think it belonged to 'bluebob' (on here) at one time as we chatted about it on the IOW weekend in May 2011 - pretty sure I've got a photo buried here somewhere? Cheers, Andrew
  13. I would suggest your friend will find a better condition later CR than a CP car for £20k. A standard spec CP will fetch about £2k more (higher in some cases) than a CR in equivalent condition. The CR is a good car and some of the differences are academic; my preference is the CP. I've had 2 CR and 2 CP TR6s over the last 35 years and for me the CR is the smoother driving car, but the CP has a relatively savage power delivery in comparison. Overdrive is a desirable option, but don't turn down a car without it as it can be retro fitted and its lack can be used to negotiate. Do your rese
  14. Congratulations Derek, all us 6'ers and no doubt many others know its well deserved and long overdue. Best regards, Andrew
  15. Yes, like this Richard- this is my 3A but I've used the same method on my TR6s, albeit it with a slightly longer piece of wood to spread the load. Cheers, Andrew
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