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    Originally joined the Register in 1984 when I owned a 1973 TR6 (OPC 310L) and another 73 TR6 (NAP 966M), then a basket case 68 TR4A (NHA 717F) and then another 68 TR4A (SUV 407F). Have recently found OPC 310L (TR6) and SUV 407F (TR4A), anyone know the whereabouts of my other TR6 (NAP 966M) and TR4A (NHA 717F)?
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    Farnham, Surrey, but West London born and bred!

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  1. Have a good birthday Tim, I'm sure Jan will spoil you. Cheers, Andrew
  2. That's about right Neil, DEFCON 5 is the least severe alert state....... Cheers, Andrew
  3. Well done Tim, just goes to show what our cars are capable of when they are well maintained. Cheers, Andrew
  4. An idea of where you are located would be useful, but most hydraulic hose suppliers will be able to make you one up if you take the unit along, these guys made up my hose set recently: https://www.spectrum-hose.co.uk/ Make sure you use ethanol proof hose such as Gate Barricade R14, you only want it rated at 200/225 psi and not the 1,000 psi hose that some usual suspects will try to sell you, this might be a useful thread: Cheers, Andrew
  5. It looks like at the bottom of a lake! Cheers, Andrew
  6. Stuart and Mark are right (I hate to say as always! ), the market demographic and prices are shrinking for sidescreen TRs. I've seen stupid prices being asked for very nice cars not selling. Equally, good club cars haven't sold either for what I consider a realistic price. My two sons (30 and 33) weren't interested in taking on 'TuRK' (my 58 3A) when I told them I was leaving it to them jointly in my will, but they did want VUX (my 72 TR6). However, my cousin (55) has always admired TuRK's lines and driving experience and had borrow it extensively including two trips the Le Mans Classic and ac
  7. I am Steve, but I'm not very good at it............. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Well done Steve, the true spirit of the TR fellowship. Oh, by the way, my grass needs cutting.......... Cheers, Andrew
  9. When will the Gov't and the news media understand they can't tell stupid people not to panic buy without starting a panic........... Cheers, Andrew
  10. Here you go: https://www.tr-register.co.uk/groups Cheers, Andrew
  11. That's the coloured Auto-Wire one I also used Stuart, thanks. Don, that's why I couldn't find the laminated version it was on your wall! Looking closer at the photo, I can see its not my garage wall so maybe I just used the photo on my laptop.... Rog, I'm ok for wiring diagrams thanks. Thanks all, Andrew
  12. When I fitted a new loom to TuRK back in 2009/10 I used the diagram below (Texas Triumph Register) in conjunction with the coloured Auto-Wire one but can't find the laminated version or the pdf in my files or online, does anyone have the pdf they can post? Cheers, Andrew
  13. Thanks for all the input folks, I'm just off to see what caused the problem. Don, It's not the first time I've taken the centre panel out for a rewire, but hopefully the last. Cheers, Andrew
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