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  1. Thank you Bob for the info. Tom, thanks very much for taking the time to take those photos, I have had a brief quick look at mine with a straight edge, no photos yet, and it looks very similar. Pictures to help a great deal with things like this, and will take some of mine, weekends are always busy in my household with the four legged. Thanks Again Guy
  2. Hi Chaps, Thank you for your kind words, and PMs. Hope you are all well. I will try and take some photos over the weekend to show what I mean, my panels do follow on from the door profile , and I can achieve a straight line with long straight edge along the very bottom edge of the wing, through on the bottom of the cill. Now we cant use photobucket, what is the usual procedure to place photos on forum. Thanking You Guy
  3. Congratulations Eli. Once they sleep through the night, usually if you lucky around 4 months life gets better, Best Wishes Guy
  4. Hi All. I have been back working on my 3A, doing a mini restoration on a few panels, and return the car to its original color,well that’s how it started, so you know the rest of the story. Anyway I am not 100 percent happy with my front wings, they have previously had the lower 12 inch lower part of the panels replaced badly and covered in filler. I have removed the filler and tried to return the panel to its proper shape, however it has still needed some filler, maybe a little more than I would have liked. Nearly pulling my hair out here. As I don’t have another Tr3a to lo
  5. All Good John All the Best Guy
  6. Peter, When your Fuel Pressure was adjusted it was set via the PRV, with the test gauge at the metering unit. So you have 105 at the Mu, meaning you will, likely have a little more at the PRV with excess sent back to tank at the PRV. cheers Guy
  7. Thanks Chaps Great job Ed, wish I was that clever Cheers Guy
  8. Hi All, My dam double choke cable thing has broken, one cable parted company. In taking the thing out I have damaged my switch plinth badly, it was one of those hard plastic ones anyway and never liked fitting it. So looking for replacement, dont want another plastic jobby. Can anyone recommend the Moss offering, the photo on there website isnt great, top of the plinth looks wobbly, reckon its the photo, but have asked them to email me an actual photo, will see if they do. Heres the link https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/switch-plinth-5-hole-vinyl-foam-811932.html Thanks
  9. VUX will never forgive you Andrew you know that don’t you .? Cheers Guy
  10. Also Make sure your pump, whichever it is has an adequate power supply and good earth. Run a new wire battery to pump via a relay and use existing wiring to control the relay. If your pumps not getting sufficient power it will have to work harder and therefore heat the fuel etc etc Cheers Guy
  11. Dont listen to Mike.......He still runs with mudflaps😀😀😀😀😀😀😀🤮
  12. Andy Car looks great!! Cheers Guy
  13. Great Thanks Roger and Stuart. All the Best Guy
  14. Hi Roger Thanks for that. From you detailed description, he hasn’t found the two screws in the footwell. Cheers Guy
  15. Hi All, A mate over here has had issues with his wiper motor in his TR 250 whilst on a recent trip to France. Hes now got a rebuilt one that he wants to fit. However hes having problems and cant work out how to remove the old one from the engine bay. It cant be difficult but he seems to think it is, hes not a spanner man but tries , bless him. Can anyone advise me on this, I havent had a look myself yet. Thanks Guy
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