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  1. StuartG

    PI injectors

    Is the "specialist tuning company" familiar with the Lucas injection system ? If they are not you could end up paying for their learning curve !
  2. I needed to get my engine rebuilt 4 years ago and the Great Missenden business quoted me £8K !!!!!! Needless to say I went elsewhere, to Enginuity in Acton who did a superb job for half that ! Have also used Protek in Wallingford who I found to be very good.
  3. Halfords do the 35A glass fuses
  4. Good point about using a test bulb rather than a multimeter...
  5. So yesterday evening I got the TR6 out of the garage to go to Chiltern TR pub meet and noticed I had no fuel gauge reading, indicators, brake lights etc. Went around with the multimeter and could find nothing obvious. So put the TR6 in the garage and took the trusty MX5 instead. This morning went back into the garage to trace the fault and found it was a faulty fuse end cap. When I checked the fuse yesterday I checked I had 12V both sides of the fuse, which I had. By pushing the multimeter probe on the end cap I had obviously reconnected the fuse momentarily fooling me into thinking th
  6. StuartG


    I had my engine rebuilt by Enginuity in Acton 3 years ago and would recommend them.
  7. StuartG

    Soft top

    I would recommend Don hoods all day long.....
  8. I have checked this out with my insurance company and they are OK with it. It is certainly valid to say that any deviation from standard spec (are any TRs still to standard spec, suspension, brakes, lights etc etc ?) Should be noted to your insurance company.
  9. They are Avon ZT7 185/65 R15 T (88) £53 each fitted via Blackcircles. I realise the speed rating is only up to 118mph but I will now be venturing towards 100 let alone 118mph
  10. So after much deliberation I decided to change my 195/65 Pirellies for smaller 185/65 Avons. The Pirellies were well past their use by date, 10 years old front 6 years old rear ! The new tyres are much easier on the arm twidling around roundabouts in particular and the car feels so much nicer to drive although no doubt a lot of that is due to the hardened old ones having lost any suppleness.
  11. My Halfords battery is still going strong at 8 years old ! Although I do trickle charge it during the colder winter months.
  12. I have driven an mx5 on Continentals and they were very good. My take on the whole thing is to buy a decent make and not worry too much about the speed rating as I am never going to do 100mph in my TR let alone 118mph
  13. Yes the static caravan stands work very well and they fit the TR chassis rails perfectly https://www.google.com/search?q=static+caravan+axle+stands&client=tablet-android-samsung-rev2&sxsrf=ALeKk03_ZL7z93dGWDd2y-DcLurP0XGzHw:1614524947694&tbm=isch&source=iu&ictx=1&fir=YWpv4-EToBZOjM%2Cm3e6H6upCuyBLM%2C_&vet=1&usg=AI4_-kRlcsB4CB_2jH0AGpF4-UTH9__c7w&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjbxvOP7ozvAhXFlFwKHVVuDhcQ9QF6BAgVEAE#imgrc=YWpv4-EToBZOjM
  14. I am also pondering new tyre choices as my tyres need replacing. Currently running 195/65 Pirellies which are very grippy but seem rather large on a TR6. Anyway as I am not about to blow a silly amount on tyres but equally don't want cheap tyres iether, I am contemplating dropping to 185 /65 or going for the Vredstien Ttrac 2 option. Just found this review of them: Vredestein T-Trac 2 is ranked #75 of 711 summer tyres based on the results of tests carried out by ADAC 2018 and other organizations. Vredestein T-Trac 2 belongs to the Premium segment. It is made in total of 18 sizes, 145
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