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  1. Sparkrite ignition with points is still available and I fitted one 2 years ago after my "reliable electronic ignition" conked out on the M40 leaving me stranded ...... Luckily I had points with me to get me going again. The Sparkrite allows you to change back to points using a switch on the unit. http://www.accuspark.co.uk/sparkrite.html
  2. So this is how the problem panned out. Took car to TR specialist who on taking the gear box out discovered that the clutch fork was already welded to the bar. They changed the clutch, thrust bearing and master cylinder, the result of which is that the car changes gear better than it ever has in the 9 years I have owned it.
  3. StuartG

    Adding a clock

    Daft question but is the wooden part of the dash held in with just the screws through the wood to the metal ?
  4. Thanks for all the advise chaps
  5. Checked thE slave cylinder this morning and have 16mm of shaft movement which I believe is correct so it is the taper pin that is the problem.
  6. StuartG


    I have justed fitted relays in the headlight supply with new cabling and fitted the Osram Nightbreakers with good results.
  7. Hi Roger I will be seeing helpful folk of TR Chilterns on Wednesday so will be picking their brains !
  8. Gearbox out is beyond my skills Roger so looks like piggy bank is about to get a hamering
  9. That looks scary. Another clue is that I can change and engage all the gears easily without the engine running. I will check on the slave etc in the morning.
  10. Thanks will check slave movement
  11. So I got the TR out of the garage today reversed out onto the road and could not select 1st 2nd or 3rd gear. Managed to finally get it into 2nd and took it for a short distance but had to return home as gears almost impossible to select. Went to check clutch fluid and noticed two blobs of clutch fluid on the TOP of the master cylinder cap. I had topped up the fluid a couple of weeks ago, is it possible to put too much in and / or could the tiny breather hole in the cap be an issue ? Any inspiration much appreciated...... PS I fitted a new master cylinder 5 years ago.
  12. Two years ago the electronic ignition failed on my TR6 on the M40 coming back from Silverstone Classic. Luckily I had a set of points, condenser etc with me. In fairness the electronic ignition had been on the car for about 8 years. Even so a set of points etc is worth carrying to get you out of trouble....
  13. StuartG

    Cold air intake

    I have an extractor manifold and there is not much space
  14. StuartG

    Cold air intake

    Looking at the lack of space between the exhaust manifold and the throttle bodies and their linkages it looks like it's going to be very difficult to get a heat shield in there. Has anyone fitted a heat shield on a Lucas injection TR6 ?
  15. StuartG

    Cold air intake

    Thanks for all the replies gentlemen. I have a k&n air filter just in front of and to side of radiator. Sounds like exhaust manifold insulation would be the way to go ?
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