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  1. I would definitely recommend Don Hoods. I fitted one of their vinyl hoods 4 years ago and not had any problems with it.
  2. Also worth checking that the enrichment lever on the metering unit is fully off when choke pushed in.
  3. StuartG

    Fuel filter

    Do you have to bleed air out of the system after changing the filter on an original Lucas pump setup ? And if so how ?
  4. My CP was manufactured in November 1971 and the ignition is on the steering column.
  5. Thanks for the replies, something for me to fit I think.
  6. Hi My car does not have the stays / strengthening rods from the inner wing to the front valance. How important are these ?
  7. I use a can of air duster to clean out the injectors when required. Remove injector from the car and squirt the air from pipe attachment side while gently pulling on the nipple !
  8. Hi When you get to changing the dash lights to LEDs don't forget the indicator dash light must not be polarity sensitive to work. I used this kit which is inexpensive and includes special led for indicator dash light. https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/triumph-tr6-warm-white-gauge-10-x-led-bulbs-upgrade-kit-glb987-e10-mes-987 I can now tell if the indicators are flashing in daylight which was impossible before ! PS I still have the reostat which is permanently on max for LEDs to work. Was also thinking of reving it to replace with a clock sometime in the future.
  9. I run my TR6 regularly throughout the winter on dry salt free days, usually about every two weeks, so never lay it up as such. Plus it loves the cold winter air !
  10. I also purchased premium vinyl from Don Hooods and very pleased with the quality. Been on the car now for 3 years.
  11. I have put fuses and relays in the headlight circuits and intend to do the fuel pump next.
  12. Hi All I have a late 1971 CP series TR6 and have always been concerned about the amount of current running through the dash for the ammeter. (I always isolate the battery when the car is not in use) Which method have any of you used to isolate the old ammeter wiring if you changed it for a voltmeter please ?
  13. The September issue of Practical Classics has an article about improving headlights ....
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