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  1. StuartG

    Tonneau (again)

    Hi I would also suggest you fit one stud at a time check its fit before marking and fitting the next one.Its a bit of a slow process but you only get one shot at positioning each one so is the safest method I found.
  2. I have one of the gator sockets and it's useless.....
  3. Hi I just wondered what peoples experience of waterless coolant is ? I am thinking about using it in my TR6
  4. StuartG

    Tyres once again

    I also have 195/65 on standard steel wheels. They certainly stick well on corners but are a bit heavy when parking.
  5. StuartG

    Tyres once again

    What tyre pressures are everyone using with the various tyre sizes ?
  6. Never had any over heating or fuel evaporation problems YET ..... so will report back when warm weather returns if it has all gone pear shaped !
  7. Hi Bruce Yes I am concerned it may have that affect . The underside of my bonnett looks like it was painted with stone chip then over painted in red The trouble is the red paint is now flaking off so it looks dreadful plus I am getting red flake deposits on the engine. I will let you know happens !
  8. Decided to go for this product: https://www.deadening.co.uk/products/silent-coat-isolator-6-large-sheet I will let you know how I get on .....
  9. Found several USA suppliers selling this https://goo.gl/images/GM4pZn but none in UK ?
  10. Thanks for the reply Stuart I will search the forum for the supplier info.
  11. I have been thinking about tidying up my engine bay in particular fitting insulation to the underside of the bonnet. Any recommendations appreciated ... Do any suppliers do pre cut sections that fit in between strengthening ribs on bonnet underside ?
  12. StuartG

    Hood replacement

    I purchased and fitted a new Don hood 2 years ago and it is very good quality.
  13. Hi all I know this has been done to death on the forum but just thought I would share my yesterday afternoon .... Speedo had stopped working so removed cable from Speedo and no movement of inner cable observed. Decided to look at Speedo angle drive (fortunately a previous owner had made (hacked) an access plate in the gearbox tunnel. The end cap and internal gears of angle drive had gone completely! So fitted new angle drive and all working again....will let you know how long it lasts ! PS I did fit the copper washer.
  14. StuartG

    MX5 Seats

    I also have a pair of MX5 seats reupolstered in black leather by Paul 4 years ago. They look like TR seats (horizontal pleats) and proved very comfortable on over 1800 miles of touring Scotland this June. As I am verticly challenged 5'7" I did make adaptors using Ali u channel and wheel spacers to raise them by 1"
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