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  1. StuartG

    Spark plugs

    I also use the NGK BUR6ET type which have been in the car for two years now (obviously remove and clean them at service time) and they seem good. Just be aware that there are fake NGK plugs of all types out there on the internet ! (See below) So use a reputable supplier..... https://www.ngkntk.com/newsroom/blog/emea/fake-or-not/
  2. I fitted an led warning light ( it's an led that works with original type flasher relay) from classiccarlighting that is very easy to see even in sunlight. Might be to bright at night though if you drive the car alot at night, which I dont.
  3. StuartG

    TR6 Seats

    I fitted MX5 seats with seperate headrests 10 years ago and they have preserved my back on many long journeys. I did have them recovered in leather to match the ribbed style of the original seats which I still have. I would agree that MX5 seats with cloth or slab leather dont look right in a TR6. However we should all have our cars as we want them !
  4. StuartG

    Soggy bottom

    Hi Bruce Thanks for that info. The car is on original type lever arms. Doing the bounce test it seems OK. However it could be that it's all getting a bit old.
  5. StuartG

    Soggy bottom

    Hi I have owned the car for 11 years and having looked through its extensive history file which goes back to 1982 I cant find any reference to new springs having been fitted. I will try and upload a pic.....
  6. StuartG

    Soggy bottom

    Hi All My TR6 seems to bottom out more than it used to over rough roads. I was wondering if the rear springs have gone soft and if so how would I check that ? Also it does seem to sit a bit low at the rear........
  7. For what it's worth I still have original Lucas pump on my TR6 which I have owned for 11 years and have only once had any problems with it after being stuck in the mother of all traffic jams on the M6 on a very warm day. Pulled into a service station filled it with nice cold fuel and it ran fine all the way home and never did it again. I now never let the fuel tank go below 1/4 full. Maybe I have just been lucky so far ?
  8. I have the same experience, starts on the button when used regularly but a bit of a bugger to start if left for several weeks. Just drive it often and enjoy it !
  9. Have you checked that the enrichment lever on the MU is working fully when the "choke" is full pulled ?
  10. Surely it has to be Marmite !
  11. StuartG

    PI injectors

    Is the "specialist tuning company" familiar with the Lucas injection system ? If they are not you could end up paying for their learning curve !
  12. I needed to get my engine rebuilt 4 years ago and the Great Missenden business quoted me £8K !!!!!! Needless to say I went elsewhere, to Enginuity in Acton who did a superb job for half that ! Have also used Protek in Wallingford who I found to be very good.
  13. Halfords do the 35A glass fuses
  14. Good point about using a test bulb rather than a multimeter...
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