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  1. I run my TR6 with oil half way between bottom and top mark on dipstick
  2. As per reply above this would come under distance selling regulations
  3. Have you looked at the bettercarlighting website ?
  4. I used to have points replacement type fitted inside distributor until it failed on the off ramp of M40 on me 2 years ago ! Since replaced with original points which work fine although I have fitted the old fashioned Sparkrite electronic ignition that retains the points. I went down that route as went to Scotland last year and old tech. In middle of Scotland east to fix ! Having said all that I did fit Lumention to my previous Fiat X1/9 which ran perfectly for 8 years. Main reason for fitting to that car was that it was a bugger to get at the distributor so checking or changing points was not the piece of cake it is on a TR6
  5. I agree don't go below 25% tank in fact I keep it at a minimum of 40% of fuel which I know means you are always dragging that weight around but it works for my TR6 even in very hot weather ( like last summer) and I run a Lucas pump !
  6. StuartG

    Tonneau (again)

    Hi I would also suggest you fit one stud at a time check its fit before marking and fitting the next one.Its a bit of a slow process but you only get one shot at positioning each one so is the safest method I found.
  7. I have one of the gator sockets and it's useless.....
  8. Hi I just wondered what peoples experience of waterless coolant is ? I am thinking about using it in my TR6
  9. StuartG

    Tyres once again

    I also have 195/65 on standard steel wheels. They certainly stick well on corners but are a bit heavy when parking.
  10. StuartG

    Tyres once again

    What tyre pressures are everyone using with the various tyre sizes ?
  11. Never had any over heating or fuel evaporation problems YET ..... so will report back when warm weather returns if it has all gone pear shaped !
  12. Hi Bruce Yes I am concerned it may have that affect . The underside of my bonnett looks like it was painted with stone chip then over painted in red The trouble is the red paint is now flaking off so it looks dreadful plus I am getting red flake deposits on the engine. I will let you know happens !
  13. Decided to go for this product: https://www.deadening.co.uk/products/silent-coat-isolator-6-large-sheet I will let you know how I get on .....
  14. Found several USA suppliers selling this https://goo.gl/images/GM4pZn but none in UK ?
  15. Thanks for the reply Stuart I will search the forum for the supplier info.
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