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  1. Out on the track as part of the Classic media launch!
  2. Off to the Spa Classic next Wednesday, latest advice is, as we are still part of the EU, no Green Card required, no International Driving License required and EHIC card still good to go Cheers
  3. Stoneguard Club off to Lincoln this weekend, fine dining already sorted and a visit to the Dambusters Inn for friday lunch, happy days Cheers
  4. Or could it be more scary, full on heated bathroom radiator installation or multi washing line
  5. Will head for the cellar to select a few of my finest my Lord, ah well we have been practising the bow and scrape heaps to get it right for you, see you soon Guy
  6. Ah the Stone Guard Club will be there with fine wine and dining options in the noisy area next to the Derbyshire Dales crew Even managed to coax Mr Bling (mike 3739) out of camping retirement , we may even be blessed with a visit from Sparky Brum Looking forward to catching up chaps!! Cheers
  7. GreenhillTR6

    new on here

    Welcome Paul, I think your nearest TR Group is Birmingham. Lots of helpful chaps there!! A Malvern visit is a good call, get lots of info, advice and inspiration there. Enjoy
  8. New hood fitted, looking a lot smarter now!

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    2. mike3739


      I think it was NOS, is that right Andy?

    3. Jersey Royal

      Jersey Royal

      Yeah Andy we need proof.!!

    4. Andrew Smith

      Andrew Smith

      NOS? Did someone say NOS...........?

  9. Nice one Daz Today I will be mainly bedding my new pads in on the 4 pots, the old up to 10 mph and stop, 20 mph and stop, 30 mph and stop, well you know Also admiring my very bright new Bi-Xenons upgrade now in place (I could actually see where I was going in the country lanes from Warwick to my place last night!!), handbrake improvers fitted so I now have a half decent handbrake, nice shiny new door handles now on, new front Gaz shocks are in.... starting off with 20 clicks and see how she goes But to top it all had a phone call from Don Trimming inviting me to take up a cancellation spot on Monday the 9th March rather than wait until my booked in slot of May 27th ... major result, eat your heart out Sparky Brum, I have somehow managed to leapfrog you! Happy days Cheers
  10. OE NOS cup holders essential, also allow for feed from new loom for LED interior lighting (colours optional of course) Cheers
  11. Done! Very happy with the results................
  12. Here you go! Mr Bishop did these for me, very happy!
  13. GreenhillTR6

    Spa 6H

    Chris Good luck, we will pop in and see you guys at PIT 43-45! We have 4 6's, 1 5 and a 3 in our party! John, if Scotland leave the UK, we will still have the United Kingdom of England, Wales and Northern Ireland! See you at Spa! Cheers
  14. Looking great Andrew, just some NOS mudflaps to fit and jobs a good un Cheers
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