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  1. Hi Double checked First size bore .860" piston is .847" dia Second step down bore is .812" piston is .807" dia This is from an original 1975 master cylinder other years may be different ?? Regards Richard
  2. Hi Just checked a an orginal 1975 brake master cylinder. Not sure of the servo inner dia. Approx 6' 225" Master cylinder First bore is .860" 55/64" then steps down to .847" 13/16" Regards Richard
  3. Hi It may give you extra clearance to fit longer studs when assembled to car. Richard
  4. Hello My brother is building a mk1 group4 rally car he was told that the prop from gearbox to diff should not be completely In line as this can cause vibration but should be staggered, may be different with a fixed diff like TR Richard
  5. Hi Yes Tr6, tend to be on the US spec cars, seal can be got from Moss. Richard
  6. Hi By breathing across the probe does it measure your own co2 which should be about 3.5 to 4% , you would know if it's in the basic ballpark I've used an old patient monitor before to get a basic reading. Richard
  7. Hello I've had the same problem ended up only fitting drivers side,I think the rubber is not stiff enough if revington do a better Part may source from them. Richard
  8. reginald

    Broken down ,

    Hello and apologies from a register member for not stopping to help, I was driving along the military road in the family car when the family shouted out tr6 and I was just happy to see one and reconised your car from the forum, had not realised you had broken down or would have stopped. Hope got home and sorted ok Apologies again Richard
  9. Tr6 Needles car park on Saturday and I think Pinky in his Tr6 on the Milatary Rd today. Richard
  10. Hello On the latest arms the ribs for the shock mounts are larger strengthening the shock mounting point. Richard
  11. Hi I think Craig Aldersons wheels are 7" rims as I was looking at his car at one of the nationals a few years ago when I was looking for new wheels which have a deeper rim dish. Richard
  12. Hi, I fitted a new steel carrier(unknown manufacture from a trade stall at stoneleigh) which had a smaller bore than the original worked fine on the bench but in use was very stiff so I Brought a bronze carrier and it was still binding on the shaft giving a hard clutch I got my brother to cylindrical grind it out to the standard steel size as the bore was smaller and it has since work fine, it appeares to me that bore to shaft clearance is quite critical to getting a smooth working clutch. Which ever carrier material is used Richard
  13. Hi I had the same issue a few years back and discoverd it was the piston but mine was too short compared to the original so gave long pedal travel and bleeding issues so I compared it to the original what the clearance should be And reset the servo push rod to suit and it worked fine. The clearance I gather is there so the piston can return fully with no interferance, so within reason As long as there is the correct clearance it will be fine, I don t think the manufacturers relise the importance of the piston lengh/depth in the TR6 aplication. Regards Richard
  14. Ps I do have the figures some where at home of how far it was running out, see if I can find them. Richard
  15. Hi I brought a damper from moss last year it was well out of balance and did not run true,my brother has a specialist cylindrical grinding business he ground the out sides true to the bore, plus had to grind high spots from the vee which would have grabbed the belt.they appear to be very roughly machined tolerance wise,no trueing up when machining different parts of the damper eg. Turning around in lath chuck. After grinding it ran true allover within a thou, it was then balanced. It got rid of a vibration that ran through the car before and is know good. I was lucky to be able to sort it at
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