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  1. reginald

    Servo ..Pushrod clearance

    Hi I had the same issue a few years back and discoverd it was the piston but mine was too short compared to the original so gave long pedal travel and bleeding issues so I compared it to the original what the clearance should be And reset the servo push rod to suit and it worked fine. The clearance I gather is there so the piston can return fully with no interferance, so within reason As long as there is the correct clearance it will be fine, I don t think the manufacturers relise the importance of the piston lengh/depth in the TR6 aplication. Regards Richard
  2. reginald

    Triumph Crank Damper Pulley Survey

    Ps I do have the figures some where at home of how far it was running out, see if I can find them. Richard
  3. reginald

    Triumph Crank Damper Pulley Survey

    Hi I brought a damper from moss last year it was well out of balance and did not run true,my brother has a specialist cylindrical grinding business he ground the out sides true to the bore, plus had to grind high spots from the vee which would have grabbed the belt.they appear to be very roughly machined tolerance wise,no trueing up when machining different parts of the damper eg. Turning around in lath chuck. After grinding it ran true allover within a thou, it was then balanced. It got rid of a vibration that ran through the car before and is know good. I was lucky to be able to sort it at no cost to me. A little bit more care in machining and it would be a good damper. Richard
  4. He has a youtube channel showing his find watched last night only shiws the six in the background more interested in cobra good watch. Cheers Richard
  5. Hi Not sure if they've changed the design but these pipes did'nt have flared ends or a ridge formed around the end same as on rad so when the jubilee clip is tightened there is a ridge to stop it blowing of under pressure' I soldered a ridge around mine. Richard
  6. reginald


    Early AM V8s do with R & L stamped on the nuts. Richard
  7. reginald

    What is this warning light?

    Hello With it looking like it's a green light could it be an extra indicator light that a previous owner has install they not the most visible of lights Richard
  8. reginald

    Wheel Alignment

    Hi I used one not long ago,i did each wheel individuely.I drove farward on flat service so as the stearing wheel was in the correct position.I used a maker to make sure the wheel stayed in the same position,I drove over the gauge and it gave me a figure for that wheel, then did the same on the other side keeping the steering wheel in the same position, I did this several times to make sure of consistancy,I then ajust each track rod to make sure that wheel ran at the correct degrees,each wheel would be half the total toe, which I found in another thread on tracking which converted from inchs to degrees. I found very easy to use and it did show up the differances of toe between each wheel and the steering wheel Cheers Richard
  9. reginald

    Phos bronze clutch release bearing carrier

    Hi I brought one from moss couple years back after having trouble with a new steel one dragging making heavy clutch. The bronze one from moss had a smaller internal dia than the original one so I had it machined out and polished (had access to facilities so didn't both returning it) now works fine Regards Richard
  10. reginald

    Spin on oil filter adaptor problems

    Hello If you google fitting a tr6 spin on filter it comes up with the issues fitting these on the tr reg. Forum Cheers Richard
  11. reginald

    Engine noise after head off and new rings

    Hi I had the same self inflicked problem a couple of years ago I had driven the car for about twenty odd miles when there was a banging sound which sounded like something banging on the exhaust, looking through the plug holes I could see bits of metal in the bores, on stripping of the head found pieces of a spring washer, had got into combustion chamber, the bits looked identical to what you have found and as Pete has mentioned it had compressed the piston ring gaps jamming the rings, lucky no bore damage but had to replace the piston, mine runs on SUs,the washer was from the filters, I had heard the washer drop but thought onto the road!!! I would recommend checking the piston. Regards Richard Ps I try and put some photos up
  12. reginald

    Steering rack

    Hi I think the length of the control arms are different, they are longer on a Herald. Richard
  13. reginald

    Safety wiring wheel knockoff

    hi Don Peter Yes the wheel nuts for the ally wheels x 5 Regards Richard
  14. reginald

    Safety wiring wheel knockoff

    My brothers got a 73 Aston V8 injection and that has left hand threaded wheel nuts on one side and right on the other took a bit of head scratching at first thought just very tight then noticed a `L` stamped on them. regards Richard
  15. Hi I`ve prchased a Carrelli carpet £64 Pounds just wanted a cheap carpet to tidy the car interia,I was very inpressed with the quality for the price aspecialy compared to the carpet removed which I purchased 23 years ago,pile density is good and when folding back to give the grin test it showed a good tight weave, and the carpet edging is well sawn to the carpet. well happy for the price regards Richard

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