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  1. shifter is in same position. thanks for the help
  2. Thanks very much for all the replies. I believe that will set me on my way. Regarding the request for more info....I purchased a complete Tr6 engine with stage 3 head etc and triple webers with a Toyota gearbox attached. I am unsure at this stage of my rebuild whether to revert to the triumph OD box or stick with the Toyota one.
  3. Has anyone experience of fitting a Toyota Supra gearbox to TR6.... particularly where to source propshaft adaptation? Thanks Mike
  4. I think I will explore cutting off the thread, drilling and tapping into the hanging stud and inserting and loc citing a new threaded 3/8 threaded section into that. Thanks for all your responses
  5. thanks all for your comments.....I guess that if I look for positives....the chassis and body are currently separate so it does make any remedy a bit easier.
  6. thanks Roger.... I am still smouldering having made this stupid error
  7. thanks I had wondered about this possible solution
  8. One of the studs that support my differential will not take the required bolt torque. ..probably because I damaged the thread whilst cleaning it ! (Yes idiot does come to mind!!) Is there a remedy for this apart from cutting out the stud and welding a new one back in? Thanks in anticipation
  9. I am mounting the diff back on to the chassis of my car using a Rimmers Poly kit. The rear mounting kit came with 4 washers....two to suit the 3/8" stud and another two which clear stud. The front mounting kit comes with 4 washers, each to suit the 3/8" stud. The old fittings I took off the car only required a total of 4 washers to suit the 3/8" studs. I have asked Rimmers what the other washers are for and they could not provide me with a convincing answer! Can anyone else who has done this advise please. Also what torque should I apply to the 3/8" nuts? Many thank
  10. I am also interested in electric powered steering for my TR6. I understand that a Corsa B or C system works, but I have also heard that the MGF system works and can take impulses off the speedo cable. I would be interested to hear if anyone has undertaken this conversion, or any feedback in the subject. I have read elsewhere about people asking why anyone would want to do this.......well that is a separate issue!
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