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  1. Hi Folks. I have a 74 Tr6 with a J type overdrive which works on 2nd gear as well as 3rd+4th would anybody be able to tell me why this is so, I thought it was only the A type which worked on 2nd gear. Thanks Michael
  2. Hi John. Just replaced my matrix, I removed the front seats and H frame to do it no need to remove dash. Good luck Michael
  3. Hi, Try this company not cheap but very good. A.C.F. Howell Address:Croft Street Walsall West Midlands WS2 8JR Contact:Adam Howell Telephone:01922 649 992 Michael
  4. Thanks everyone for your response. Michael
  5. Hi Folks, looking at changing my water pump has any body fitted one of these, not cheap but looking long term. Racetorations Lightweight Water Pump and Pulley, Billet 6 Cylinder code:COL311 From £220.00 ( £264.00 inc. VAT Thanks Michael
  6. Thanks for your input and advice. Michael
  7. Hi Folks, Does any body have a new or s/h speedo pointer for a Tr6 cr model they would like to sell me, they seem very difficult to find I have tried the usual triumph sources and no luck, pm me if you have one please. Michael
  8. Hi Steve, I would definitely connect the fast idle cam, when I bought my car it was not connected and was a pig to start and keep running, once reconnected it is a different car. Michael
  9. Hi Michael. When I fitted new door cards I put the old one side by side to the new one, noted the position of each clip as I swapped from one door card to the other and bending clips as req. Good luck Michael
  10. Hi Dave, They are fast road pads purchased from Cambridge Motor sport. Michael
  11. Hi Folks, Just fitted Hawk front disc pads to my 6, I cannot believe the difference they have made they have totally transformed my brakes, not cheap at £89 but the best £89 I have spent on my car and cheaper than £1500 for 4 pot callipers. Regards Michael
  12. Hi, Replaced my old hubs recently with Quaife units fit and forget. Michael
  13. Many thanks for your replies. Michael
  14. Hi Folks, I'am looking for a good quality Flying jacket, can anybody recommend a good make and supplier please. Thanks Michael
  15. Hi Folks, My speedometer is starting to play up stops working then starts again, does anybody know where I can get it reconed or which place is best to get an exchange unit. Thanks Michael
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