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  1. They posted accounts in Dec 2019 so it may just be they aren't open. They only show one contact and he's mid 70s in age so could be a number of reasons response and information difficult to get, I should be patient and try them again in near future or buy elsewhere if you can't wait. Mick Richards.
  2. I don't think we are ignoring you, just no info to give. Mick Richards
  3. Thanks for that Iain. Mick Richards
  4. Derek, “Kinnock, Jones and Ali as ministers “ They aren’t ( thank God). Mick Richards
  5. I think the alternative views are just as important Ian, it helps the rounded argument which allows all of us to make a decision based upon likely outcome. Taking an intake of VitD3 which is of the same order as that recommended by the US which has the reputation of being the most litigious country in the world, and lawyers prowl health clinics looking for prey is not in my view going to be very risky. Otherwise they wouldn't go anywhere near these figures and is a likely reason why they have reduced their recommendation down to 4,000iu as against the 40,000iu at which they have completed tests and found no observable side effects. Mick Richards
  6. "When it’s scrapped together by NICE who’s appointed team for Vit D3 are expecting robust well designed trial data they can only assess based on as you rightly sat the NICE Protocol, which not surprisingly comes out with the conclusions it does, based on the Clinical data it has been presented with to evaluate. " I think you mean "scraped" together by NICE Ian ? It underlines what the Proff and others here have said, we do understand that the processes NICE and PHE use are based upon well documented medical RCT trials before a decision can be made upon the efficacy of VitD3 in it's place as a defence to COVID and it's boosting of the immune system...but as of yet they don't exist. That's why I and others have taken the decision to take VitD3 supplementation, on the basis of the US recommendation of 4000iu per day which is in itself a reflection that at trials of 40,000iu per day there were no observable side effects, so the reduced by a factor of 10 US recommendation would be a suitable dose unlikely to cause harm. Hopefully sometimes in the future the documented RCT testing and design driven by the regulatory process and including the EMEA or MHRA or FDA main agencies will be satisfied one way or the other that VitD3 is either a benefit...or not taken at these larger doses. Until then the balanced risk of a larger dose of VitD3 seems to be a decision many can make ignorant as we are of the benefits or pitfalls we may fall into by taking them whilst better science is established and proved. Mick Richards
  7. Well you think wrong Duncan, "at the insistence of Air Vice Marshal Hugh Dowding, from late 1939 there were early photo-reconnaissance Spitfires of "No 2 Camouflage Unit" operating from Seclin in France, gathering photo-intelligence of German defences and cities.[16][nb 1] " As posted on my previous post. Mick Richards
  8. Whilst ...if we continue to use analogy and visionary imagination,... With regard to Coronavirus the human race are in the position of having jumped off the top of St Mark's already and are hurtling towards the ground. Rapidly approaching and gently descending is a freely released parachute made up of increased Vit D3 daily consumption (let's say 4000iu per day as recommended by the US). If we snatch the parachute and attach to ourselves it will have the affect of enhancing our immune systems (proven) and with various other health benefits (proven) it may even be found that the increased efficiency of our immune systems may ameliorate any Coronavirus affects if caught allowing a gentle landing whilst science perseveres with experimenting for a cure. We would experience only a very small chance that the Vit D3 parachute may not be strong enough and tear allowing damage to be actioned upon ourselves. In the meantime NICE and PHE still offer the parachute which opens upon impact ! Mick Richards
  9. Not so for quite some years now. As quoted in the current "Blue Book" 14.1.3.Steering Wheels. The types least likely to inflict injuries due to breakage should be selected. Uncovered wooden rims should be avoided. As long as the wheel is a continuous metal rim I believe it is accepted even if coated or laminated within wood, I believe the older wooden rims were just that without incorporating a metal rim within and too easily deformed and broken in a crash. Mick Richards
  10. The Aldi or Lidl smart chargers are great value. Normally cost about £12.99 (they compete) and if you check the label on them (mine anyway) are made by Medion a well known electrical producer who make quite reasonable electrical gear and they have a 3 year warranty. They are on sale periodically and I keep a couple spare, one in caravan one in car etc as well as those in daily use keeping the classics charged. Mick Richards PS: get a Halfords Trade card, you get 20% or more off various car orientated "if it goes or slows" electrical parts, batteries, bulbs additives (Wynns diesel EGR cleaner) etc. Well worth it.
  11. The Triplex has a flame hardened surface which when fractured “ frosts” becoming almost opaque and cannot be-seen through. If it breaks or disintegrates ( almost certain ) when being replaced the screen becomes small individual “pixel” like components, about 3 mm dimensions and get into any nook and cranny, not unusual to find in heater outlets from prior replacements.It’s advantage is very little wearing or degrading in use, a 20 year old screen is undetectable from A new one. The laminated of course Has a thin plastic like membrane between two layers of glass in the screen. If damaged in use and broken by impact it will star from the impact point but still remain viewable in use. If broken with 150 miles to go to destination you stand a good chance you could continue safely to venue and replace when there. Sometimes they can suffer with misting or delamination on an outside edge not normally enough for an MOT fail though. When being removed the screen normally hangs together ( the middle membrane will be intact) but resembling a limp lettuce, meaning very few small diamond shape pieces of glass to hoover up or get into heater vents. Years ago there were arguments they were less safe than a toughened Triplex screen, the cracked larger pieces being dangerous if your head was thrown into or through it ( really). Whereas the Triplex toughened glass just shreds your skin like forks pulling off pork ! We’ve all seen horror photos of the results of that. These days any occupant sensibly restrained by good safety belts and sound in car Safety would not have either of these problems. Laminated screen my choice every time. Mick Richards
  12. Patrick, I soon found out that SU support was lacking back in 1986. I was buying SU parts from our local Burlen agent Who laughed at me when I asked if they had a flow bench. However to get me out of his hair, he did me a service by recommending Peter Burgess near Alfreton of J 28 on the M1 . Peter is in my opinion one of the top SU tuners in the UK... and maybe beyond. Enough of the TR specialists have since used and continue to use Peter To convince me I wasn’t mistaken. These days he has a state of the art rolling road and a dynamometer now being installed in a cell, and is often busy with cylinder head work not only for the TR specialists but also Moss. The guy is straightforward and honest... sometimes painfully so, if there is something wrong with your setup he will find it and advise in an unvarnished fashion. When I raced Peter developed my heads which I used to my benefit, 6 X TR Championship wins, 3 with a TR4 ( on SUs) and 3 with TR7 V8, he’s adept at all heads and develops them on his own flowbench. He is a large supplier to the MG crowd also and you often see genuine other exotica on his rolling road. Other than as a highly delighted customer I have no connection with Peter. I’m afraid you’ve not given the information on your profile for me to tell where in the country you are ( just the county would do) so whether you could try him conveniently I can’t tell. Mick Richards.
  13. Ian, That’s the definition of a a “sucker bet,” or to paraphrase Runyon, “ One day a man will offer you a bet that a Tapping the Jack of Diamonds in the card deck will see the Jack sit up and squirt Cider in your ear”. Do not take this bet or you will end up with an ear full of cider”. ! Peter and his family “ have got skin in this game” a powerful interest?, Maybe a different view from “experts” who don’t Want to be the one to exclaim, “ The King isn’t wearing any clothes” ! Mick Richards
  14. That’s disgraceful, they are recommending a CLAW hammer, we all know it should be a ball pein hammer ! Mick Richards
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