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  1. "Has anyone experienced anything similar with our 4 pots here, and does anyone take this into consideration when degreeing the cam? " No, but given if it's a road going car any erosion of performance is not noticeable, and I would never set up a cam initially incorrectly in the hope that in a couple of thousand miles it's compromised cam timing is changed by a chain stretch back to it's correct setting. Set it to the degrees it's supposed to be and check it in a couple of thousand miles if you worry about it, the camshaft timing is easily readjusted in car with the timing cover removed to whatever you desire. Mick Richards
  2. ^ +1 I've tried pedalling that "anti roll bars doesn't necessarily give better handling" to the forum members for a while now. Kas and I are in total agreement regarding "flat is not fast" to the extent that the race TR7 V8 in my signature didn't have any anti roll bars ,...at either end, just corrected and remodified suspension, surprised Jeremy Walton the motoring journalist. Oh and if anybody has a car that corners like it's on rails...you are not driving fast enough. Pass me my scarf, it will compliment your hat and coat. Mick Richards
  3. I was picking up on the posting about the other TR6 having it’s tyres blown up so it didn’t sit on the rolling road frame. As Waldi says it’s not unusual for an unscrupulous rolling road to blow tyres up to 40 lbs for better hp figures, so always scrutinise the dyno printout to check. So allowing a 10 hp downgrade when done would be generous, I’d expect less than 5 benefit. Mick Richards
  4. Over inflated tyres allowance ? Mick Richards
  5. I don’t, why would you ? Is that what ORS and other specialist recommend ? Mick Richards
  6. + 1 for driving the Rover on Torque, I used 6000 revs on the 3.9 litre and didn't get much return over that. Mick Richards
  7. ^ + 1 Engenuity have a good name. Mick Richards
  8. Thanks for the info Graham, perhaps you could let us know which Dyno firm it is and where the HP and torque curves cross ( you may not be able to do that until you get the dyno traces). Mick Richards
  9. More importantly which dyno was it ? did they pump up the tyres to 40 lb, ? and what were the revs showing when the HP and torque lines crossed. ? Mick Richards
  10. Hi Tim, You have TR4a front arms on the rear deck ( where the come forward and weld to the B posts. These are thinner than the backlight which was designed for the TR4, the backlight fits all 4/4a/5/6 models but because they have different type hood frames, with attached front hood capping, the frames need more space to fold down. This means the second stud back on each side back from the b post position on the backlight, needs removing ( there is no hole in the rear deck forward arms for it to fit through). Well known original fitting mod. The backlight will then fit on the rear deck fine on the existing holes and studs. Mick Richards
  11. Very nice race Christian, have you changed the set up much from Brands Hatch ? Mick Richards
  12. Cam follower seized in bore or rocker has jumped the pushrod cup and caught on the edge causing excessive depression onto camshaft. Check the cup edge for bruising and try it on the rocker ball for fit. Mick Richardsu
  13. Progress then... suspend any further pondering until cam followers AND camshaft removed and compared for unusual wear marks. Then if replaced as a pair all bases are covered, if not then reopen discussion. Mick Richards
  14. Enough already ! Nobodies asked the number 1 important question...why are you changing them ? Have you had misfiring of the engine ? ( sticking follower). Have you pulled and inspected them and found damage ? ( signs they do not turn, or mushrooming on the surface)...owners don’t just decide to swap followers like a fashion accessory...do they ? There is NO chance I would fit new followers without having pulled the camshaft and inspected ALL can lobes intently checking for damage... have you done this ? There is no advantage in swapping the followers unless one of the above ( or other non specified) faults exist. There is 3/5ths of bugger all in performance advantage just fitting the highest spec and most costly cam followers, so why do it ? The points made above by 3 or more other posters are well made. Any subsequent trouble with cam followers/ camshaft after fitment and each supplying firm will claim...”it’s not our part... we’ve sold thousands... never had that problem before, and both will refuse a joint meeting where all can discuss what’s too be done... and more importantly - who pays ? ALWAYS buy complimentary components that HAVE to work together from the same single source, and ask what lubricant they suggest when fitting , and if they sell it... buy it. I’ve built over 20 of these engines, race and road specs, and NEVER had any problems with camshaft or followers and used at least 4 different camshaft/ follower suppliers ( engine owners specified). Mick Richards
  15. And they say that the 83mm piston and SUs can’t be made to give reasonable figures. Well done. Mick Richards
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