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  1. Hi Michael, It may have been used on TR2 or 3 but with disc brakes on the front which is where most work is done and the weight transfer from back to front under braking a more effective rear brake is not normally found to contribute much in my opinion, leading to rear wheel lock up. I have used a Tilton brake valve and increased the the rear wheel cylinders allowing the balance between front and rear braking to be varied which I found useful in the wet where I would apportion more effort to the rear to reduce front brake lock up. I've also completed a number of laps when a split oil seal
  2. Yer see the trouble with “ my little pony” censorship suites is they are a load of b o l l o c k s when they are faced with double space spelling...not a lot of people know that. Mick Richards
  3. You need a true deterrent, fit a Disklok. Disklok.webp The steel cover stops access to the complete steering wheel rim whilst not allowing anybody to grip to turn it, if it is combined with a steering lock after the wheels are turned obliquely it won't allow any turning of it ...at all. If you loose you keys you can attack the cover and locking pin with angle grinders and cutting discs and you may get it off when combined with a 3 foot wrecking bar wielded by a gorilla and a side portion of ..."come off you b*****d ". They've won awards for about the last 12 years, it gets quite bori
  4. Good deduction Alan +1 Mick Richards
  5. Rob, Here in the Midlands I would search Google for Automotive Leaf Spring refurbishment ( I checked and there are many in Sussex) and get a quote for a replacement leaf to be added, costs are normally reasonable but I think the idea of adding a new leaf to a used spring will upset the poundages applied, the used spring gaining too much stiffness from a new leaf. If you can find a local refurbishment company and drop off both springs they will normally repair the breoken item with a replacement leaf and resetting of the leaves (I think they will reheat to regain torsion) and reset to
  6. 1 kg fire extinguisher... suitable for a 1 match fire. I think 2 kg is barely capable, you don’t get many seconds of discharge in that ! Mick Richards
  7. Hmmm, you might find there’s a material change now in the handling. I can well understand trying to limit the anti roll bar being forced across the car through the alloy blocks but having a clamped collar against those blocks, will change the dynamic from it’s original state, and I think the handling by stiffening the effort of the wishbones ( trying to push the bar against the clamps) through their operating range...I suspect. Try it and see. Mick Richards
  8. If it's a race cam it doesn't know whether it's on a track or a public road, however it does know what revs it's designed to work at, and that will likely be at least 1000-1500 revs more across the gearbox. That means it's likely to be horrible on the roads, either flat on certain revs with much less torque or "hunting" seeking more revs all these are normally helped by using at least 1 gear less in use but bombarding your ears with the increased revs forced to be used, ...the missus will hate it. I would buy a new camshaft from a trusted supplier of the sort you wish to use, if you go f
  9. Yeah, the IRS chassis cars unless on an absolutely perfect chassis do tend to open up on the door openings when lifted, doesn't look that excessive though. Mick Richards
  10. "t.I think t is called draw filing." It is, as you say the file is layed on across the workpiece and you draw the file towards you and then push it away from you, very useful for fairly narrow plate maybe 1/4" or slightly more where you'll find it easier to control the angle of the file and keep it at 90 deg to the material for a flat surface, it being easier to control both ends of the file and keep it level. It's sometimes used with a drop of oil on the file where the oil lubricates and minimises the cutting action of the file and "burnishes" off the material polishing the surface on t
  11. Err...but it's if the car is illegal when you are caught on the road ? doesn't matter whether you fool a brain dead tester for a bit of paper that gives it a pass or consider it legal yourself because you believe to be ok...if it's illegal when checked they will book you. Exactly the same as it has always been. Mick Richards
  12. Condensate, every start renews the heat and another cycle. If you want to redistribute oil around the engine, plugs out, distributor disconnect, and turn over on battery until decent oil pressure tells you it’s around the engine. Mick Richards
  13. Stuart’s the man to advise on this, he has fitted more Surrey backlights than any 10 members. From memory he says the Moss seal is bang on, despite it looking long . Mick Richards
  14. Quite agree Ian, our toolmaker Miller "master" started us off by selecting a 2" dia drill and attacking it on a grinder on it's central web and destroying the cutting edges. Then he gave it back to us and demanded it be represented with in 10 mins reground and tested on a large pillar drill where he expected it to cut a hole within 5 thou of it's cutting flange diameter (checking the eyeballing of the cutting edge lengths). As we progressed in a couple of weeks we reground drills of ever smaller dia until a 1/64th dia was reached when we realised that even young eyes meant a calculated 1 touch
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