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  1. PI fuel pump released from the boot and used under bonnet ? Mick Richards edit: Oops, phone updated and Kevo beat me to it.
  2. Not much different, annual oil/filter/antifreeze change and then drive it,... as many miles as you can. Mick Richards
  3. It's all part of a "musical chair" charade. The registration of cars is only partly to do with keeping the publics confidence up in companies making them. The huge vehicle plants have to work on very high production levels to maintain their efficiencies, and I mean high, they talk of over 80% production levels just to break even. Any reduction of more than a couple of % immediately stresses the finely tuned "money in-money out" flows and cause their financial flow arrangements to go into crisis. A plant which shuts or is wound down laying off or sacking employees has the tiger by the tail
  4. Thanks for letting us know Pinky, I know you've been very good contributing yours and Tors time and necessary pantry comforts to many TR groups and members over the years. On behalf all of us thankyou to you and Tors for the hospitality in the past, and best wishes to you both for the future. Mick Richards
  5. Looking good Paul, pretty good match between the Surrey Top material and the Red on the backlight. Mick Richards
  6. As we all know Roger ... "Billie Joe MacAllister jumped off the Tallahatchie Bridge"...allegedly. Mick Richards
  7. +1 It will have a higher ply rating for load carrying. Mick Richards
  8. Richard, Further detail on your questioned area. Seats cut at three angle, ??....., = The valve seats are cut using 3 angles changing their shape more towards a “funnel” when viewed in section. This allows a free flowing air and fuel mix to enter the chamber = more power combustion chambers and valve throats modified. ??........ = The combustion chambers which the valves are set in vary from the factory, the chambers will be cut ( sometimes larger) and equalised so each cylinder contributes the same volume and power to the car. The valve throats ( the area immediately
  9. Damn...You can work on my car anytime Bob. Mick Richards
  10. Just beware of flooding any critical fasteners with Loctite, it does a fine job of spreading and lubeing the threads and reducing stiction itself ! I only ever use a "match head" sized dot on the threads which you'd rather remain fixed together. Mick Richards
  11. Answered in reverse order 4) That's easy, don't rebuild your engine until you need it, maybe at most 4 months previous. Although components will have assembley lube on them even the best lube flattens and drapes off engine parts especially in summertime. Why take the chance, build and then use, especially if new camshafts and cam followers are used, it needs running at over 2000 revs (engine loaded, not ticking over in the garage) to help prevent the high pressure surfaces galling (gouging and marking). 3) If you are happy with Loctite on the core plugs that's fine, I use Araldi
  12. The piston rings will do an “OK” job of preventing the pistons going DONK onto the cylinder head. ( if they don’t that’s a good time to decide to change your piston rings). You’ll have to press the pistons down the bores for clearance. Also as I remember from Technicalities the crank is removable with the front plate in place and doesn’t need removing. Otherwise it really does get a bit tedious when you are at the side of the road replacing a broken crankshaft from underneath which is the section it’s in. Mick Richards
  13. He was the man that blazed the trail and Triumphs success in competition was promoted by himself. I never met him but conversed a couple of times and received his very direct views, RIP Kas. Mick Richards
  14. Any number of permutations, ...no need to guess “ what ifs”, drop the subframe and sump and give it a Mk 1 eyeball to ascertain what’s going on. Take it from there. Mick Richards
  15. That looks a spanking effort Alan, I hope we get to see it in the flesh this year. Mick Richards
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