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  1. Tapped and then a Cheese head screw with sealer on into the hole ? That will stand the pressure if the hole makes it to inside. Mick Richards
  2. Adrian, To make your search for info easier you’ll find all your questions answered by using the search facility for Maxpeeding rods on the Tr3 forum. The threads there will produce information This includes Lube for the rods Torquing the rods The reasoning for the Maxpeeding rods not having a little end oiling drilling through the rod eg… “One thing about the Maxpeeding rods is that unlike the original ST rods they have no oil feed to the small end, or the liners. I guess they rely on splash lubrication from the oil emerging from the big end being thrown upwa
  3. From memory, I think the earlier A series overdrives with big “ jam pot” piston comes in with such a bang that fitment to “later cars” ( TR4a onwards) leads to various failures at the rear, diff mounts etc. To avoid this they then replaced the big boy piston with 2 smaller pistons which sssslllluuurrr into engagement rather than the snap of the earlier engagement. If I’m wrong correction from others will follow shortly. Mick Richards
  4. There are 4 contact points between the amco rack and the body, 2 x at the hinges which transfers the load into the boot lid and rear deck via the hinges. The other contacts are via the vertical rear boot lid section x 2 ( these need to be with solid shank close fitting bolts to transfer the load). I used to have 2 x suitcases weighing around 30 KG the pair ! back in the 80s transported thus with no drama. At 40 lbs divided by the 4 contact points makes 10 lbs per point… or about 4 bags of sugar each point. I should think it’s fine. Mick Richards
  5. +1 The soaked felt needs ramrodding in so the Wellseal compresses out of the felt and forces between the rear block bearing cap and the sides of the block. The gap there is machined and only a couple of thou clearance, so it needs a very thin sealing agent…step forward Wellseal. Mick Richards
  6. These Maxpeeding rods have ARP Bolts fitted which should be fitted using their own lube. The bolts need stretching a required amount, there will be a torque recommended in the supplied pack, if lube not supplied it’s available on e bay. Do a search on Maxpeeding on this 4 cyl forum and you’ll find a few threads covering it. Although the ARP recommend a torque it didn’t stretch the bolt enough to reach it’s “elastic” range. PeterW also posted there and there’s a conversation relating to ARP stretching and what ARP recommend and how to measure it. Mick Richards
  7. As Ken says “dress” the lowermost wing fold edge carefully 2 or 3mm closer to the inside of the wing. Then the folded top edge of the outer wing will more easily touch the inner wing vertical edge. Mick Richards
  8. +1 Can be done, the helicoil will allow even larger torque safely than the standard thread. And yes, I’ve drilled and tapped a 16mm hole and made a stud to fit it previously, so depending on which hole there should be material there. Mick Richards
  9. Why not ask your local paintshop if they have a paint gauge, and if you bring the car around can they run it over your car and give you readings of paint thickness for a labour only price. Budget £50 an hour, and they'll likely take maybe 20 min to cover your car. Then you can use your machine polisher on a well covered panel until happy with the result and then apportion the effort around panels which may not have the same covering, obviously reducing the amount of polishing so not to reduce to undercoat. Mick Richards
  10. Surely this shows the attraction more A teenagers attraction, worked for me in 1965. Mick Richards
  11. NOT oversteer...understeer or what happens when a front anti roll bar is fitted by itself... UNDERSTEER on steroids. As you found, "a boot full of accelerator" balances the car. It does this by deforming the tyres on the rear axle (it wouldn't work on a front wheel drive vehicle) reducing their grip and increasing the steered wheels grip, steering you around the corner. Look guys this is simple. A car that from the manufacturer doesn't have a front anti roll bar will understeer, (manufacturers like that, the car doesn't enter the corner until the speed is scrubbed off enough for
  12. Oil in the dash pots of the carbs ? Check the diaphragm fitment ( of both) and make sure no splits, spark plug condition front 2 v rear 2 ? Mick Richards
  13. +1 Sell the part and fit the better option of the Marx rear seal. Even if you only get 50% of what you paid for it, the Marx route used by many is preferable, you’ll save money and time not having to machine the crank. Mick Richards
  14. Depends on who is doing the claiming John, and are they talking flywheel ? Trouble about Facebook are the numpties who post there, makes believing a leap of faith unless you know them. 6 cylinders not my forte and Neil ( Ntc) will have a good angle on these numbers. A current racer like Dave McDonald will also have good feedback on them. Mick Richards
  15. No matter what primer the panels were done in I'd either blast them or strip manually down to steel. I've just done the same on some new inner wings that had been dry stored and they had brown staining under the primer that was early stage rust. You'd feel hard done by if you paint the floor panels and in 8 or 10 years when you have the carpets out there's advanced corrosion. Mick Richards
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