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  1. Just a cautionary word Opie, rebedding the piston rings cannot be done if they are stuck in the piston grooves ! so it's necessary to use the Sea Foam before trying any remedial rebedding in of the rings. The rings need to be working in their normal manner for the engine to be able to force them out of their ring grooves and into the liner surface gouging (steady, we are talking microns) grooves down the walls. This removes the polished surfaces allowing cylinder excess oil to be scraped off into the sump whilst leaving enough oil for the piston not to seize. The reference to an "It
  2. That’s what the last owner thought 30 years ago when he first spun the orientation 180 deg Mick Richards
  3. Opie, That’s referring to initial ring break in, your engine has run for some years and mileage. Whatever condition your upper wall of the liners are it either will be improved with the BMEP running, or it won’t. There are dozens of owners ( me included ) that have run engines without the correct mixture when in use. Rich or weak, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world and can’t be recovered. “the engine will likely require complete disassembly and fresh honing.” …it doesn’t say definitely. As John Wayne says…get on your horse and ride, ! Try it for a month…and see.
  4. Perhaps reading the reviews both on the firms site and on other advisory sites might give you additional information. Mick Richards
  5. Quick draw Mcgraw has nothing on Stuart. Mick Richards
  6. Opie, Is there some reason you won't consider using the rebedding in system I recommended ? Apart from whatever jallop you wish to use to help free up piston rings running it on the road is free apart from a little enjoyable you and TR time ? seems a no brainer to me. Try rebedding the piston rings and if it then doesn't work pay a specialist to lift the head and refurb the engine. Mick Richards
  7. The way we were. Takes me back to the days of men in brown coats sucking Fishermans friend and with a quarter of Hoburns rough rub in the pocket ready for the pipe. Points to note Everything this craftsman (because that's what he is) did I recognised, and the easy familiarity in the way he handles his lathe and all the associated tools is remarkable. Health and Safety...nah he's never heard of it, Spinning lathe chucks and workpiece sharp edges which can cut through tendons and rip fingers off are not figured in his work practices. The easy use and mix of hand tools (files
  8. Yes, what you don't want are a partial reading on a cylinder caused by the churn and the pistons in the carb flapping about. Take out the imponderables and wedge the pistons up and then whatever the suck through the carbs it remains constant. Mick Richards
  9. In that case Chris the popular fix is to screw about 4 short reducing length planks about 1" thickness each together of about 24" total length before and beyond the hinged ramps * like this, or don't bother buying the hinged ramps. Drive the car over the planks onto the ramp, the increased length of the lifted car now allows your normal under car space for blocks and rubber lifting pads to be put under the car where you wish (don't forget the crossmember). After your work drop the car on it's wheels onto the planks remove your crossmember and rubber lifting pads and drive off. *_______
  10. Hi if this is an enquiry about the Strongman Clifton scissor lift they are excellent. If you have the hinged approach and depart ramps they allow the car to travel along and over the ramp (as you have found) but from memory the lift stands approx 110mm if placed upon the garage floor you will ...just have clearance underneath the TR to stand over the ramp. To allow the excellent down car access of 820mm between the ramps means there will be a considerable amount of ramp protruding out either side of the TR (about 300mm) which acts as a brilliant trip hazard as you move around the TR think
  11. Hi Opie, when doing the compressions wedge the pistons fully up in the carb, a piece of stiff cardboard edgeways on on top of the bridge does the trick. Mick Richards
  12. "Poor compression can also be due to poor valve seats" Which when you add oil to the cylinder increases the compressions from 80 to 140 lbs ! !......... I don't think that is likely. Poor starting which is just achieved after churning the engine for some while is indicative of incremental achieved compressions, first time 80 lbs second time 95 lbs 3rd time etc until you reach combustion mix, hence why I think it's stuck or not bedded in piston rings. Mick Richards
  13. That’s a big compression increase just for oiling the bores, normally I’d expect maybe 15% say. Hmmm are you a …gentle, ? or should we say considerate, ? enough of this shilly-shallying. Are you encouraged to cruise gently at 50 mph ( “mind my hair,” coming from the passenger side,) or even “do you drive it like you stole it” which also doesn’t cut the mustard. If you havn’t been recommended already I should remove the spark plugs and squeeze piston ring “ freer” in there ( about 5cc a bore) and allow to soak into the rings to unstick them. If you don’t have any do the same wit
  14. “The problem will come when an emboldened Putin invades a NATO country - maybe Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia.” Yeah, then they’ll be sorry they voted for a demented violinist or prancing toothless Russian grandmothers in the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s been so obvious for the last couple of decades as highlighted by Terry Wogan. Mick Richards
  15. Gamages of London was a well known department store that closed back in 1972. If this is what is being referred to ? department stores used to dabble in many everyday products and especially if you lived "in the smoke" why not pick up leaf spring bondage bandages as you browsed through their motoring department. ? PS: Their name is now owned by a marketing firm and you'll find even wristwatches sold with the Gamages name on them, sadly nothing to do with their past. Mick Richards
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