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  1. Motorsport Mickey


    ^ +1 that's where I got mine. And if the CV driveshaft nuts are CDD units from memory they are 240 lb ft. Mick Richards
  2. Motorsport Mickey


    Tim, If you follow that method you will overeach that 200lb setting... I’ve seen you Lol. Mick Richards
  3. Hi Waldo, I’ve never yet needed the Timeserts but seen a couple of TR4a Trailing arms fitted with them where the 6 hub studs had broken through the extreme sidewalls of the stud blocks. The cast blocks were famously positioned by a 3 month in service apprentice...( who was drunk !), so not unusual to see the studs barely positioned correctly and breaking through if a larger thread is used. The Timeserts are integral units not like Helicoils so a little more robust if part of the outside thread is compromised. Mick Richards
  4. May not stand the torque of being untightened, if you can use a Timesert thread form they have side inserts which press into place and lock the thread within it's hole. Check out the site and see what you think. Mick Richards
  5. Fire extinguisher deployed into the gearbox bell housing and a few "burn off" slipping starts. Mick Richards
  6. Helicoil or Timesert insert or even make your own insert up you can screw in with the correct outside (what you drilled it out to) thread and whatever thread you want for the inside ? Mick Richards
  7. "I now have confirmation the car is totally roadworthy". Only for today Mike, …take it out tomorrow after a component has worn just that bit extra and exceeded the wear tolerance and found out , and you'll be prosecuted just as much as somebody who has never bothered with a non mandatory MOT. The issuing of a MOT only means legal when tested, the continuing checking and evaluation of it's components is behoving of all owners of cars whilst they are in use, maybe you have a mate who could check your car for you weekly and you return the favour on his ? lol. Mick Richards
  8. Sometimes there is a gradual build up on the flywheel face of oil based mist which allows a greasy deposit to form unless you are driving it ...vigorously. Try deliberately slipping the clutch on 2 or 3 starts with the handbrake left engaged and releasing the clutch slowly (it won't hurt it) to clean the flywheel off and see if it helps remove the judder when driven. Mick
  9. Which is definitely possible unless confined within a temp controlled chamber such as Carcoon etc. (prevents the highs and lows of temp change). Mick Richards
  10. "worried about a cover rubbing the paint" One of the lesser evils, there are reports of them causing Micro blistering in the paint which then necessitates a full respray. Mick Richards.
  11. Excellent Trophy race with very close racing between the top two. Josh drove a very mature race watching it from a distance hoping to pick up if a clash occurred but experience of a circuit counts for a lot and maybe a few more HP could help also. Good to watch and the occurrence of a TR4 taking pole after practice surprised the commentators who were watching what they thought were more exotic mixes. Well done TR Enterprise for car preparation a great advert for everybody who drives TRs. Mick Richards
  12. I don't think it was a personal vendetta John, unless you have an illustrious racing pedigree or your marque of car has in the past (TRs have been ignored for many years) there appears to be a Jaguar/Aston Martin/Healey etc etc usual suspects bias. Mick Richards
  13. Check the rockershaft for wear or picking up. Mick Richards
  14. Hi Roger, Not to be underestimated the damage caused to the CV shafts by unrestrained trailing arm dropping. Same circumstances reported in the Stag forum where the shock absorbers have been removed, and the trailing arm allowed to drop fully. The gubbins inside the CV shafts become unrestrained and havoc ensues when the car is driven damaging the CV shafts. On TRs I strongly believe if the ORIGINAL lever arm shock absorber is left fitted it restrains the trailing arm droop ( that’s what the CV driveshafts were designed with). Whereas conversion to modern telescopic shock absorbers with a greater range will allow the trailing arm to overextend it’s droop and damaging the CV joints. Check out the Goodparts driveshafts, they are VERY picky ensuring controlled driveshaft length both for being equal and in droop. Mick Richards
  15. Jeff, Check out your PMs sent message 2 hours ago Mick Richards
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