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  1. Hi, You don’t have to bleed the system, just be careful removing and replacing the pedal/master cylinder push-rod linkage. Gently use a screw driver to push the new cover edges into the bulkhead to finish off.
  2. Some Halfords’ stores will test your battery as part of their selling good practice.
  3. Hi, I’ve just replaced the PRV mountings. It was straight forward. Removed the n/s rear wheel which gave access to the nuts holding the mounting studs. Obviously I removed the boot lining, carpet etc. and trim.
  4. Paulfc


    Hi, I have one of each on my 1972 car with the SS fitted about 10 years ago by the then owner. Both look great and certainly the SS does not detract from the look of the car in any way. I have had comments along the lines of “but it’s not original” which I can’t argue with but, to be honest, I don’t want to spend to be completely original and as I say, it looks terrific.
  5. Just checking (and not wanting to teach granddad), you have topped up the cylinder with fluid?
  6. As I said above, I repaired the fast idle cable so for the first since I bought the car last year it started “properly”. It really did sound and make a “satisfying” difference.
  7. My TR6 was first registered in 1972 on the island of Jersey. Well, presumably it was as it was manufactured on 17/5/72 and shipped to St. Helier Garages Ltd. direct from the factory. It was subsequently registered on the U.K. mainland on 1/4/81 (and then on the IoM on 13/9/93 and back to the mainland, re-registered with age appropriate plate on 28/8/2008). I’m interested in establishing it’s history while on Jersey and to that end I’ve contacted the Jersey Driving and Standards Agency who were really responsive but unfortunately can’t help as 1972 predates their computerised records. The
  8. Thanks guys. Job done, tested and all ok. Paul
  9. Hi, My fast idle cam does not have a return spring on it. I’ve bought a spring but looking at the Rimmer catalogue it appears the spring should have an extension link on it. Can anyone please tell me where the non-spring end of the extension link should be attached to so I can make one as it’s now NLA to purchase. Thanks
  10. Thanks Waldi. I had checked a few other sources and confirmed it was .70 so bought the refurbishment kit and the job is now done. Thanks
  11. Hi, My clutch master cylinder reservoir is stamped “Girling 70“. Can I safely assume this indicates the bore size i.e. .70? Thanks.
  12. Hi, My car is fitted with a replacement Bosch Pump and Filter combination. Can someone please advise me if the filter is serviced or not? Thanks.
  13. I’m no expert but, if it is totally original, why change it? Personally I’d “save up” and have the pot ready when the gearbox needs attention, original cars are increasingly hard to come by. Again, personally speaking, I don’t think the car is a better drive because it had an OD. It’s all personal of course.
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