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  1. Hi both, Many thanks for your responses. Will probably tackle it at the end of summer. Again, thanks, Paul
  2. Hi, Is it possible to replace the rear oil seal on an overdrive with the o/d remaining in situ and just splitting it from the prop shaft? Thanks.
  3. I echo Gareth’s comments. I was surprised when I came across it, but everything works fine with or without it attached. Paul
  4. Hi, My 6 has the original starter installed, Lucas type 2MlOO PE, which is in need of some TLC or replacement. Any recommendations of who to approach for refurbishment/exchange would be gratefully received. With Thanks.
  5. Rick, Are you aware there is a ribbon that runs along the length of the grill bar and clipped at both ends? Paul
  6. Dan, I could not agree more with the posts above. Buy the best running car you can and make sure you take one or more experienced TR folk with you. Once you have it put “spanner to nut” and “screwdriver to screw” all around the car and start to learn and understand it. Once you decide to tackle a particular job research and study before you start and take lots of pics. Keep it simple to begin with. What you should not do, IMHO, is purchase a non-runner. Good luck, it’s a wonderful hobby!
  7. Take the grill off, remembering the nuts are usually very rusty and studs fixed to the grill are not very strong. So use lots of lubricant. Once off clean it up and paint it. You’ll also be able to remove and clean up the finishing piece it sits on.
  8. Richard, Out of interest, what is the control I’ve circled below? Paul
  9. Hi Tim, Thank you. Yes, please put the pics up if you will. Alternatively I can drop you a PM if you prefer. Paul
  10. Hi, Is it possible to buy a pump to PRV hose (braided or not) with swaged couplings one of which is a banjo connection as circled in the attached? Obviously I’d want the hose to R9 compliant. My filter/pump arrangement is located beneath the fuel tank and low down on the left hand side. The lack of space means I can’t install the generally available hose with doubled ended PRV style connections. I do understand from earlier posts I may be able to get a bespoke solution made up by a hose manufacturer if necessary. Many thanks
  11. Excellent result! Pleased you got there and can go off and enjoy the car once more (and with the added pride that you fixed it!) Life is never dull with a Triumph!
  12. Tim, What an excellent scheme! Definitely a candidate for suggestion of the week. Paul
  13. Les, I’ve recently bled the clutch system. I’m not a great fan of “ezy” systems and employed my trusty assistant (aka my wife). My approach is not to stop the process the first time I see “no more bubbles”, but to continue for at least three more pedal depressions. It’s surprising how often more air is expelled. Good luck!
  14. Paul, Given what you can get off this site versus the cost of buying reproduced paper versions, please be one of the good guys and make a donation to Steve.
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