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  1. Just to round this topic off. Backed by Ed’s advice, I looked at the remnants of the backing boards I have and realised they are identical but handed. I couldn’t find a suitable material to make new boards or suitable carpet (largely as I can’t get to visit the variety of shops I normally would), but was able to buy, from B&Q, 500mm square carpet tiles which are just about the ideal size. I made a template and cut the tiles and trimmed to get an excellent fit. The tiles have the the almost ideal combination of rigidity, flexibility and strength to use without the need for additional backin
  2. Thanks Ed, exactly what I was hopping for! I now have another little project to gainfully occupy myself while we’re locked down here in the U.K. Much appreciated.
  3. Hi Mick, Would you be good enough to clarify what you mean by “ .... or jackstands placed under the hubs (bolted onto the wheelstuds)“. Thanks
  4. Does anyone have any images of the backing boards for the RH and LH footwell side carpets? I only have partial boards so images will help me form properly shaped replacements. Also, can anyone advise me of what the boards are made of/ suggest what I might use for the replacements? The remnants of the originals I have appear to be a kind of semi-pliable “plasticky” hardboard (in fact, thinking about it, they may indeed be hardboard that’s been painted and just deteriorated with age) and on an initial search around I can’t find anything similar. Thank you.
  5. Thanks Gareth, Exactly what I was looking for. That’s the next few days taken care of . Paul
  6. Stuart, Thanks, so what was the rationale to paint the diff red? Apologies if the question is a daft one but presumably there is explanation - and I hate not knowing .
  7. Hi, has any one any experience of painting the wheel centres (which I believe are a type of plastic) and if so was it straight forward, have you any tips to share and what did you use/recommend? Thanks.
  8. Paulfc

    Floor Snaps

    Richard, In the past week I have replaced mine, there are two and they are 8.25inches apart. Paul
  9. Thanks Mike, Just over 12 months of TR6 ownership for me so still very much learning too. Enjoy your car, they’re great fun. Paul
  10. Hi, JUST REALISED WHERE I CAN GET ONE FROM! So read no further. Can anyone help please? On my TR6 there is a fuel hose between the Bosch pump and the pressure relief valve. The hose (pictured) has a braided outer cover with a right angled connector to the PRV and a banjo connector to the pump. Does anyone know if the hose is a standard manufactured item or do I have to have it made? Alternatively, can I buy the components and make it myself? Presumably I can, so can anyone advise me of a supplier/website for the connectors. Hoses I have suppliers for. Any guidance will be gratefully
  11. Hi, Does the WM actually give the pipe dimensions? Paul
  12. I did feel it seemed vulnerable where it was originally positioned. What swung it for me, and led to me positioning it in the radio aperture, was I just couldn’t see (another pun, sorry) what good it was where it was. P
  13. Keith, I did this recently. Like you I found the cables under the carpet. The plinth sits approximately just behind the seats with the lens forward. Some folk say the lamp’s useless which maybe why so many have been removed. I decided to position mine in the radio aperture (I don’t want a radio) where it does in fact give some illumination to the cockpit. If you do want it on the tunnel have a look and see if there are any holes for the self tappers that hold it in place. Paul
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