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Recently acquired this TR6. Previous owner of 43 years & a hidden gem.  Full Ford Sierra Cosworth turbo charged YB engine & T5 Borg & Warner gearbox installed.  Quaife LSD with 4:1CWP. A conversion completed 30+ years ago.  Many modifications to the driveline to absorb the power. Level 6 ECU, 3-bar fuel regulator, modified injectors, Pace intercooler, Vortex exhaust system & an increase in boost pressure, etc.  Engine offers 297.9bhp @ 6236RPM (flywheel) with a rev limit set to reliable 7200RPM operation,  so more power to follow.  Fibreglass outer panels. A lively machine !

Cosworth 6 B.jpg

Cosworth 6 F.jpg

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i knew that you liked a modified TR Tom but wow .

That could be very interesting as added to the light weight panels and engine power.  Sure you will have some fun with that.


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Phew ! Relieved that it can’t be used in the TRR championship. 

but wow what a car !!!! :D

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Be hopes the brakes have been upgraded.

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9 hours ago, TRTOM2498PI said:

Will take you for a spin soon Conrad. Leave your cap at home !!


Hi Tom, impressive spec., it'll sound busy on the Motorway with that 4.1 cwp, but loads of oomph out of slow corners.

When you've dropped Conrad back at home can you come just a little bit further up the A1 and pick me up?

Dave McD

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