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  1. and if anyone's double thermostat housing is suspect, incorrect or beyond redemption, Pete Cox sports cars has a small supply of new replica items available https://petecoxsportscars.co.uk/spares-shop/ols/products/tr2-thermostat-housing Ian
  2. Yes, there was a company making fibreglass replicas of a TR3 on a spaceframe, there was one at the IWE a few years ago, it was for sale around £13k from memory. I think it was one of these http://www.replicatorsportscars.co.uk/ Here is a 3A replica based on a Spitfire http://www.sovereigncarsales.co.uk/Replicas_gridpos12.aspx Ian
  3. Hi John I think Mike Papworth might be your man, I think he bought Dave Gleed's stock and Dave supplied me with an original key. https://www.facebook.com/mike.papworthtriumph Ian
  4. Hi Andy Oxford vaccine approved this morning, fingers crossed it proves to be a proper game changer. Like you I suspect the MG/Triumph show might be vulnerable, but after Easter things may look more positive. My glass is half full................ Ian
  5. Never mind the 2010 RBRR, TS2 had already, and originally, completed a round Britain relay between all the local groups several years ago, ably organised by Duncan Jolly. (Tim - The conditions on the 2010 RBBR were horrendously wet most of the weekend, but both the Coke car (Wayne Scott and Matt George) and TS2 (Mark Treadwell and Rob Murphy) made it with ease - check out TR action 246, December 2010 for a great report!)
  6. Thanks Ian, as it stands I think there are only 4 left for sale...........................................
  7. Happy birthday Roger, at least that is what your alter ego says on other social media platforms! Best wishes for a great day Ian
  8. cvtrian


    Love it Tom, even featured on Practical Classics fb page Cheers, Ian
  9. Hi Blair - I thought MOSS already had a branch in Paris https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/about-moss-paris Another alternative https://www.bastuck.de/fr/classic/triumph/ Hope you can buy what you need Ian
  10. Hi Blair I don't know where you live but - It takes two to tango - IMHO both sides are at fault if there is a no deal exit, instead of win win we may get lose lose........... The UK voted to leave the EU, the EU seemingly don't want to accept that democratic decision so any blame for a no deal needs to be shared. Ian
  11. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory by the Mercedes team I'm afraid. Well done Perez, making the most of what he had, and showing up many other drivers, hope he gets a seat next year Ian
  12. If Jo's wheels have gone, last time I saw him, David Ferry has a few sets of these wheels in the UK - if interested contact him via a pm on this forum. Ian
  13. Happy Birthday Roger, hope you have a great day (and I think Suzanne has baked you a cake!) Cheers Ian
  14. Thanks chaps, lovely weather here today so took the opportunity to get the TR out for a decent run this afternoon. Not the same this year with covid so saving up the celebrations until our post vaccine "normality" Cheers everyone Ian
  15. Maybe we will see a return to electric milk float type of delivery vehicles - what goes around................... Ian
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