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  1. sounds like a great result David! Cheers Ian PS I cant believe you are 102 years old...........................
  2. Happy Birthday Pete, hope you have a great day Ian
  3. Many Happy returns David, hope you manage to have a great Drive It Day Ian PS you certainly don't look your stated age!
  4. Happy Birthday Waldi, keep up the good work and enjoy your day! Ian
  5. Yep, and we also stayed at the Tea Factory Hotel, Nuwara Eliya is a great place. We also took a tour of the tea manufacturing plant, very basic engineering.............. Sri Lanka was a great holiday, but we hired a car and driver - the roads and driving standards are something else and definitely not for the faint hearted. Ian PS I never saw a TR either, but plenty of old Morris 1000's
  6. Paul Tunnadine has one of the original test alloy heads on his TR4A, and other than checking torque settings in the initial periods, I don't think he has had any problems since fitted, and he does use his TR4A as his regular transport, covering may thousands of miles. Ian
  7. Hi Neil some of it is on line on the main website https://www.tr-register.co.uk/past-issues/category/technical-articles, fingers crossed it covers what you want. Ian
  8. Mike - by coincidence Tony sent me a message on facebook today, so after reading your post, I gave him your contact details, he said he will ring you, good luck with the sale. Cheers, and hope to see you sometime soon, on the bike or at a show! Ian
  9. Hi Steve - when you are satisfied, put me down for an assembled ready to fit final version please Thanks Ian
  10. I have got a TR2/3 Lockheed master cylinder for sale on classifieds and got this reply quickly Name charlotte.rawson.nash@gmail.com Email Address charlotte.rawson.nash@gmail.com Telephone Number 34568987667 Message Send me the picture and the last price charlotte.rawson.nash@gmail.com SEND ME THE PICTURE AND THE LAST PRICE - The price and photographs are on the ad, so I didn't bother replying, I reported it to Wayne, but I guess its impossible to keep ahead of the scammers, and apologies if you are a real person charlotte.rawson.nash...........send me
  11. Andy + another 1 and another star. Ian
  12. A bit more back to basics from England and playing what was in front of them and not sticking to a tactical game (mainly box kicking). The French second try was a work of art.
  13. Happy Birthday Tom, hope you have a great day! Cheers Ian
  14. + another 1 for Mick's comments. I wonder if the TR Register will be joining MG Live at Silverstone in 2022? Ian
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