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  1. I have had similar experiences using the TR Register classifieds section, however I reply to the enquiries suggesting that inspection and cash on collection would be appropriate and ask for their contact details. More worryingly I had a scam email to my email address informing me "they" had my password, accurately quoted my TR Register password, and were going to shut my system down unless I clicked on their response link............ needless to say it went straight into the bin. This was my unique password for this forum only, so somehow the TR Register system is being regularly hacked, very concerning! Ian
  2. Hi Andy Solid Driveshafts - on IRS cars these are CV jointed driveshafts rather than the standard UJs. There are a number of good suppliers out there along with the main names, and some enterprising members have adapted CV driveshafts from other mainstream vehicles to fit. Many members swear by this upgrade for a smoother drive and removing clonks inherent with the UJ design. Thin Belt Conversion - refers to the fan belt and is usually done when switching from a dynamo to an alternator, or for many other reasons.............. Best of luck Ian
  3. Apologies Derek, I meant that the other clubs would be offered free space at the venue to use for their specific events, but all visitors irrespective of which club they belong to would have to pay the relevant entrance fees. If the other clubs wish to contribute to the event costs, organisation and voluntary manpower needed to run the event, they would then be entitled to an equivalent proportional share of any revenues. Since when did a celebratory party have to break even? Surely we should put on the best show possible for our 50th "Golden Anniversary", we can more than afford it. Maybe the accountants are taking over, whilst knowing the price of everything yet the value of nothing? This is a fantastic PR opportunity whilst at the same time providing a lead in getting the respective clubs closer together. These chances don't come along very often. My tin hat is getting some use lately..............
  4. It's the TR Register 50th "Golden Anniversary" in 2020, and with our pretty substantial "reserves" we can afford to speculate £40K on a party (that may be the cost of hiring the showground, but not the net cost of the event after income and sponsorship is added). What are we saving the "reserves" for......................... Great opportunity to share the occasion with our fellow TR/ST clubs and owners, FOC (you don't invite guests to your party and expect them to pay, but of course some may chose to do so) - there may not be many similar opportunities in the future to bring the various clubs together, we all face the same threats and environmental issues to our hobby, and if the TRR don't do it, who would? The Malvern showground has ample grounds to allocate each club more than enough space to run their club specific functions/meetings, or they may join in the general "show", of course there may be other suitable venues, and we must also consider "show/event value" for our many possible overseas members at any event. Just my thoughts of course, tin hat at the ready Ian
  5. Why not have an anniversary return to Malvern and if the TSSC are planning to be with us in 2020, why not invite the SOC and other ST clubs to join in the party FOC, there is enough finance to support it in our reserves and these special anniversaries don't come around very often............ Ian
  6. Pershore Plum Festival Car Show, absolutely excellent event, loads of cars of different varieties, plenty of stalls and stands for all ages and tastes. The weather was great Ian
  7. "Hard to find" - If anyone is desperate for a pair of chrome surround lenses, I have a spare pair in the garage. PM me if interested. Ian
  8. Yes please Pete, I couldn't make the others. Ian
  9. Chris was pretty prompt with his reply to my pm, unfortunately he is too far away from me to collect, if you live in Kent you could be in luck! Ian
  10. Hi Chris, where abouts are you? I am interested if near enough........... pm sent Thanks Ian
  11. Hi Rob, wheels are on our list of things to progress - the SDF have already made a number of enquiries, unfortunately, having scanned the wheel and costed the tooling, Weller (who make the TR6 wheel), were not willing to risk any investment, even with SDF support. All is not dead however, there are other avenues we are following, but they are in the suppliers queues of stuff to get done. It's not a show stopper, keeping cars off the road, as has been said, alloys and wires are available to keep everyone safe. Just to keep everyone up to date, along with the TRR Wedge team, we are starting to work with the TRDC to use their TR7 expertise as some of their parts are becoming critical, and that includes some panel work. While I'm at it, the 4 pot crank project is just about finished, MOSS are working out pricing and availability times, the double thermostat housing for early cars is almost finished, the TR2 rear lamp bezels and gaskets are almost ready, and we have a number of other active projects keeping us busy. Unfortunately the TR Register now see us as a separate entity and not an integral part of the club, so we are in the process of setting ourselves up as such. Ian
  12. Hamish - owned by a good bloke with a funny green hat
  13. Simple things first Roger............ See you tomorrow Ian
  14. Hi Stan yes, Tim is still very much around and active on track days and local group events. I don't expect his warranty period covers 10 years though ! Cheers Ian
  15. or nearer home, on the TR Register classifieds https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2807/TR6-rear-light-units - I just listed them this afternoon.
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