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  1. cvtrian

    Beware scam

    I have written to Wayne and Allan Westbury letting them know that the classifieds section is two years out of date anyway (adverts from 2020 still visible when there is a 30 day time out) Ian
  2. Happy Birthday Waldi, hope you have a great day Ian
  3. And why should we buy an app when it is supposedly a member benefit? Surely it should be free. Ian
  4. Of course it could be published in the normal booklet format and given to new members as part of a welcome pack (along with a version of technicalities) to add value to membership.........along with a downloadable file on the members section of the main website without resorting to apps Ian
  5. Nigel +1, there was a nice Peerless parked up near Bonhams, and I did spot a couple of TR6s in prime parking areas, plus a few in the general car park. Good news on the Fraser Nash driver, we had to ask what the delay was as we were on the other side of the track and no pa system coverage or cctv screens there (and fewer spectators for that reason). The V10 era F1 cars sounded awesome and they were only going at Porsche pace / GMA pace car speeds..........although they were trying hard! The Le Mans cars were great also. Proper racing in great classic and vintage machinery Ian
  6. If you want a quality item, try Revival Motorsport, Ben Ferguson has replicated the alloy rear frame https://www.revivalfabrications.com/ No doubt it will offer great value compared to other Of course there is also the Honeybourne mouldings replica, and Revington TR Ian
  7. cvtrian

    Tech CD

    If CDs are "old hat", why not send new members an SD card or memory stick including the Technicalities content, along with any other "welcome pack" information. Ditching, (or putting the information away on the website) one of the best initiatives of any classic car club does not seem to make sense to me. Ian
  8. If you were referring to Dave Gleed, his parts and business has been taken up by Mick Papworth so might be worth trying him https://www.facebook.com/mike.papworthtriumph
  9. Hopefully from seawater https://www.designboom.com/technology/hydrogen-fuel-seawater-university-central-florida-ucf-researchers-electrolysis-10-03-2021/ or other similar research may produce other alternatives. Ian
  10. Am I the only one still waiting for 335, if so I will contact the office for a copy. Ian
  11. Happy Birthday Pinky, hope the storms didn't cause too much damage on the IOW. Cheers Ian
  12. cvtrian


    The luck ones stopped, some weren't so strong...............................
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