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  1. Thanks for letting us know Paul, V8lady has contributed much to the TR fraternity. Thoughts and prayers with her and the family Ian
  2. cvtrian

    Wind Deflector

    Does the mesh deflector alter the vortex effect from the rear of the TR6 swirling exhaust fumes into the car? Ian
  3. Found this option on facebook for a stuck bonnet.................
  4. cvtrian

    Heater valve

    Easy swap, no need to drain the system, the only mod is to fix the cable to the operating post. I did this by crimping a ring terminal on the end of the heater cable, slipped it over the operating post and then added a stem washer to keep it in place. Ian
  5. Will Anthony Hamilton have any TRs left in his collection? I understand he recently bought the late Barry Goswell's TR5, and he is an honorary TR Register member so it would be great to have his continued support. Ian
  6. I hope you meant to write "good very soon", or do you know something we don't? Ian
  7. Ian - How very remiss of me not to wish you Happy Birthday yesterday! Cheers! Ian
  8. Excellent news Andrew, - a crumb of comfort - at least you haven't missed a lot of TR driving/events/activity so far this year. Stay safe Ian
  9. Happy Birthday Paul - and the pubs in England are open today! Hope you have a great day Cheers Ian
  10. Happy Birthday Mr Clarke, hope you have a great day! Cheers Ian
  11. Roger - You can watch the Pete Cox gearbox seminar on the TR Register website https://www.tr-register.co.uk/past-issue/2015/08/0003/Overdrive-and-Gearbox-Overhauling-with-Pete-Cox-Moss-Europe it might give you a few tips............ Ian
  12. makes a change to see the roof up as a sun shade Dan (as opposed to our UK weather) Ian
  13. Hi Hamish, just sent you a pm Cheers Ian
  14. Phil The original spec items, with handle, have been N/A for many years, lately TR Shop have produced a version of it however if you check previous threads on the same subject the one purchased by a regular contributor to the forum was returned as unsatisfactory and a refund was given. Having borrowed/acquired two excellent original examples complete with correct handle,TRSDF have two lines of investigation currently running, one in the UK and another in the USA (courtesy of another regular forum contributor in the USA), but no idea about timescales so far...... Ian
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