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  1. and what sort of ally cover you want - an SAH cover will set you back a fortune, a Triumphtune less of a fortune (if you can find one), and alloy others types (polished or black) are available new from the regular suppliers. Rechroming - it's a matter of personal taste.
  2. + another for the everco valve (The cable with the blue wrap is a secondary bonnet release)
  3. Terrific Registration number suits the car! Ian
  4. The hub cap pips look too short for early TR6 rims with the rostyle covers, but maybe they have been shortened or replaced for the 3/3A/4/4A hubcaps, otherwise it looks like an early TR6 rim to me, they only had 12 holes, and slots around the inner rim. Look on the inside and it should be stamped Sankey......51/2JX15H Ian
  5. I only met Derek a couple of times on the Club Triumph RBRR runs, a great loss to the Triumph community. RIP Derek Condolences to the family Ian
  6. Peter - Sadly the archives appear to have been left unattended for many years and don't seem to appear on the current radar of things for the MT to address, but I hope I am wrong. Maybe Mick Forey will be along to update all of us? After Bill P "retired" his archive services a team was established to record and digitise the contents. Sadly one of the team of archivists, John Saunders passed away, and the other two volunteer members were neither supported nor encouraged under a previous Technical Director, and they both gave up. Hopefully this task has been resurrected by the current MT, although the archives are more that of the TR Register than that of Standard Triumph. Somewhere in Didcot is a comprehensive list of the contents of the archive room so it may still be there....I compiled it and wrote a strategy for managing the contents of the archive room. There were a whole variety of formats that information was stored in, including acetate film, VHS videos, old photographs..... Ian
  7. cvtrian


    and from memory, TR Enterprises offer a heated front screen (if they are still available) Ian
  8. I saw this car at Racetorations a few years back, it was in the queue for restoring. Ian
  9. I believe the centre caps are very rare, so please look after them! Ian If anyone wants a set, I think David Ferry has some he wishes to sell
  10. I have had similar experiences using the TR Register classifieds section, however I reply to the enquiries suggesting that inspection and cash on collection would be appropriate and ask for their contact details. More worryingly I had a scam email to my email address informing me "they" had my password, accurately quoted my TR Register password, and were going to shut my system down unless I clicked on their response link............ needless to say it went straight into the bin. This was my unique password for this forum only, so somehow the TR Register system is being regularly hacked, very concerning! Ian
  11. Hi Andy Solid Driveshafts - on IRS cars these are CV jointed driveshafts rather than the standard UJs. There are a number of good suppliers out there along with the main names, and some enterprising members have adapted CV driveshafts from other mainstream vehicles to fit. Many members swear by this upgrade for a smoother drive and removing clonks inherent with the UJ design. Thin Belt Conversion - refers to the fan belt and is usually done when switching from a dynamo to an alternator, or for many other reasons.............. Best of luck Ian
  12. Pershore Plum Festival Car Show, absolutely excellent event, loads of cars of different varieties, plenty of stalls and stands for all ages and tastes. The weather was great Ian
  13. "Hard to find" - If anyone is desperate for a pair of chrome surround lenses, I have a spare pair in the garage. PM me if interested. Ian
  14. Yes please Pete, I couldn't make the others. Ian
  15. Chris was pretty prompt with his reply to my pm, unfortunately he is too far away from me to collect, if you live in Kent you could be in luck! Ian
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