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  1. Hi Rob, wheels are on our list of things to progress - the SDF have already made a number of enquiries, unfortunately, having scanned the wheel and costed the tooling, Weller (who make the TR6 wheel), were not willing to risk any investment, even with SDF support. All is not dead however, there are other avenues we are following, but they are in the suppliers queues of stuff to get done. It's not a show stopper, keeping cars off the road, as has been said, alloys and wires are available to keep everyone safe. Just to keep everyone up to date, along with the TRR Wedge team, we are starting to work with the TRDC to use their TR7 expertise as some of their parts are becoming critical, and that includes some panel work. While I'm at it, the 4 pot crank project is just about finished, MOSS are working out pricing and availability times, the double thermostat housing for early cars is almost finished, the TR2 rear lamp bezels and gaskets are almost ready, and we have a number of other active projects keeping us busy. Unfortunately the TR Register now see us as a separate entity and not an integral part of the club, so we are in the process of setting ourselves up as such. Ian
  2. Hamish - owned by a good bloke with a funny green hat
  3. Simple things first Roger............ See you tomorrow Ian
  4. Hi Stan yes, Tim is still very much around and active on track days and local group events. I don't expect his warranty period covers 10 years though ! Cheers Ian
  5. or nearer home, on the TR Register classifieds https://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/2807/TR6-rear-light-units - I just listed them this afternoon.
  6. Just got home from a week in Split - didn't see a British car all week, and there were thousands using the ferry terminal to the Islands, Great place and lovely people, and it was hot, sea temp 24c and air temp 35c Ian
  7. cvtrian

    TR6 owner

    I'm in Evesham, not too far away from Cheltenham and happy to share TR6 experience (over 30 years I've restored a 4A, owned a 3A and a 7, amongst a variety of other stuff). Let me know if I can help, mine is a USA re-import, rebuilt by TR Enterprises many years ago, onto a CTM refurbed chassis, running twin SU carbs rather than injection. Cheers Ian
  8. cvtrian


    Rheostat for dash lighting turned off, light switch or rheostat faulty, have you had your multimeter out? Ian
  9. cvtrian

    front inner wings

    Have you tried Steve at S&S, or spoken to Robsport? Ian
  10. I have seen it and heard it (250 on triple webers), and it certainly is lovely! Great car. Ian
  11. cvtrian


    That ebay overdrive logic controller is made by one of our CVTR members, he is an electronics whiz! Ian
  12. Hi jogger321 I crimped a ring terminal to the end of the cable, then slid a section of red plastic tubing over the rest of the actuating stem, and to prevent it sliding off, used a stem washer. You are only down the road from me (I live in Evesham) so if you fancy meeting up for a MK1 eyeball, let me know. I've got plenty of that red tubing! Cheers Ian
  13. Hope this helps, it's a great improvement on the old valve! Regards Ian PS The cable with the blue insulation is a secondary bonnet release cable, another mod well worth doing!
  14. Try David Ferry, he is clearing out plenty of panels this weekend, see separate thread on the forum Ian
  15. I think 3.7 diffs were fitted to US spec TR6s Regards Ian
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