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  1. Still looks lovely wonder if Craig is on here.
  2. Superb. Is the owner on here? Was an original car with hard top only. Circa 50k miles. Topaz is a rare colour. 1975 colour only. This car was 21st from last produced.
  3. My first TR, think I bought it in 86/7. In Topaz, a rare colour and still my favourite. LNT 15P is the owner on here?
  4. lee

    Lowering springs

    I’d like to lower my 6 but not up rate it to the point my teeth will fall out. I bought some rear springs but reading various reports I’m not sure it’ll sit much lower if at all and they’re 420lb jobbies. TT4212PR anyone got any thoughts or guidance?
  5. lee

    EFI First Drive

    Looking good Ian. Glad you’re up and running, I’m far from it still as stated you definitely need an air box, could you not then plumb the engine breather into that? if anyone out there is making these air boxes from the original, I’d be interested. lee
  6. lee

    hard top

    Agreed. The hard top absolutely transforms the drive of a 6. Stiffens it right up. My new project won’t wear a soft top at all. Hard top or no top
  7. lee

    hard top

    TR6 Hard Top fitting system is positively robust compared to an E type. I’m very impressed having just fitted one to the E then fitting the one to the 6. I reckon that I hit a bump at 60 the top would land somewhere else
  8. Ethanol is evil stuff in old cars and causing many car’s to go up in flames. Ive had new rubber fuel line crack up within 2 years you should replace any rubber lines with the correct latest hose capable of withstanding this evil stuff
  9. Nice. How local o Kent are you and if not local what sort of cost was this by the time it arrived from Canada?
  10. About 10 yrs back I had my 68 charger dipped, neutralised and etch primed by o e of the best known companies. This car was a 1 owner car from CA and although rot free I wanted it absolutely mint in every respect. Well with 2 years (despite NEVER getting wet or damp) started to rot through doors and other area where it involved folded metal or traps. I discovered, in my subsequent research that I was not alone and guys with some very very valuable cars were literally watching them dissolve before their eyes. A big court case ensued (not by me but by a big classic car company) ive restored many cars and always blasted them. But leave the centres of large panels to save distortion
  11. lee


    Thanks David. I have access to lots of Jaguar Etype parts and thinking that maybe I can fall over some this end. Thank you for your help and advice. Do you use unrated callipers on your TR?
  12. lee


    David, what would they have been used on in a previous life? Unfortunately I’m not travelling up there. For less effort on the pedal. For example on a circuit with repeated use I’m sure a bigger calliper would be advantageous. Do the racing boys use standard callipers, if so I’m happy keep the std ones
  13. I machined my inlet manifold to match the hairy exhaust manifold I have. Prefer them matching
  14. lee


    Well I’m thinking perhaps with a quick lump they might struggle with enthusiastic driving
  15. lee


    Without going mad what is a good alternative bigger brake calliper for the 6. I’m thinking something off another make of car perhaps ? Would love a pair of AP’s or similar but this car owes me a ridiculous sum now and it still looks like a shed. Thx
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