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  1. Ah ok thanks i see it’s back up on auction site. looks to be a “used” car which is nice.
  2. lee

    Rally Hardtop

    That’s what I find. I found a hard top a couple of weeks ago. Not too bad at 4hrs round trip. Apart from the vinyl that top looks pretty good.
  3. Stuart, the hard top securing post screws to that plate.
  4. lee


    Exactly. Had many painted without removing the headlining. Glass out obviously but that’s easy.
  5. lee


    For me the two colour thing looks so wrong Looks like you found the hard top and couldn’t afford to paint it.
  6. I still cannot see the reason to leave the soft top on when the hard top is fitted. For the sake of removing 4 extra screws, take it off and at least give yourself extra in car storage
  7. Thx yes. I’m unable to contact the owner as I’m not a paid up member. Sounds tight but if I joined every owners club I’m involved with I’d have to sell my house.
  8. Was on the register classifieds here but also on C&C auction but withdrawn. Anyone know the owner? I guess might even be reading this. ??
  9. lee

    Surrey Top

    Cool. Many thx
  10. lee

    Surrey Top

    Thanks Roger. It has the PVC top but I love the look of the solid lid.
  11. lee

    Surrey Top

    I’m looking at a 4a and it doesn’t have the centre section to the Surrey top. Are they available?
  12. I’m not why the fitment of a mohair cover would be any different to a PVC Fitment. As far as which is right for you, I guess it might depend on whether your hood is mohair or PVC LEE
  13. lee


    set on eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193813292560
  14. lee


    My neighbour bought a kit very recently from Rimmers iirc
  15. lee

    LNT 15P

    Superb Craig. So pleased you still have the car. I did many a TR tour inc Paris with the club in my courting years. I loved that car. It only had a Hard top from factory. I bought it wearing 215/60 rubber, unusually large for 5.5” wheels. Are those Racelites 7”? I had 7” wolfies on it which I still have.
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