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  1. Keep an eye on the official regulations. I was considering something similar on my TR7 by replacing one of the reversing lights with a High Intensity Red LED fog light and found that there has to be a minimum distance between the fog light and the brake light.
  2. I have some history using electronic flashers which may assist. On the TR7 there are two separate flashers for the hazard and indicator lights & as the 7 flashers are notorious for suffering from poor flash rates due to earthing problems I swapped for the original indicator flasher for the electronic version. Roll on a few years and I fitted LED indicator bulbs, but at the time I was unaware that there was a separate hazard flasher - so the indicators worked correctly, but the hazards were much to fast! As a short term fix I fitted 6.8 ohm 50Watt resistors in parallel with the LED ind
  3. It depends on the vehicle. The TR7 requires a separate flasher and hazard relay to work. Its nothing to do with the load, but down to the circuit design. When I first fitted LED bulbs I had an electronic flasher relay & a the traditional thermal hazard relay fitted. To make this work I had to wire 6.8Ohm 50 Watt resistors in parallel with the LED bulbs ...
  4. One other point to note is that the front wheel bearing caps clash with the wheel centre clips. I cut the clips off and fix them in place with contact adhesive - just remember to remove them before you have the wheels balanced and glue them back in place afterwards...
  5. I simply spray them silver and the MG logo vanishes. See attached photo: Cheers Howard
  6. The EBC items I fitted are:- GD200 - EBC GD Series Slotted and Dimpled Sport Discs (Pair) DP4243R - EBC Yellowstuff 4000 Series Street and Track Brake Pad Set You can look the up in their website and check the sizes (Note: the pictures are typical and do not show the actual items) H
  7. It also depends on the discs you have fitted - TR7 or TR8 are slightly different sizes.The TR8 disc is about 1/4" larger diameter. My 7 has EBC yellow stuff and TR8 discs fitted so suggest contacting them for advice.
  8. Wire runs back to behind the trim behind the seats and then runs across to the passenger side before running forward along the side of the footwell. I am not sure how it finally gets to the instrument cluster however. See the attached photo which shows the wiring in this area. Cheers Howard
  9. HowardB

    Side lights

    Please recheck all your earths as this usually is the route of the problem - when you have done that check them again very carefully. Only if that doesn't work, see the attached drawings with explanations of the various strange circuits..... H TR7 electrical dwg UK 81 DHC.pdf
  10. These days my 7 has Princess calipers with EBC TR8 vented rotors and yellow stuff pads after I upgraded the pads and discs when a brisk drive down the Stelvio pass ended up with slightly warped discs. I have found this set up to work well When I bought the car it had the calipers already installed with standard TR8 rotors - initially I had green stuff pads, but subsequently my garage replaced them, possibly with Mintex, which always left a lot of dust on the wheels after a run. Car is used for pleasure including some of the longer CT events - RBRR & 10 Countries Run - and has cov
  11. Hope this helps - its my TR7 which has been electrically tweaked with LED lighting and various other mods, but shows the kenlow wiring and a few other useful bits of information Howard TR7 modified wiring diagram.pdf
  12. Photos attached showing front of engine and additional fuse board. If you would like a copy of my TR7 wiring diagram let me know & I will post a link. Cheers Howard
  13. Photos attached showing front of engine and additional fuse board. If you would like a copy of my TR7 wiring diagram let me know & I will post a link. Cheers Howard
  14. Simple answer is yes. It makes any work on the running engine safer with no fan spinning around. Photo shows Kenlow thermostat with the two control relays mounted behind offside headlight. Fan is wired to run even when the ignition is off to ensure cooling after a long run & I also fitted an auxiliary fuseboard concealed behind the suspension turret in this photo. Cheers Howard
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