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  1. Detail of pektron / flash circuit attached which shows the modification I made to keep it working when I fitted my 7 with LED bulbs Cheers Howard Pektron.pdf
  2. In case anyone is planning on fitting LED headlights to a 7 or 8 fitted with the PEKTRONIC flash relay there is a problem. The flash system does not correctly raise the headlamp pods but causes them to rapidly raise and lower. I have developed a simple & easy solution & will post the full details in directly I get time. Howard Top
  3. Not sure how to remove it, but the fixings appears to be some sort of rivet. I only know as one of mine is loose and when I pulled it out it looked like a giant pop rivet. Cheers Howard
  4. Having spent many hours sitting in original TR7 seats during a number of 48 hr Round Britain Rallies and 10CR events the general consensus is that a well maintained TR7/8 seat is very comfortable and difficult to better with any of the modern seats. The vital point is that it must be well maintained with the rubbers and foam in good condition, as the modern rubbers deteriorate quite quickly (5-6 years max). My seats are currently away for rebuilding by a specialist and will be refitted next month, all being well/ Howard
  5. Steve, When I was looking to replace my carb rubbers a few years ago,the Robsport mechanic warned me that all the available replacements were c**p so do not use them unless you absolutely have to. I have heard that they may only last a few months so pulling off the carbs after a year would be quite enough to finish them off. If I recall correctly S+S were making a replacement metal set, not cheap but probably the best solution otherwise find a secondhand original set of supports before you do anything more to the carbs. Cheers Howard
  6. Wait until the weather is warmer and the hood will stretch slightly allowing you to close it (or heat garage to 20-25 C) H
  7. Make sure you get your entries in quickly as its filling up fast according to the CT forum
  8. HowardB

    TR7's and rust

    Rust on bonnet/wings/sills is quite normal & a fact of life on a TR7. As far as I know the serious problem areas are around the rear suspension mountings, behind the seats & bottom of the A pillars. As you say getting the head off is hard work, and mine had to come in 2018 off for the first time after 37 years.... It took time and a proper head puller but it worked. Howard
  9. HowardB

    TR8 breakdown

    One other issue that has been encountered in the Alps during the CT 10 Countries Runs is fuel vaporization in the fuel system - not helped by the current Ethanol based fuels. Mike's TR6 found a temporary fix using a washing up liquid bottle filled with water & a length of flexible pipe. Not sure of the details but they kept the fuel cool in the line by regular spraying. I haven't suffered from this in the 7, but you have less space and more hot engine in the V8 so could be a similar issue here. Cheers Howard
  10. Like Emyrs I was worried about my oil pressure & had a pressure gauge fitted in place of my clock. Over the years I observed a slow reduction in pressure which was confirmed when I had to remove the head and found the white metal on the main bearings was starting to go... So I would recommend one, but would suggest using an electric gauge as the mechanical version has a tube with very hot oil just above your legs.... Cheers H
  11. In 2017 I warped the standard TR8 discs on my 2L 7 during a brisk run down the Stelvio pass. Getting decent new TR8 discs is not easy as they are a few mm larger than fitted on the TR7 but EBC were able to supply slotted discs and recommended yellow stuff pads. Since then have been through the Alps again and a couple of thousand miles on the RBRR so they are well bedded in. All I can say is that they grip well and give me more confidence in the car. Howard
  12. There is one deliberate mistake in the drawing - it includes the daytime running lights I have fitted to my 7 so please ignore, Howard
  13. Links to my TR7 drawings for downloading below:- 1981 DHC TR7 Coloured Wiring Diagrams (PDF) 1981 DHC TR7 Coloured Wiring Diagrams (AutoCad .DWG files) They are issued as Open Source documents so please feel free to modify and circulate under the same conditions. If you have any problems with the download please let me know. Cheers Howard
  14. Paul I will post them as AutoCad. .DWG files and as PDF files. If you are familiar with AutoCad they can be modified easily. AutoCad design review is a simpler program that allows you to make basic markup notes & mods and is a free download:- AutoCad Design review If you or one of your contacts can use CAD then you can modify them to match your car - which is exactly why I prepared them so I could make a specific set for my 7 which has been modified over the years. Cheers Howard
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