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  1. It was I did try to tell them but there you go
  2. ntc

    TR6 fuel issues

    Wayne Need more info,do we not have a tech team on the home site anymore?
  3. ntc

    First Start Help

    You have done everything right,just spay some brake cleaner in the intakes while cranking it will then start.
  4. It will need rebore pistons and rings or you will be back there asap
  5. No confusion on my part avoid using the overdrive imho your big tyres as you can see in the pics ie all on the ground says no need for lsd, that I may be able to help you with but imho you would be wasting your money.
  6. You can hear it slip , no track car tr that I know of has a overdrive fitted at least the quick ones.
  7. Sounds well but something is slipping and you are losing traction. Need to sort that before lsd.
  8. ntc

    Ticket for Iwe

    To save the office grief why not just print your invoice off ?
  9. So whats not std,front engine plate?
  10. See Andrews post,the plastic pipe can just about boil the fluid.There are ways to stop it but we are talking a lot of heat ask any BMW M3 owner.
  11. No light on it will be getting to much oil at the top end,rocker shaft,cam bearings but nowt to fret over.
  12. If the oil light isn’t flickering don’t worry about it
  13. There is only one forum member on here that does know the true facts on petrol,Esso and ethanol and no it is not me
  14. Correct and far from being up to date.
  15. Item 73 on pic https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-571097
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