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  1. ntc

    Rear wing seal

    Just about what I said to stop cracking dump the washers at all joints and make up ally plates
  2. ntc

    Rear wing seal

    I will stick to what Racetorations told me and after 8years abuse still looks good over and out
  3. I know of three that have jigs so all is not lost
  4. ntc

    Rear wing seal

    Waldi Use Indasa on the main parts of the join leave a small gap near the outside and finish with seam sealer and paint.
  5. ntc

    Tr6 rockers

    On a six pot with cold oil up to five minutes is ok don’t fit a second feed
  6. ntc

    EFI First Drive

  7. ntc

    EFI First Drive

    Well done just a few pointers,get rid of the breather also the sock filters one backfire and you will find out and last let the rr guys give it full power it will bed it in.
  8. N/a the flow will be the same set at 800 rpm at 3 on the meter then try 2000 rpm
  9. Allan you need to build the tub up on the frame complete with all panels and door with glass and screen frame to set it up right when happy remove doors and go from there
  10. There should be no smell end of, check the boot seal and if the car is running rich.
  11. Nothing until you have the tub on the chassis and everything lines up spot on.
  12. Ask yourself how does the fuel get black? also petrol vaporizes upwards then enters the air and will condensate down the tank.
  13. Depends on what car?
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