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  1. ntc

    PI is dieseling

    Remember the word decoke it in the service guidance
  2. 28 to 33 is where you should be with Weber’s unless you are having fun
  3. Jochem Worth taking your time to get it right as above you will also notice the brass type finish on the top of where is goes for good reason also to much play will hammer the mill pin.
  4. Hardly any made estimate says it all
  5. That is why I posted a link read the whole the reason nowt to do with pedal travel
  6. http://www.racetorations.co.uk/triumph-c56/tr2-c3/tr2-brakes-c30/racetorations-kit-residual-pressure-valve-p363
  7. Leather on the so called roll hoops? Unbelievable
  8. +1 only front edge and all the way round
  9. ntc

    Advice needed

    UPS no problem .
  10. Tr Shop do a single boar system that will fit the std manifold which is up to the job £385. Sounds great.
  11. Nice one good for one and all John
  12. Simply get a coat hanger or metal rod bend to the shape and length you require then of to a local motor factor and find one to suit, also the capillary type kenlow is about the best you can get easy to get or make up your own seal.
  13. Me old wheels still look cool
  14. ntc

    Electronic ignition

    Hi It may surprise you but a good set of points are far more reliable than electronic units cheap or expensive
  15. ntc

    Forum Etiquette

    It is a guarantee those will give you a red card just because they can even though you are giving technical help, call it what you will a simple thanks would do, that is why some stop helping.
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