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  1. Yep but you have to modify the sunviser holes
  2. The quality is the top cover never seen it matched
  3. Easy to make your own but the quality of the Revington one is very good
  4. There is another topic that is iffy with regard to GDPR just saying
  5. ntc

    TR4 Rebuild

    I know but you can spot what’s right or wrong
  6. ntc

    TR4 Rebuild

    Roger l no panic you said the door was as far in as it could go , clue there if all is right a straight edge or line front to rear like the sill trim will show
  7. ntc

    TR4 Rebuild

    The front of wing at the sill joint is too far in
  8. Don’t throw good money after bad the engine will need full strip down to find what caused the issue
  9. Just to do a crank grind seems pointless to me ? And the garage that did the first part needs to be named
  10. Well your committed now look forward to seeing the end result
  11. My point is as above you can’t just build any trailer and go,on your head be it let alone going abroad with it
  12. Good luck with homemade as no type approval hence no insurance
  13. There were a few things not quite right on that car and yes the intake should be facing under the headlight bole anyhow I thought you was going Weber’s Dave ?
  14. These are not normal times Roger and a joint adventure there have been many events that are still not going ahead. I for one would like to know what they are.
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