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  1. I use Dennis Vessy and Wilcock's glad you got it sorted pink.
  2. Your welcome pink sounds like your rr man knows his stuff ( not many do alas ) do yourself a favour don't mess with them they will do mega miles.A bit like the pi system unless you do know what you are doing the rest is just a guessing game
  3. Show me a factory built car that uses Webers without a choke fitted
  4. Yes you just remove the headrest and recline the seats.
  5. I have always fitted the panels with indasa and let the drain holes do there job you can also rustproof them from there.
  6. You can repair the old one with Febfoam and trim to fit.
  7. That is correct and it did help cool the fuel
  8. ntc

    Estimate ?

  9. ntc

    Boot seal

    Nothing wrong with the repro seal on a six
  10. You have to remove them or your mot man will not be happy.
  11. For me when I see adjustable brackets fitted alarm bells ring,as something is not right and the root cause has not been found.
  12. ntc


    eBay will value it as that is what somebody will pay
  13. Tim That's why I posted the link, you could see it on the pic you posted elsewhere.
  14. Tim sorry but basic schoolboy error to send a car for setup with worn out suspension.
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