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  1. Hi Roger I do not post often now but be very careful on a Land Rover with can bus you could end up with a big problem whatever you do use a feed from the battery direct
  2. It will but only if you use a 21 w bulb if it’s bright it’s right do not count on a new ?
  3. Yep measure the internal diameter of the union at the mu Triumph got it right years ago and many have done 100k miles with it remember the the original pump could suck the replacement’s can not and if mounting outside the weakest link will be the electrical connection.
  4. Nope and only to downsize at the mu.
  5. Hi Andrew Hope your well , begs the question why? After all the miles you have covered with the std pi system, me no way would I change it.
  6. Are you asking the original finish on a 5 or 250?
  7. Driven well over 150k in Tr’s using 20/50 as recommended by those that really know there stuff and never had any problems
  8. And some said to me on here that the bulb and holder does not affect charging ha ha
  9. Do not fit the trim and leave for 24 hours before cutting the the joint for the cover
  10. The length difference is the thickness of the bell housing and you can change the the top cover to keep the dipstick
  11. Lack of negotiation skills ha ha
  12. If you bothered to read Pink’s other post he uses Weber’s
  13. Do a search and learn how to do it proper and the right sealant
  14. I did not say 180 just enough to move the lead’s one place clockwise the vacuum should be inline with the engine if not the dog drive is not timed correctly
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