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  1. ntc


    Question to one and all , I see that all main car dealers have correctly shut down to protect there staff including parts departments, service for only those that will help us ie NHS etc. So although I support our traders those staying open agreed mail order only are these parts necessary ? there is grants in place to protect there wages etc. As per advise stay at home.
  2. Hi Robin Hope you are well mate and good on you that's what it should be all about.
  3. Red tick away, when you breakdown in your bangers and cash don't expect some poor sod to come out and help you. Save our NHS.
  4. And encourage others to come and see the car ? dumb idea imho.
  5. ntc


    Just a word of caution with all your insurance some company’s yes big ones as well are sending out emails to tell you phone lines are very busy due to a lack of staff so we will automatically renew for you watch out for price hikes
  6. Good luck in getting it all out took me three days on a race car then try and dispose of it the correct way not easy
  7. I have said this many times DO NOT USE IT the system will not pressurize correctly get rid of it.
  8. ntc


    For me all shops have cctv they should show all those who bulk shop and it should be made a criminal offence
  9. Yep And I did see your swirl pot you have a short memory John , remember me helping you with your tank venting a long time ago ?
  10. Test supply with a headlight bulb if bright ok if not it will be a electrical fault, do not presume your solenoid is ok even if new.
  11. The pump will not live long above tank level no matter what snake addictive junk used
  12. It’s a sports car just drive as such
  13. Why Not? they do not know what they are talking about so I wonder what else they don't know.
  14. ntc

    Timing Chain

  15. ntc

    Timing Chain

    Sorry disagree think about a motorbike you always change chain and sprockets false economy not to do so,but its your money.
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