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  1. Spot on, I owned a 3000 miles from new 4 pot and it ran on, the fuel used today is far from what they was designed to use.
  2. ntc

    Head removal

    Piston half way down the boar, barge rope, 10 ft scaffold pole and brute force. I for one am not buying it
  3. ntc

    Head removal

    They will be closed as you cannot remove the nuts with the rocker shaft in place
  4. Derek I think you will find the geometry setting was different ,try Buckley triumph site.
  5. ntc


    Sorry to say but you are in for body off full restoration, no ifs or buts . I will get my coat.
  6. And a lot more maybe a story for Tr action one day you never know
  7. There is one supplier that has gone far more than that but don’t ask the price
  8. That is a bold statement, evidence? just saying.
  9. Length has nothing to do with it the diameter is the point.
  10. Waldi All the suppliers had the same units thankfully they should have got rid by now a warning to others be careful what you buy online
  11. Talk about thread drift ? anyhow your solicitor has a legal obligation to protect your deeds
  12. Note the size of the holes compared to bolt size? correct practice is finger tight ie loose rotate crank to center the seal.
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