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  1. Be very careful where you place them just saying
  2. It may surprise you the plugs may be knackerd
  3. I know a few people that have had problems
  4. The proper TG tribute is now on iPlayer
  5. Yep and it works they check and adjust the wires as it should be done
  6. I understand you H but in my years of motorsport I will take a dent instead of a crack learned that went dry sump
  7. And the gains? Not a lot as I have seen
  8. Just the opposite you can see what each cylinder is doing for me one per carburettor ie six on Weber’s or four with a four pot again Weber’s however one per intake
  9. I just got a JBL Bluetooth speaker size of a small can and sounds awesome
  10. Would it not be better to use the side lights with led?
  11. ntc

    Clutch servo

    Not the same type I have used the same as Stuart did on Weber’s for many years and never had a issue
  12. Question is how can it work at the IWE
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