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  1. The block can twist only cure is too deck the block any good engine builder will tell you that
  2. It’s on the news simple
  3. Bob The j type was never designed to operate in second gear and I had one modified years ago and it never liked it so it’s your call
  4. Modify at your risk imho not a good idea
  5. But they was steel then easy to use the pipe available today
  6. Nope just learn how to use it with a gasket
  7. Was they open to get rid of water
  8. Interesting Marko but I don’t see any need for the vent’s on a std car and the wheels don’t do it for me but each to there own
  9. ntc

    Diff question

    As for economy I disagree you use more fuel getting up to speed indeed a good friend of mine in a USA spec car on stombergs followed a group of us to Le man and kept pace and used no more fuel than us and there was no overdrive fitted go figure
  10. Austin He is not the norm but I and many others have used him for years and never had a problem
  11. It’s Rufford park estate owned by the council
  12. Yep true that is I have driven though it many times for both shooting and rallying
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