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  1. Andy, I stripped out an original pump and fitted a short piston, a spring, a Lucas switch and alloy end bung, thus externally it all looks original. If you want a copy of the sketch I made, send me a P.M. with an e-mail address. Regards, Richard
  2. Steven, The wiper motor that you have - Lucas DR3A 75501 - is a two speed model and was only fitted to the Lotus Elan from 1964 to 1966. Be aware this is a rare wiper motor, so persevere and get it working......! Regards, Richard
  3. Hi Dom, It is unusual for that steel lever to wear. Most problems occur with the alloy plunger that fits inside - it is round with two wings which wear. Worth checking again. I think I have spares of each item. Regards Richard
  4. Dan, I can provide you with a Formula Boss – period manufactured cast alloy with the 36 No. splines as required for a TR. The difficultly will be modifying your wheel – an accurate square hole would have to be cut at the centre of the hub and three small holes drilled around it for location screws. The Formula wheels have a Duralium frame which is 1/8” in thickness which allows the projection of the square end of the Boss to project through and sit flush with the top of the wheel ready for bolting in place. Visually your wheel appears to have at least two thicknesses of metal at its hub, what is its actual overall thickness..? All Formula wheels were finished top and bottom with black injection moulded shrouds which were all “Model specific” and I do not have these for a TR2. I do have shrouds for TR4, 2000, Stag, MGB, Mini, Anglia, Volvo PV 544, Hillman Hunter and could check amongst these for a match or near match, but would need many dimensions for the comparison. Another route might be to try a Les Leston accessory Boss kit, however they are not easy to find and can be expensive, however again I think you find problems in trying to combine your wheel with an LL. What is the name of the manufacturer of your wheel..? if known I think I would start with them. If you send me a P.M. with an e-mail I can send you photos showing the make-up of a Formula steering wheel as it is a good system and far neater than the likes of Motolita. Regards, Richard
  5. Dan, You would have to find a "period" boss - such as were fitted to the Formula accessory steering wheels. I have further details if required as your wheel would require a bit of re-engineering to make one fit. Regards, Richard
  6. Pete, I think you will find that this fan has an offset hub and thus places the blades closer to the radiator. The Spitfire fan is the reverse of this and moves the blades away from the radiator. The Spitfire fan has an overall diameter of 12.1/2", it will be interesting to learn the diameter of the fan that you have acquired. Regards, Richard
  7. Hi Marco, All TR2, TR3 and TR3A’s were fitted with a short extension, part number 108493 – 3.3/4” long, which had a shorter fixing bolt, part number 108493. For the TR4 & TR4A the extension is part number 128318 and is longer at 4.3/8”, this version requires a longer fixing bolt part number 128318. Fitting the earlier shorter extension on a TR4 or TR4A engine allows a TR6 plastic multi bladed fan to be fitted without fouling the radiator. As you are going to machine a new extension it maybe worth considering making a shorter version...? Regards, Richard
  8. The seven bladed fan as fitted to Spitfire Mark IV and 1500 models. It also has exactly the same fixing hole centres as a TR. Regards, Richard
  9. Hi Nigel, The TR4 was fitted with two types of cap. AC RC4 4lbs, the part catalogues state this cap had an overall height of 0.96” AC RC1 7lbs, the parts catalogues state this cap had an overall height of 1.2” The fitting information on the side of the box appears to round up the dimensions. Regards, Richard
  10. Hi Willie, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  11. Hi David, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  12. RAHTR4


    Hi Kev, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  13. Gordon, The 75358 wiper motor is listed in the Lucas Catalogues as a single speed unit with a 130 degree gear. Original fitment for the following vehicles : MG Magnette Mk III 1960, Morris Oxford Series V 59 to 60, Riley Four Sixty-Eight 59 to 60 and Wolseley Fifteen Sixty 1959 to 60. and noted as being for L.H.D. versions only. Best to check that it actually has been modified to make it two speed operation...? Regards, Richard
  14. Hi Russell, A good car to restore, amongst the last batch produced....!! With that commission number the car would have originally been supplied with Stromberg carbs. For the UK Home Market many items were listed as “optional extras” : - Leather seats Heater Overdrive 60 spoke wire wheels Sunvisors Tonneau cover Occasional rear seat – Vynide or Leather Specific makes of tyre – Dunlop, Goodyear & Michelin ( I do not know what was fitted as standard...? ) Windscreen defroster Fog lamps Spot lamps Skid plate Towing attachment Reversing lamp Wing mirrors Safety belts Cigarette lighter Badge bar Luggage grid Fire extinguisher Any of these items had to be fitted at the Factory, thus formed part of placing a firm order. I think thing were treated differently for the USA, however I do not have any firm details. One thing that I do know is that an accessory steering wheel was an optional extra for the USA market and thus your car does have a USA only optional extra fitted – a “Formula” steering wheel, which allows for the use of the original type horn push. Regards, Richard
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