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  1. RAHTR4

    Horn relay?

    Hi Jim, For clarification the period Lucas catalogues show that two types of 6RA relays were fitted to the TR4A. A horn relay "only" used on the TR4A - Lucas 6RA 33188 Plus the overdrive relay ( used on the T4 to TR6 ) - Lucas 6RA 33213 Regards, Richard
  2. Tom, You have a PM. Regards, Richard
  3. I think the item that you are referring to is the Remax Contact Setting Tool. A clever idea which actually works well, it was available in a variation of sizes to suit distributors from different manufacturers. Remax Limited were a rival of Lucas, producing all manner of electrical components for cars and commercial vehicles. Richard
  4. No mystery – as shown and detailed in “Triumph Cars in America” by Michael Cook.
  5. Hi Marco, The L661 reversing light is normally fitted with a single 382 bulb - single filament, 21 watt, with SCC cap. That switch on eBay seems rather expensive to me...! I do have a spare SS10 switch which is available for £15.00 plus the cost of postage. Regards, Richard
  6. Hi David, For clarification all TR4’s were produced fitted with the “wider” windscreen capping, which at each end had an enlarged area to allow the fitment of a hood popper secured by a single pop rivet, as photo below : This same capping was use for the Convertible and Surrey Top models as both cars had the same soft top front fixing “tuck under” method. The “narrow” windscreen capping is only for the Convertible TR4A as the hood has mechanical clamps which secures it down to the top of the windscreen frame. All Surrey Top TR4A’s, TR5’s and TR250’s were fitted with the TR4 type capping. The reproduction wider capping are not produced with the original bulged ends, thus it is easy to miss the need for this hood popper and difficult to install due to the lack of material. Regards, Richard P.S. You have a PM – hit the envelope in the top right of your screen.
  7. Graeme, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  8. Hi Ian, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  9. Nick, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  10. Hi Bob, Go for the one on eBay as the one I have is part of a Decarbonising set. But do make sure that the gasket is clearly stamped either 1A549 or 202127. Regards, Richard
  11. Hi Bob, The original Standard Triumph part number was 202127. The Payen part number was 1A549. I think that I have at least one spare if it of use. Regards, Richard
  12. Hi Alan, All Triumph Roadsters 1946 to 1949 were originally fitted with a Lucas SW4 wiper motor, part number 72545. This motor provided a sweep of 120 degrees. Regards, Richard
  13. Hi Erik, Maybe I am wrong, but looking at your photo the Girling slave cylinder (correct for a TR4) appears to be a loose fit in the mounting plate. I think a previous owner has installed a mounting plate from a Side Screen car which had a Lockheed slave cylinder and those have a far greater diameter than the later Girling parts. Everything might well work correctly, however if the car were mine I would get it checked to ensure that the slave cylinder push rod is not being pulled out of alignment. Take a look at the Moss Catalogue and you will see the different sized plates. Better to be safe than sorry. Regards, Richard
  14. Hi Roger, TR4 Hood Frame Location Webbing : 21.1/4" - Dimension from lift-the-dot stud on rear deck to centre of rear hood frame bow. 8" - Dimension from centre of rear bow to centre of middle bow. 11.3/4" - Dimension from centre of middle bow to centre of front bow. The rear webbing LTD fastener pushes right down to the base of the long hood peg and this allows the hood LTD to be fitted on top. Regards, Richard
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