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  1. Sugar, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  2. Hi Waldi, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  3. Hi Gareth, I have never had the need to dismantling one of the rotary locks (Moss – 34) as I have found the two places that do suffer wear are the two short shafts which project through the rear face of the door, happily both shafts are clearly visible for inspection when you open the door. The upper shaft holds the steel cog and it is only peened in position on the back of the rotary lock, if this becomes loose the outer end moves in an arc and over time opens up the hole in the thin metal casing. If the shaft is loose and enlarged hole in the casing is not too large, I re-peen
  4. Hi Neil, More research is required, all TR5's & TR250's had one mirror fitted, as standard, to the Driver's door. A second mirror was available as an optional extra. Regards, Richard
  5. Hi Steven, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
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