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  1. Hi Sean, You have a P.M. Regards Richard
  2. Hi Andy, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  3. Hi Gordon, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  4. Hi, The switch in the photo does not look like any Lucas part I have seen, maybe it was made by Delco Remy. I have now checked in one of the larger Lucas Catalogues which cover the period from 1945 to 1960 and this does list an overdrive switch for the Series 1 Alpine – Model 52SA 31925A/D. The overdrive switch is shown is mounted on a metal bracket – 54332457 – which would attach to the steering column, so presumably this metal bracket has the hole with the flat side which stops the switch itself from rotating. If the metal bracket is swapped to the opposite side of the
  5. Hi, I cannot find a listing for this switch, the part number and date are engraved so possibly a special short run part. But due to the shape of the end tip has to have been for a Rootes Group car or possibly a Commer Lorry. Regards, Richard
  6. Hi, I have been sorting through some column switches and found a possibly candidate for your Alpines overdrive switch with a chrome stalk and what I think is the correct shape of black plastic end tip. It has a two way switch where centred is the off position, then push up for on or down for on, so it can easily be modified to a one position switch for use as an overdrive switch. The cranked portion of the stalk is set about 20 degrees and has an overall length of 5.1/2” Regards, Richard
  7. Hi, I really don’t know what the letter prefix represent as the manufacturing date of any part is marked or stamped on it and if a part was revised or altered Lucas appear to always use a new part number. All the larger Part Catalogues have pages of lists of the items which have been superseded –each showing the old and new numbers which must have been a nightmare to keep up to date. I understand the general consensus for switch positioning is that whatever was used in the UK, the switches were reversed in the USA – but remember the USA was the dominant market so if the USA want
  8. Hi, I can confirm that Lucas did not share the part numbers of major items with different Manufacturers so the 34490B is definitely a part only fitted to the Triumph range of cars. I have checked the 1962 Lucas part catalogue which details the Series II Alpine and all Lucas Catalogues list the overdrive parts at the end of each model listing. Unusually the only three overdrive parts listed – the Relay, Inhibitor switch and Solenoid – but no overdrive switch. I then looked at the indicator switch which should be a 37SA 34332A and this has a clamp which secures it around the
  9. Hi Kevin, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  10. Hi, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  11. Hi, Not sure but are you about to install an original period Mot-A-Vac. If so all their is a very detailed section in the Triumph Workshop Manual starting on page 3.301, which is all I used in order to fit mine. The original fitment for the Mot-A-Vac was on the offside where the inner wing has been re-shaped to accept it. I later obtained an original set of General Fitting Instructions by Clayton Dewandre the manufacturers. If you would like a copy send me a P.M. with an e-mail and I can forward it. Regards, Richard
  12. Hi Peter, I do not know the original paint specification. However it is recorded that Triumph changed the colour of the steel wheels in December 1962 and the colour introduced was called Spa White. So presumably the dash panels and associated parts were also painted in that same colour. As your car is from 1964 I think that Spa White is the way to go. Regards, Richard
  13. Hi David, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
  14. Hi Tony, You have a P.M. Regards, Richard
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