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  1. Hi all. Took that one. It is the dynamo adjusting link from the MG TD. Moss number433-650. Needed some hammer engineering in cause of it offset. Fits fine with a 10x1125 belt. Cheers Sugar
  2. Please control the decelaration overun valve adjustment. Cheers Sugar
  3. https://www.autoscout24.de/angebote/triumph-others-triumph-italia-2000-benzin-beige-fa653032-dcea-4ab2-bc4a-a9d70dfdb10a?cldtidx=4&cldtsrc=listPage Cheers Sugar
  4. My 250 in an old technique called wet plate. Greetings Michael
  5. So I`ve got the bike for Pete`s panniers...And another one. Greetings Sugar
  6. I just notice the padded steering wheel as we know from the 5 is given to the ginevra cheers Sugar
  7. 30th October 1967. Party took place, stripes were modified
  8. Isn`t for sale. For me just an example what they should have done. Greetings
  9. Sugar

    Ebay 5

    Hi all, I am missing the punched sheet at the inner wings for lifting the Body. Perhaps a 4 in former live? Cheers Sugar
  10. John Skinner made sideboards for my 250. Exellent. Greetings Sugar
  11. So, he sold an overdrive car after restoration in his shop to a TR beginner who at home recognized that there was no overdrive.The explanation was that the seller aimed to install it within the next service routine . Perhaps as a surprise one year later. I spoke to that customer. And it is said that the seller took the wheels from one customers car and sold it to another one. There is another story about a car sell ( car with rebuilt engine ) and overnight engine swap to delivery. Fact is, he was asked to close his shop and is back on the market under the name of his girlfriend. Perhaps bu
  12. Take a good advice. Keep away from that seller. Dark operator. Sugar
  13. Here we are They come from the friendly Volvo dealer.
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