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  1. I put some heatshield insulating material on the boot floor. I haven't taken any temperature readings to quantify what difference it makes, but as you say I would expect that there must be heat soak from the exhaust, especially when stationary and there is no airflow, so can only help. Mike.
  2. I find that If you unscrew the grease nipple the tip of an old style lever pump oil can held against the hole will seal nicely and allow you pump oil in. Mike
  3. Hi Roger, Sorry, should have clarified,I was referring to the TR6 manual, can’t speak for the earlier cars. As you say GL4 spec. Mike.
  4. The original Triumph workshop manual recommends BP Gear Oil 90EP, Castrol Hypoy and Duckhams Hypoid 90 among others. Where did a recommendation for engine oil come from, and why the concern about using EP grade Hypoid oils? I appreciate that there may be modern oils that are suitable or better alternatives. Mike.
  5. Speedy cables will repair original cables. I had an original that had to he wrong length cables ( for carbs, not PI), and they reworked it to the correct spec for me.Much better than poor quality reproductions. Mike
  6. Hi, I have Superpro front suspension bushes , bought from Moss. I can confirm that they have the patterned bearing surface as in the one on the right in your photo. Mike.
  7. Hi, this is how I mounted my hazard switch, similar to some of the previous replies. I find it works well, unobtrusive but easily reachable. This is an early car with the ignition switch in the centre plinth. Mike.
  8. Moss and Rimmers both show fuses in their TR6 parts catalogues, described as '35 amp glass'. I presume these must be the same spec as original? Mike.
  9. It's the owners prerogative to fit what seats they like to their own car, it's a a matter of personal taste. I can't agree that the original seats are as bad as some are saying though, I find my 1969 seats perfectly comfortable. Maybe it's a question of seats being either worn out or badly restored. Mike.
  10. Exactly. We use torque wrenches just like this in the aircraft industry for things like electrical terminal stud connections. It used for applying torque the same as any other torque wrench. Not much use on cars though. Mike
  11. They are glued on, there is no other fixing. I used spray upholstery adhesive, never given any problems. Mike.
  12. This site gives lots of data to compare cars; https://www.autosnout.com/ . As Mick Richards commented, you will have to drive the car to its full performance and time it to make any meaningful comparison though. Mike.
  13. I put a USB port in the bottom of the ashtray accessible when the lid is opened. Didn’t think of using the lid as a phone holder though, good idea. Mike
  14. +1 I had similar symptoms, cured by changing slip rings and bushes. Mid-ulster rotating electrics supplied good quality parts quickly and for a very competitive price. Mike.
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