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  1. Agreed. Looks are a matter of personal preference, and bigger tyres can look good, but I think 165's are a better drive. Mike.
  2. Brake circuit is split front/rear. PDWA if fitted is sensitive to any pressure difference between the two circuits. If the brakes not getting fluid are RF and LR that would suggest two faults. I'm not sure but I think that if the PDWA shuttle valve was displaced to one side it would operate the warning switch, but would still let fluid pass. Mike.
  3. I've just had a Pilkington screen fitted today, both screen and seal from Moss. After playing with it a bit myself I got it fitted by an old school windscreen fitter who is used to fitting the classic type screens. It went in eventually, but he and his mate really struggled, the seal seemed about 1/4 inch too long, and was a fairly loose fit on the screen. Mike.
  4. Straying off the question a bit, but just curious-the clutch fork has three holes, manual says the push rod must be fitted to the middle hole, so what are the other holes for? Same part used in other other applications maybe? Mike.
  5. I found my slave cylinder had been fitted upside down by the previous owner. Gear selection definitely much improved after I corrected it- I put this down to the fact that it would be impossible to bleed it properly with the bleed nipple at the bottom, below the hose connection. Mike.
  6. Agree with Mike, I do the same. A starting problem is unlikely to be the pump if the car runs ok once started. More likely is the injectors, if they are not sealing off when the engine is stopped then fuel will dribble out emptying the injector hoses. Pull out the injector after turning off the engine and see if fuel is dribbling out. Check the fuel spray pattern into a jam jar as well. The injection system doesn't need upgrading, it just needs to be in good working order. All assuming the ignition system is good of course. Mike.
  7. I once worked with a guy who lent his Triumph 2000 to his son to tow a mate who had broken down. Son tied the rope around the rear axle (driveshaft) and promptly winched the car into the back of the Triumph as he drove off. Don't do that! Mike.
  8. I'm afraid the ARB desert is long gone. In the modern CAA world, we would stay grounded until every required facility was available, along with a risk assessment and method statement. Mike.
  9. I'm sure you will get lots of different opinions on what to do, but I agree with Rob that shakes and rattles imply that the suspension requires overhaul rather than upgrading. My TR6 on stock suspension gives a better ride over poor surfaces than my modern sports car ( though probably much less grip), and far less shakes and rattles than an MGB i used to own. Mike.
  10. Just a thought; does heat from the exhaust running under the boot/fuel tank area contribute to this problem, especially if using a stainless exhaust? Would some form of insulation under the tank and boot floor help? Although temperatures inside the car will be high if the car is parked in direct sunlight in this weather, given that the tank has an air gap between it and the car exterior a tank temperature of 35-40 degrees sounds excessive. Ref the cooling coil, although it does add warm fuel to the tank the volume of relatively cool fuel in the tank should in theory be able to absorb
  11. I can only think of two paths for fuel to get into the oil: 1) Leaking past the seals in dizzy/MU pedestal. It can leak past the two seals, though it should be evident at the tell tale hole. Is the hole clear? 2) Unburnt fuel in the upper cylinder getting past the rings. Maybe an injector dribbling fuel after stopping engine? It would be interesting to know if a degree if dilution is normal, I don’t suppose many people get their oil analysed. Mike.
  12. Public transport may be readily available in central London, but try getting to or from work in the outer London area early on a Sunday morning as I have to do and you will soon realise why people are attached to personal transport. Mike.
  13. Richard, You make some interesting points. Who knows how readily available or affordable petrol will be in 15-20 years time, or how much interest future generations will have in historic vehicles. I do wonder though how truly green or sustainable electric cars will prove to be in the long term. Maybe the future will be hydrogen or some other power source despite the current enthusiasm for anything electric. Some thoughts regarding an electric TR6 ; It's your car to do whatever you like with. I had a chat with the company selling electric conversions of classics at the London Cla
  14. This height requirement is for dipped beam headlights. I still can’t see any height requirement for main beam headlights, spot or driving lights being optional main beam lights (schedule 5 of the quoted legislation). Like Charlie, I’m not trying to be argumentative, but nobody has yet shown where any height requirement for these lights is written down. Mike.
  15. I can't find any height requirements in the lighting regulations or MOT test inspection requirements for 'optional main beam' lights (there are no references to 'spot' or 'driving' lights). They are required to be wired so as to switch off when headlights are dipped. Mike.
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