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  1. Hi, for what's its worth I fitted Vredestein sprint classics after studying a few of these forums, and also because I liked the period look. I've been really pleased with them, and interestingly when I took the car to a club skid pan event I got better grip from them on the pan than with a friends car with much wider modern tyres. Rgds. Mike.
  2. Hi, Rob, I might be interested in these. I assume they are the early type with the hand pulls incorporated? Mike.
  3. I've just had the same problem on my TR, the aluminium thread had corroded. Drilling and tapping to 3/8 UNC was a straightforward fix. One of the holes had already been repaired with a 3/8 UNF stud which seems to work equally well, however I don't know anybody who supplies a 3/8-5/16 UNF stud. Using a 3/8-3/8 stud would require opening up the hole in the hub assy to accept it. It strikes me that the problem, apart from over tightening and stripping the thread, is dissimilar metals corrosion between the aluminium hub and the steel stud. Copper grease would seem to be the best way to avoid this. Loctite is intended primarily to prevent the thread from coming undone, something that doesn't seem to be an issue with these studs.
  4. I know tyres are a subject that's been covered many times, but my 185/70 R15 tyres need replacing, and the consensus seems to be that the original 165 R15 size gives best results.However, the price of the recommended Michelins is rather eyewatering, Vredesteins less costly but still not cheap. Alternatives that come up on internet searches include the Retro Classic (which I believe is made by Nanking). Does anybody have any experience of these, or any other options?
  5. Thanks for the info,especially the pictures. Mike.
  6. Hi, can anybody tell me what trim was applied to the tunnel mounted courtesy light plinth fitted to early TRs? What is the best way of reproducing this?
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