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  1. Hi Garry, will you take a Tr6 as a swap for your Sunbeam Tiger. Richard
  2. Hi all, my daily driver is an Audi A5 Quattro TDI slightly leaned on, giving just over 300hp with 500nm torque, plenty quick enough for me and relatively economic and very comfortable. Richard..
  3. Hi Pinky, Why not just rewire the existing light switch through a VWBeetle or similar headlamp relay, then you flasher switch becomes a dip switch when on headlights ? Richard
  4. There is a company in Wales called speedycables, they will convert your tachometer to electronic and keep the original look. speedycables.com Richard..
  5. I have the complete ( I thnk ) set, not sure about the wire link though. Let me know if and what you need and I can send to you for a Beer or so. Richard..
  6. Of course I knew that all along. Hmmm. You lern something everyday. Richard..
  7. I know I am a bit late adding to this thread but please don't forget that the US spec. head has different port spacing to the UK type so PI inlet manifolds will not fit. RW.
  8. I know I am a bit late adding to this thread but please don't forget that the US spec. head has different port spacing to the UK type so PI inlet manifolds will not fit. RW.
  9. I used a VW Beetle ( old style ) headlamp relay in place of the foot dip switch wiring you will need to disconnect the existing blue?white flasher wire from the flasher switch and earth it. I have described this before, it works well and gives headlamp dip and alternately main beam when lights are on and flash only when lights are off. If you need further help please let me know. Richard..
  10. I am looking to put a red stripe on the sidewall of my tyres as the car originally had Goodyear red stripe fitted. I saw on Wheeler Dealers last year they had them done for one of thier cars by, I believe, a company in Essex. I know Mr Whitewall in Staffordshire can do them but i am looking for someone closer to home ( Sussex ). Can anyone help please ??
  11. Hi Jochems, I am a bit late answering but i have a pedestal with the gears and coupling with a metering unit. Do you still need one ? Also I said I would update you on my efi conversion, from US spec Carbs to unleaded CP head with throttle bodies etc. CP cam. what an improvement ! worked pretty much out of the box with preloaded TR CP mapping only problem was poor plugs. full details if you are interested. Regards. Richard..
  12. Hi John, thanks for the comment, however, I do not find the search engine to be very helpful, maybe its me, but the thread it took me too was about general wiring discrepancies not dipswitch relevant. Have I missed something here ? Regards. Richard..
  13. Please forgive me if this topic has already been posted, I don't have time ( Im lazy really ) to read through them all. If like me you hate the inconvenient at best and downright dangerous at worst, foot dip switch, here is a solution which I much prefer. Remove said dip switch. Transfer the three wires to a VW Beetle / T2 Van etc. Headlamp relay, available new on flea bay or VW garages Blue to relay term. 56, Blue/White to term. 56a, Blue/Red to term. 56b. This leaves two terminals, 30 and S, 30 needs a new wire run up to the purple feed for the existing headlamp flasher B
  14. SpeedFreak


    Glad to see that humour is still alive !! Richard..
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