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    Mini 1275gt. XR3i. .escort RS turbo mk1. Sierra RS cosworth. fiesta RS turbo. Land Rover discovery. 1972 TR6

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  1. Hi. Scott refurbished my clock faces and recalibrated my tachometer and speedo 18 months ago. Can highly recommend him. Reliable and fast. Peter
  2. Hi dan. They really are a tight fit. You can get them in chrome or brushed steel effect. If you remove them they wii take the paint of the wheel
  3. Hi Andy. I refurbished my 1972 grill about 4 years ago. I had the black part of the grill and lower finisher powder coated satin black and the centre strip powder coated silver. As for the black cloth strip which was falling apart I used a pinstripe tape. Still looks like new. All the best peter
  4. Hi there. I have the Halfords battery HCB072. Had it over 3 years with no problems. Excellent starting power. If you fit the battery clamp correctly there is plenty of space between the terminals
  5. Hi all. Wrote a big list of house diy jobs to do. 3 weeks in list getting bigger. But I can tell you my tr6 is gleaming and those little jobs you put off are now done. I drove it around the block with a huge smile. Don’t know how I ever had the time to go to work. Once we are released there’s going to be a lot of classics on the road. Can’t wait. Stay safe all
  6. Check the heater switch as there is an unused terminal at the rear that can often touch the metal dash causing the fuse to blow. Cap it off with a plastic sleeve
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