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    Current: 1970 TR6. Previously: 1968 Bug, 1966 Split Screen Camper, 1957 Oval Bug, 1976 Granada Ghia Coupe, 1957 Oval bug, 1956 Oval Bug, 1971 Bay Window Van.

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  1. It would have had to have drained away if they were at full height before when you checked two weeks earlier, so there must be a big leak front and rear or it wasn't full, it's possible that the master cylinder is the problem as both circuits run through it, so if it breached and drained into the servo perhaps? Gareth
  2. I'm sure his taste has just matured. Gareth
  3. What is speed sensitive, with power steering I guess it means the faster you go the less power you need, so if it's possible to lower that assistance somehow maybe? As far as a change of tyres, it will make slow speeds easier, geometry, camber etc will neutralise higher speed sensitivity. Gareth
  4. With the right size tyres (165 x 15), the steering is lovely at all speeds. Gareth
  5. The screen surround is only body colour on '69 model year cars, commission number starting with CP25***. If yours starts with CP50**** it's a '70 model year and should have black screen surround. Gareth
  6. Great news on the original registration, just the cost of the new plates. Gareth
  7. Mk2 Chopper

    Nigel O

    Checked the ignition side of things, timing, plugs, coil, points etc? Gareth
  8. It depends on where the pistons are and the timing marks. It would be best to turn the engine over till no. 1 piston is the correct position for firing and then the rotor arm will be pointing at no.1 lead then you can work out all the others from there. Gareth
  9. Superb! Did the previous owner give you any figures on what the engine develops now and speeds, acceleration etc? I've never seen anything like this on a TR6 before, very cool. Gareth
  10. Love magenta! Welcome, nice looking '6, supercharger sounds awesome, pics of that please. Gareth
  11. Great update, looking very good from the pictures, I think white is such a good colour for a '6. Also in time you'll want to pick up some early black bezels for the gauges which appear to be early with later style chrome bezels. Gareth
  12. I had this same problem when using a new MC, wouldn't bleed and required adjustment of the push rod. Gareth
  13. Looks good Billy. I know Denbies and have visited a couple of times, but can't picture where you are parked? Gareth
  14. Just caught up with this one, part of the fun is working on them (sometimes) so it's all good. Handy that you already have some knowledge on the PI and sliding brake cylinders, this TR sounds like it's in good hands. I also like a '6 in white, really shows off the black rear end. Gareth
  15. Thanks Ed, a fellow club member gave me a used set and I can see that upswept section. Gareth
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