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  1. Exactly it's the media again, creating the panic. I was really low on fuel yesterday, travelled past many closed petrol stations, and decided to get up early and head back to one that just shut on the car before me last night (no persuading the manager to let me in), managed to fill up and feel relieved. Meanwhile I still have three quarters of a tank in the TR . Gareth
  2. Steady lads, let's let Ernest build up his mechanical knowledge a little more first. It's part of the 'fun' with a classic, learning and working on them yourself, one step at a time, but soon you'll be pulling out injectors and bleeding them in no time Gareth
  3. That's good. If you get the issue again, do the pulse check on the injector lines, make sure the one you are holding isn't touching against another line and feel for a pulsing when it's idling, a steady pulsing means the injector on that line is working. Gareth
  4. Did the garage sort the problem out from your previous post? Injectors are pretty simple things, unless the o rings have gone hard and are leaking, there isn't much that can go wrong. They can get stuck with debris, or need to be bled of air, but that's not the fault of the injector. A quick search will show a number of people and vendors that supply new or refurbished. I've bought a new one from KMI before and had no issues. Gareth
  5. Expectations v's reality, we've all been there and will continue to amaze ourselves when we fall into the trap for the umpteen time. I for one enjoy reading of both the positive and negative thoughts about classic car ownership, and believe me it was great to see the brilliant work done to the chassis and body to get it to this stage. I also feel your frustration regarding things that if you'd known could have addressed. The down days will be equally be turned into high ones in time, but for those of us sipping on our mug of tea with a biscuit reading your 'adventures', its all good enter
  6. As usual an in depth (and enjoyable read) write up regarding the lengths we owners go to to correct things with our cars. Since the initial work done, you seem a little more critical of the mechanical work done by the garage, but I guess when you invest a lot you expect a lot back, and some things seem irritating when you find them. I think you might be right that a set of lower springs might be your answer, don't forget if you've still to fit the bumpers, hood, spare wheel etc, they will add a bit of weight (I can't remember if your have fitted any of the above). Looking forw
  7. I had trouble getting the air out of mine, but I realised after a lot of pumping and refilling the reservoir, that the slave had been fitted so the bleed nipple was orientated the wrong way and it left air in the system. Turning the slave 180 degrees and it bled fairly easily. Gareth
  8. Hope it works and turns out to be a crappy aftermarket part that was the issue. Gareth
  9. Hi Mike, A bit of a faff but is it worth refitting the old cylinder again and using the bleed nipple from the new one to see if it works better, as maybe the new one isn't right in some way? How come you are using the original push rod, did it not come with a new one? What happens if you pump the pedal a few times, does it work better? Is the cylinder mounted on the engine side of the mounting bracket or the gearbox side? Gareth
  10. Looks good to me, better to know it's all renewed with suitable rubber for modern fuel. I agree on losing the additional fuel filter. Can't believe how dirty the float chambers were! Might need to keep an eye on that to see if anymore works it's way through. Good work, looking forward to the next update. Gareth
  11. Good conclusion and update. Also non standard rocker covers don't have the baffle where the oil breather comes out which should help stop oil in the fumes making its way out into the plenum. Gareth
  12. Thanks Rob, it didn't bother me, but it's good to have things working as they should, I'll see if there is somewhere on the alternator I could use and decide. Cheers Gareth
  13. Thanks guys I get it now, so can I add the wire to somewhere else like the alternator or is this the best place for it? Gareth
  14. I've just fitted a relay to switch a new dedicated wire from battery to pump, all works well, but...I've noticed the ammeter now reads slightly to the positive side of the gauge, where it used to be pretty much in the center. Is this normal as the wire is direct to the battery? Gareth
  15. The diaphragm between the metering unit (the rounded part with the injector pipes and the control unit (the square part with the black lucas cover) is allowing fuel to leak past it. Needs changing, can be done DIY but if unsure send the unit off for refurbishment. It can also happen if the return line is blocked and displaces the same diaphragm, use an air line to blow through to check. Gareth
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