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  1. Mk2 Chopper

    Tr6 drum brake question

    This double flare pipe end wasn't known to be used on a TR6 by a few classic brake pipe maker's that I tried, probably not an issue if you buy a brake line kit though and not just the individual pipe. I bought one from Robsport and was careful to explain what I needed as far as the flares and the correct one turned up. Additionally the adjuster for the rear drum is at the bottom opposite the wheel cylinder
  2. Mk2 Chopper

    Roof down question

    Paul, my car had no rear snaps, looked like they had pulled through as the holes were there, so in order to replace I had to undo the rear plate which is bolted down with I think five bolts just below the rear window, once this is off its easy to get to. You need small washers to stop the rivet pulling through and I had to fit longer ones at the rear sides as there is quite a bit of material in that area. It's quite easy and satisfying to sort. Good luck with it. Gareth
  3. Mk2 Chopper

    Choke cable

    Well it's done and drying, hopefully I have it on straight and centered
  4. Mk2 Chopper

    Choke cable

    Thanks Gavin, Good to know that should work, I've got my JB Weld here ready to use. Gareth
  5. Mk2 Chopper

    Choke cable

    It doesn't really matter if I had to change the cable anyway to get the correct picture choke knob, just hoping I can adapt the cable I already have installed
  6. Mk2 Chopper

    Choke cable

    Thanks for the link Roger, quite a bit better on price, only problem is they are listed as out of stock. I might try some epoxy and a grub screw and see if I can't secure the new knob to the current cable. Gareth
  7. Mk2 Chopper

    Choke cable

    My car currently has a written style choke knob, I've replaced all the other knobs and want to put this back to a picture type (1970 CP). When I removed the written type I realise the choke cable is different. I went to the usual suppliers and nearly spat out my tea at the price of a new cable! Is there a way of securing the picture knob to my current cable? Or does anyone know where I can obtain a more reasonably priced earlier cable or have a second hand one? Thanks Gareth
  8. Mk2 Chopper

    Tyre Size..................again!!!

    Thanks for posting, I really like the 165's totally transforms the car, the 195's look so over tyred to me, and they are ever so slightly less diameter than the 165's, so that will make a difference to the look and stance, imagine how different mine will look coming from a 205/60 15!! Gareth
  9. Mk2 Chopper

    Tyre Size..................again!!!

    They look great, the ride height looks good also in that picture. Have you got before pictures showing the 195's as a comparison? Can't wait to get mine sorted after seeing yours! Gareth
  10. Mk2 Chopper

    Tyre Size..................again!!!

    Nice idea, I like the fact that the spring rate doesn't change. Enjoy your summer, it's very wet here right now, definitely not convertible weather! Gareth
  11. Mk2 Chopper


    I'm going for 165 x15's for my next tyre, I think the look of the car is also important and feel low profile wider tyres change the look of the car, not necessarily in a good way for me. The range of tyres sizes available for a UK car (depending on width of the wheel) is usually 165 x15 (165/80 15), 185/70 15, 195/65 15 & 205/65 15, these will all be close in diameter (height) to the original 165 x 15. I've currently got some 6 inch wheels with 205/60 15's, they don't look right, too low and too wide, I want to go back to skinny and tall! Gareth
  12. Mk2 Chopper

    Tyre Size..................again!!!

    Yes that's quite a problem when you can't be totally cetain of the end results, good luck with it!
  13. Mk2 Chopper

    TR6 seat wire broken

    Can you brace it with some steel and weld it? I did something similar in an old VW van seat some years ago
  14. Mk2 Chopper

    Tyre Size..................again!!!

    Nice update, so you'll be going for the next ones that lower an inch?

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