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  1. I'm going this coming Thursday, it's tickets only (free) these days, there is a website to book it. Gareth
  2. Hey Sean, have you been to the Westerham brewery? I often go once a month in my TR6 for the curry night. Gareth
  3. Maybe a more recent pic would help, cause it might be fine. Sometimes the lower profile tyres make the gap look a little more because the are a flatter footprint than a classic shaped tyre. Gareth
  4. The gaps in the arches look to big for me (but not by much), maybe get some new standard springs, or you can get very slightly lower ones. Also is the camber right at the back, it seems to be leaning out at the top as though it's been on a jack recently? Gareth
  5. This year's event was my first as I'm a newer member, having had my TR for just over a year, but I've attended many shows over the years for other marques. My take on it was, queuing was no worse than any other event I've been to (some have been a lot worse!). I did get a sense that things were disjointed as far as the traders were concerned, although to be fair I wasn't looking to buy anything, so that didn't matter. The camping for my local club had sufficient space (and I understand there was another field available). Whilst it was great being part of the TR6 display, I also enjoyed that the TSSC cars were there, which created more variety. The auto solo was a lot of fun to watch and the talks about the Herald and TR6 in the same place were enjoyable. For me one thing I prefer to see the cars on the move as apposed to static display, so again it was good to see cars moving about on site and also driving around the town (I took a trip round Stratford myself). Also those who went to Caffeine and machine before heading on to the race course Friday, were treated to some really nice Triumphs coming and going. I'm sure with a few tweaks (better crossing of the track, utilising the available space better), this could be a good venue to continue with. Gareth
  6. Although in theory it shouldn't matter with the switches on the gearbox, but just in case... Gareth
  7. That's the great thing about classic cars, there is just as much fun to be had tinkering with them than just driving alone. Maybe some debris had blocked the injector. It's good to have a spare injector on board so you can switch it. It's also possible to bleed an injector while the engine is running, but taking it out and tapping it or very gently pulling the end till it starts to spray a nice cone shape. Gareth
  8. You seem to have a stud missing? Anyhow that's what my cover looks like with the centre stitching, and people often comment on the good fit of my roof, so perhaps a Don Hoods has been fitted to mine by a previous owner? Gareth
  9. Mk2 Chopper


    Thanks Waldi, I read about protecting the seals, and one suggestion is to use the conical end of a sealant tube, or I saw your idea in another thread about shrink wrap. Gareth
  10. Mk2 Chopper


    Thanks Neil, I'm sure it will all become clear when I open it up. Gareth
  11. Mk2 Chopper


    Thanks for clearing that up for me Neil. How easy is it to fit the lip seals, do you use a socket and gently tap in or does it take a firmer hit? And was it easy to measure the amount the second one goes in so it doesn't block the tell tale hole, maybe by taping round the socket to the pre determined amount? Thanks Gareth
  12. Good cone spray from all injectors? fuel pressure correct? Spark plug condition? Coil? Points? Timing? Fuel age? Plenty of things to check. Gareth
  13. The pump runs all the time the ignition is on, so no harm in leaving it to prime for a while (you might want to disconnect the points cable so they don't burn). The injector pipes pulse because of the pressure to open the injector and the release of that pressure when it does. Until you have fuel opening the injector it won't pulse. Whilst priming the system off the pump helps, it will only bring the pressure to the MU, it then has a small volume to push to each injector. you could try cracking open number six line on the MU to see if fuel is present, if it is, it's a case of cranking over to push it up to the injectors. You could try and back fill the lines with fuel to speed it up. Can you feel the MU rotating while it's being cranked over, again you could undo number six line and move the engine by hand whilst observing the rotor turning through the hole to confirm the plastic drive is good and working. Gareth
  14. Mk2 Chopper


    Just bringing this one back up, as I have an oil leak from the pedestal. I was trying to check if the leak is coming from the tell tale hole, but it actually looks like its coming from the o ring where the plug goes and i can rotate the plug suggesting the o ring isn't holding it. Anyway I was going to order the internal lipped seals also, can I just confirm, there is a small o ring on the plug, two lipped seals inside the pedestal and one larger o ring for the MU against the pedestal? Cheers Gareth
  15. Not going to offer any help, only to say I'm in a similar situation, really not looking forward to the wet legs Friday too! Gareth
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