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  1. I would be tempted to say the relay is wired up wrong and instead of switching the horn on, it's cutting power when the ignition is on. Have you done anything to the wires before this problem occurred? If not it could still be a fault in the relay. Let's see what others can come up with. Gareth
  2. They are listed on Michelin's own site as 82H (load and speed rating), also at Longstone tyres. Are you referring to when they originally came out in 1965? Gareth
  3. Great video, and as others have already said, a fitting tribute. Gareth
  4. Black satin on the windscreen frame or below boot lid isn't correct for a '69. It should be body colour for windscreen and matt black for the rear. Not forgetting the black along the lower part of the sills. Gareth
  5. Yes I've made up a simple spacer with a similar method before. I think I got stainless rivets if I remember rightly. Gareth
  6. There is a common fuse that controls all those systems, there are only three fuses, so take them out and make sure they are good and clean and the pressure is strong against them. There is green coloured wiring coming off one of them, so make sure after checking/ swapping fuse that this lucar connector is clean and tight. Usually it's a poor connection and a clean up will sort it out. Gareth
  7. The rivet is no.8 in the diagram above and is listed as 1/8" x 1/4" . I don't think it's steel as that could rust. You also want the washers, no.10 as these stop the rivet pulling through the frame and help if any of the holes are a bit over sized. No.11 is indeed a foam type cover to protect the underside of the rivet, and is probably more useful in the windscreen top mount than at the rear. Not in stock at Moss but all available from Rimmers. Gareth
  8. Glad you found the solution there Colin. Good to know there is a member who can sort out issues like this too. Gareth
  9. Does it run and rev the same with no. 3 disconnected? Is the rotor arm a decent one like the one from distributor Dr? Gareth
  10. The upper wishbone mount can be fitted two ways, fitted the wrong way actually causes negative camber not positive, it might be worth seeing which way round they are fitted anyway and if both sides are the same way, plus what shims are fitted to the lower arms both sides. Gareth
  11. Are you able to approach the company who did the rebuild and see if they can sort it out seeing as it's not lasted. I appreciate you were not their customer, but they may want to stand by their work. Gareth
  12. You appear to have too much positive camber, you can add shims to the lower arm. What tyre and wheel combination do you have? Is it the same both sides? Gareth
  13. The gap you have between the door glass and windscreen frame. Gareth
  14. The PRV should regulate pressure. Do you have the ability to measure the pressure of fuel the MU is getting, if not maybe a member of your local group does. You want to find that out before spending money on what might turn out to be the wrong part. Gareth
  15. Looks great, I have mohair on mine and get many compliment on the fit. Gareth
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