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  1. It's more complicated than I thought, when I thought of the roof area I forgot about how to secure it, so all the parts to complete it are adding up. Yes definitely some good progress. Gareth
  2. Welcome Phil. I think reading up about engine upgrades will help, you'll see how others did things and the pitfalls etc. But certainly it seems more than possible to get the power you want by cam, head and carburettor changes. Is the bottom end any good before you start bolting on more power? As for the rest of the car, I'm inclined to suggest running it around and seeing where you are with it, you might find the brakes and clutch hydraulics need work and other areas start to show issues once you start using it. These cars from a mechanical point of view are quite good to lea
  3. The best thing to do Jonny is once you have the set up how you want it, do a pressure test right at the metering unit and if necessary adjust the pressure by means of the PRV to obtain the correct reading of around 106 to 108psi. You'll need a pressure gauge and some means to connect it to the fuel line. Gareth
  4. I would say having tried NGK, Bosch (4 electrode) and Champion, my set up seems to prefer NGK. NGK BP6ES or BP5ES (or a combination of both) depending on how rich/ lean your set up is, and type of driving you do. So I think it's a case of trying the different types available and see how they perform in your own real world situation. Gareth
  5. I'm liking your progress, always an enjoyable read. Gareth
  6. That really does look the part, nice job. Gareth
  7. I'm pretty sure the CP was darker, and CR lighter, so that information could be correct for the later dash and would certainly explain the confusion around the two wood types. Who's to say it didn't change according to what was available at the time either? Gareth
  8. I spoke with Ian at Classical Dash, and he said the original dash was American Walnut also, and that due to the ageing it goes an orange colour which is very like Teak. I noticed on TR Shop, they describe it as 'matt finish crown cut walnut (teak)'. So I think a lot of people assume it's teak due to how it looks when it's old. That NOS dash looks amazing. Gareth
  9. So much variety going on. I take it American Walnut is the standard original fitment? Gareth
  10. I'm loving all the input here guys, who'd have thought what seems like a simple thing can turn into a rabbit hole, but I'm excited by the idea and just need to formulate my ideas. Gareth
  11. That might well be the way to go, been reading up on re veneering a dash. Certainly is a nice pattern on the rosewood and a great price. Gareth
  12. Thanks Bruce, I think you are right on this, I have contacted them along with some other places to get their thoughts, but ultimately I really need to see it as you say. Really liking this rosewood dash I found on this page http://www.74tr6.com/dashpanel.htm although hardly original spec it is truly beautiful. Gareth
  13. I usually undo the bolt holding the distributor and clamp and lift it out of the way, that way its still in the same place when you refit it. Gareth
  14. I've been searching/ reading and looking at pictures, on the subject of dashboards, specifically for a 1970 CP. Currently I have an aftermarket walnut burr style dash, but would prefer to go to the more simple and lighter original one. Where would one source a new but original style finish, I've looked at classic dash and a guy on ebay, but I'm not really sure they offer what I want. Any info would be great. Thanks Gareth
  15. Normally something is shorting out to cause that, have you removed steering wheel recently? Might be a clearance issue there or the column itself. Could be a tricky thing to find if it's intermittent. Gareth
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