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  1. Just read your thread and how you reduced the total advance amount, you can imagine how mine was running with a 16 degree points cam! Amazing difference after fitting the correct cam. Gareth
  2. Yes I don't think i'd have ever have looked under the base plate if I wasn't chasing a misfire and wondered if the weight's were sticking. Yeah I figured I should use the springs that were fitted to the 7 degree one so that the whole thing was matched.
  3. So here are the 7 and 16 degree cam hooks. You can see how much more the 7 degree restricts movement with its longer hook. I can report that I have a better idle but also the engine revs better up to the red line, and feels like there is more torque, as with a passenger there isn't such a noticeable drop in power with the extra weight like before. I partly put that down to having to retard the 16 degree back to stop pinking, but also I fitted the advance springs that were on the 7 degree one, so perhaps they have altered the curve over those that were on the 16 degree one. I've yet
  4. Looking good Jonny, I doubt the concours police will get near it, but keep looking over your shoulder for the originally police . Gareth
  5. I think I've found one through my local group, will update if I get hold of it and show a comparison picture. That Lucas information was great John by the way. Gareth
  6. Yes I agree, I think I set it to how it sounded the best and backed off when pinking, so I'm probably not gettting the best timing at idle Thanks John i'll take a look Thanks Rob, pm sent. Edit just read your next reply, ah shame.
  7. I believe that's all yes, but by how much? I guess it could be done by trial and error using a timing light. I might be able to compare it to another distributor with the correct degrees and get it close. Gareth Edit: maybe I could put something over the post the beak part touches to see how it runs first?
  8. Hi Jonny, You should still have the cam hook fitted with the electronic ignition, but no he doesn't have a spare, but he can modify mine, I don't want to take the car off the road right now, so hoping to get one from someone off here. Gareth
  9. I'm after a points cam hook for my Lucas 22d6 distributor, I currently have a 16 degree one fitted, but according to Martin Jay (DD) it should be 7 degree. Or failing that a for parts distributor that has one fitted. Wanted ad Cheers Gareth
  10. Mk2 Chopper


    Nice to see a new owner (custodian), hope you have fun with your new '6. Gareth
  11. Not received mine yet. Gareth
  12. That's looking smart, good job. Gareth
  13. Just wanted to bring this back up, I have a CP TR6, and I was chasing an intermittent misfire, which occasionally only occurs on flooring the throttle when driving. So I got to checking the weight's are able to move freely etc. I notice I have a 16 degree advance fitted. Does anyone know what is the correct advance amount for a CP engine, as this thread indicates it might be 13 instead of 16? Gareth
  14. If you intend to increase the tank outlet in the future then maybe go for 10mm, but I doubt it'll make any difference at all leaving it all at the 8mm. Yes it can be a bit of 'fun' figuring it all out, but what better way to get to know your car and enjoying the mechanical side of it as well as driving it. Gareth
  15. Looking good, nothing better than a clean installation done right. Gareth
  16. I had an Aston Martin DB6 driver wave to me today, that felt good! Gareth
  17. That's great news and explains the symptoms perfectly, hopefully it will help future owners with a similar problem. Gareth
  18. The rheostat effectively will just work as an on off switch with LED dash bulbs fitted. Gareth
  19. Your kidding, wow I'm glad you discovered it or you'd be chasing the problem forever! Gareth
  20. An alternator needs something to start it charging, some earlier ones had a spare exciter circuit, later just used the warning light, so I'm thinking with your current set up the alternator isn't getting the exciter input to start it making a charge output, hence no output and the light remains on. I would do as others suggest and make up new wires for a warning lamp and see what happens. Gareth
  21. I'm running 165/80 15's, I love the way they feel, but also as important they look so right on the car, I can't stand the over tyred square tread of 195's. But as they always say, it's your car do want you want to it. Gareth
  22. Could you get a wider rubber strip similar to that that goes round the windscreen frame, and cover it over so it's not seen at all? Not that it looks bad to me in the pictures. Gareth
  23. You know what, it never missed a beat, crusty burnt wiring, badly sited pump, kinked pipe, but it ran just fine like that, lovely smell of fuel coming from the kinked pipe too. Gareth
  24. Looks similar to mine, which was fitted so badly, fuel having to go 'uphill' to reach the pump, now put it in its correct orientation. This one uses banjo bolts to connect the filter to pump but at that stage its low pressure so other clips will work fine. Gareth
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