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  1. I've just fitted mine similar to ChrisR-4A above. Check these pictures. Gareth
  2. A picture of the new earth cables:
  3. Can't upload these photos other than one post at a time even though I've reduced the size, if there was one thing I wish we could have is more memory for pictures!
  4. Update: I've now fitted the switch as follows.
  5. Hi Sean, The switch arrived today. The place I think it will fit best is the area adjacent to the battery near the earth, on the side of the raised plinth where the wiper motor sits. That way the cable runs are short, the key being accessible from the passengers side (should be reachable from the drivers position). Now I have the switch I can see if that will work. Gareth
  6. I'm working on it, I've ordered the switch, then I'll see where I can fit it and work out cable length, will report back. Gareth
  7. Actually that would make it a lot easier than bringing cable through as well, I'll have to get a switch and see where it could go. Cheers Gareth
  8. Looks like we'll have to come up with something ourselves Sean, I'd like the convenience of not lifting the bonnet each time I want to disconnect the power. I suppose it shouldn't be too difficult, get one of those switches with the red key and bring some heavy cable through the bulkhead, although my quick release is on the positive side, I favour bringing a new earth side through, just seems safer. Gareth
  9. I usually disconnect my battery with a quick release on the terminal, but I'd like to fit a switch in the cockpit. You got any more info or pictures about how to go about it? Gareth
  10. I think you're a bit late to the party mate. Bonnet is open... Gareth
  11. Another question, the heater outlet, is there somewhere that it exits when the panels are in place? Gareth
  12. Good idea, a little search turned this up: this from Danielsonfamily TR6 pages. Gareth
  13. To be totally fail safe, remove grille and cardboard cover thing and get a USB camera/light before you start. The usual reason for bonnet being stuck was the cable, hence the emergency release. The op had an unusual one because he'd tightened something up and the incorrectly fitted emergency release by the cars previous owner (s). Careful checking and alignment will make it function correctly. Gareth
  14. They seem quite expensive, have to wait for a sale! Gareth
  15. Cool I'll check it out Gareth
  16. I'm amazed that the bonnet could lift under heavy braking, I'm not going to test it. I'll take your word for it! Gareth
  17. Probably the same as mine, the hook is gone. If this doesn't make it into the forum section of TR Action I don't know what will! Gareth
  18. Crazy that the very thing to help open the bonnet actually caused an issue, if the emergency release wasn't there it would been fine. Gareth
  19. So good that it was a simple issue in the end, thanks for the update and happy TRing! Gareth
  20. Goody the weekend is here. *Gets comfortable in an arm chair for the thrilling conclusion to last weekends cliff hanger* Gareth
  21. I'd love a '69 TR6, I know many hate the wheel covers but I think they look great. Gareth
  22. Can't you use an Allen key in the adjuster and push it in firmly? Gareth
  23. I like the pump trick, but I am thinking as long as all injectors are working do they need any adjustment? It won't affect the spray pattern...or does it? Gareth
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