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  1. Try https://phoenixwingmirrors.co.uk/circular-mirrors/ They do them in any size or will cut to size Andrew
  2. Hawk I have got bullet mirrors on my Herald and with flat glass they were useless but when I swapped to convex there was a marked improvement in visibility ( still far from perfect but I would would say they went from a 1 out of 10 to a 5) I got mine from Classic Car Accessories 1. Ballycreen Off Manchester Road Castleton, Greater Manchester OL11 3JP United Kingdom Just checked and in 2012 they cost the princely sum of £1:90 each They still have replacement mirrors list on their website - so well worth a try before investing in a different type of mirror.
  3. Dave, I agree that looks like a very clever but also a very simple solution and as we all know simple solutions are often the best. I am going to try and replicate it on mine and hopefully start to see whats behind me rather than what is in the hedge or in the sky. Thanks for sharing. Andrew
  4. Jase They are listed on the on the Honeybourne Website TRIUMPH TR4, 4A, 5, 250, RACING STYLE HTTR4RACB Hardtop TR4-5 One-Piece, Racing Style, black £875.00 HTTR4RACW Hardtop TR4-5 One-Piece, Racing Style, white £875.00 HTTR4RACWP Hardtop TR4-5 One-Piece, Racing Style, white for painting £860.00
  5. Doyley That is the wire that earths the horn - You need part No 130581which is a braided wire that would have been there originally. Andrew
  6. Snap - my TR4A has them as well and while the drivers side one works well I have also given up trying to see anything other than hedges or the sky out of the passenger side - I think the problem is that they are not "handed" so a passenger side is not an option.
  7. Correct it is a snap on - I have checked the passenger seat and there is no lift the dot stud or male snap on - there is also no male snap on stud on the tonneau. It looks as if it will remain one of life's little mysteries and be consigned to the spare parts crate. Andrew
  8. Thank you - That makes sense - I will do some more exploring and see where it can be attached. Andrew
  9. Good Evening When I got my TR4A it came with a mohair tonneau cover that I have not yet used - with it was a webbing strap pictures attached with a female press stud at each and is 46 inches from stud to stud. I can't work out what it is for of where it attaches - Can anyone help me work out what it is for ? Many Thanks Andrew
  10. Hi David - Part number is 615561 - An eye watering £12.90 each from Rimmers. Andrew
  11. Roy I also baulked at the £60 cost of a new cable when mine broke. I searched the forum and found an excellent post from Roger telling me to repair the old one. Duly got a bike inner brake cable, dismantled the old one then soldered in the new inner cable after drilling out the old solder. Be very careful not to lose the tiny woodruff key (I lost mine but made a serviceable replacement out of a ground down washer). File the brass teeth will it is in bits to stop it slipping. Put it all back together and back in and it all works. Andrew
  12. Hi David - We met at Chatham earlier in the year when you were waiting for the car to arrive from the US - it looks as if you are making great progress. The offer of a spare pair of hands to help still stands so please send me a PM if there is anything I can help you with. Regards Andrew
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