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  1. Mick, it’s a bag you put things inside then you suck all the air out and it acts as a press to hold things in place while it sets. Mike redrose group
  2. Hi Pete, the royal blue code 56 does have a small amount of purple in it, on mine you can only tell if it is parked underneath lights or in the garage with the lights on. If I was to have a re spray I would go for Stuart’s blue as have seen it and it does look nice and rich. Mike redrose group
  3. BRENDA1

    Brass tap

    Just been checking the car over before we go an a 11 day holiday and found that the brass tap is leaking (second tap I have had) so I would like to replace it with a blank and copper washer. Could someone tell me the thread size, it’s probably on the forum somewhere but I can’t find the link. Mike redrose group
  4. As we’re have such good weather it’s time to get out and about, just doing a run ready for next club meeting. Mike redrose group
  5. Morning Steve, give Rich a go at your dashboard I had mine from him had a choice woods and colours, excellent service and arrived when he said it would. Mike redrose group
  6. Thanks to the above, I have been in contact with Martin at Distributor Doctor nice to have a chat with him about a new distributor. And a great service in the post tonight. Mike redrose group
  7. Afternoon all, went for a run out this morning and ended up coming home on this. All things are are looking like the old 123 distributor has finally given up after 20 years, what are you recommendations for a replacement distributor, and where to perches one from. I don’t know if Distributor Doctor sells new. Other problem being we go away in the TR in a fortnight so need to pick one up soon. Mike redrose group
  8. You can have the one that doesn’t work. Mike redrose group
  9. That looks very nice Pete your keeping busy. Have you completed your 4 that you were doing? Mike redrose group
  10. Looks like I will have to get a vapour trap for my 123 distributor, I’ve had Brenda 12+ years and it not had one fitted, just had a look at the paper work for distribution and dose not mention a vapour trap. Mike redrose group
  11. Hi all had a short drive today to Lyme park, had a lovely walk round some of the gardens and woodlands, had our usual coffee and cake popped it the the house (nice) then headed back home was good to get out felt almost normal. Mike redrose group
  12. Morning Pete, looking good you could always go rally style and have no carpets. Your getting there then you can get out and about. Took the hardtop off Brenda as hopefully summer is on its way then we’re going out for a short run over to Lyme Park for a walk round the house & gardens. (It’s so close and it appears Carole has never been) have a good day. Mike redrose group
  13. Happy birthday Pinky have a great day, Carole and Mike (redrose group)
  14. Morning Pete, all looks good the red floor is looking very nice, how’s the weather down your way hope that Katie’s workshop has managed to withstand it all. Keep up the good work. Mike redrose group
  15. BRENDA1


    Hi Stuart, not with my job I go out fully loaded to the hub and then come back fully loaded so most of the time I’m running at 44 ton, but when it’s windy it still moves about. If the other lads with the standard trailers are empty they travel with curtains strapped at the back end. But then have to be careful that the wind doesn’t get under the roof and rip it off ( only very thin alloy with pot rivets ) they are very flimsy when the curtains are not closed as we don’t have central bars to hold the roof up in the middle now all part of less weight more goods. Mike redrose group
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