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  1. Got mine but not opening till Sunday, hopefully make a good read with breakfast sat outside the old water mill we’re staying at for our first hol this year. Mike Redrose Group
  2. Hi rear view mirror was just in case you spun you could see where you were going in reverse. (laughing face as emoji not allowed) Redrose have a stand but had to book on ages ago and Bob had problems booking it again ( photo of tr,name,reg and phone number). We have Weaver Wanda, a weeks holiday in the lakes in TR and Bear town car run to look forward to, I think there’s more just around the corner hopefully, see you soon. Mike Redrose Group
  3. Excellent stuff it did look a little wet to start with ( do notice you didn’t clean you rear view mirror) and plenty of competitors, hopefully spectators will be able to attend events soon. Are you going to gold cup next weekend. Mike Redrose Group
  4. I had similar problem with my 4a and found that the fuse holders were loose and if you took the fuses out altogether you could move the holders in the base, I replaced the fuse block and all was well. Since then I have changed some of the wiring and installed a modified fuse block and relays under the dashboard. Mike Redrose Group
  5. I’d give TR Bitz a ring last time I was there they were cutting up a 6, or they will probably have one in one of the lock ups. Mike Redrose Group
  6. Good luck, at least someone is getting out and about. Mike Redrose Group
  7. I used to go to Hayes 3 times a week with Empty cartons for coffee at Premier foods, is it still up and running, We were told it had been sold for houses, good bunch of lads that used to unload us always had free samples for us and a voucher for breakfast in the canteen. Mike Redrose Group
  8. Well done all that work you have done looks like it is working for you, keep up the good runs. If they were allowing spectators we would of had a day out but looks like it will have to hang on till next year. We had a weekend at The Court House on site but there was no racing on but had a good look round and a walk up the hill. Mike Redrose Group
  9. Happy birthday Bob have a good day, Carole and Mike. Redrose Group
  10. Having the afternoon in the garage with Brenda, it’s MOT time again as we have only done 4000 miles since last mot there is not a lot to do just a good look over check lights Horne wipers and washer bottle is full and working. A good look underneath and a good use of the grease gun, if it’s not raining tomorrow I pop out for a run. Mike Redrose group
  11. I just fill it up when it gets to the red, I my have a look now we have the rebuilt engine. Mike Redrose Group
  12. BRENDA1


    Afternoon Pete, that looks a fantastic paint job, have you got plenty of plastic spanner’s so you don’t knock the paint work! Good luck with the rest of the rebuild, all the good bits to do now. Mike Redrose Group
  13. I had the same on my 4a, one of the end caps comes of the fuse link. Mike Redrose Group
  14. That’s fantastic news, enjoy you car’s again. Mike Redrose Group
  15. Hi I have a Phoenix 4 branch manifold going to large pipe into a Y pipe and then two back boxes, not to loud but sounds nice not over the top for long motorway runs. Mike Redrose Group
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