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  1. Birthday was yesterday. Mike redrose group
  2. I’m around in the day time but unfortunately I have to drive my big red/blue truck at night, just finished mine ready for MOT on Wednesday and a run to Bodrhyddan Hall this Sunday Mike redrose group
  3. Looking good, your getting good at this videoing and your racing’s not bad. Hope you get your car on the road soon. Mike redrose group.
  4. Enjoying a day out in our TRs. Mike redrose group
  5. H I have probably got my old one if you cannot get one delivered this week. Mike redrose group
  6. Looks good H nice to see the car running well, is car 133 going to put proper wheels on . mike redrose group
  7. Afternoon Pete, that’s really coming on now and is looking good, all you have to do is keep up the good work when you get her back ( which I know you will ) and you’ll be up and running in no time. We’re out for a 200 + mile run tomorrow but looks like it will be a little damp but it will wash Brenda. Mike Redrose Group
  8. I will be putting info and photos on the forum, I will p/m you when we are going. Mike Redrose Group
  9. £38 that’s not to fill it up is it, it costs me more to fill mine it just about empty now and I need to fill up so will check. Mind you I do use supper fuel from shell. And from a early post I don’t do mpg I just put fuel in when it gets to a 1/4 full, may check this time as hopefully got a couple of good runs coming up. Mike redrose group
  10. Well done good to watch, would be better to come and spectate some time when we are allowed, this will make you laugh Carole say I think H needs a new exhaust. Mike redrose group
  11. Morning Pete, well done keeping yourself busy while your TR is away, I found this you may be able to slid in it to sleep but you would have to have a tent for all your other stuff. Mike redrose group
  12. Looks like another day out bites the dust, well hopefully next year. Mike redrose group
  13. We’re going booked tickets and we’re having a long weekend again, we’re booked into the Malvern Hills Hotel this year, looking forward to it should be lots of different cars to look round this year. Let’s hope for good weather. Mike redrose group
  14. Will ask at work they should have some, if not I’ll take one off my trailer and defect the trailer and they will have to fit a new one before the trailer is used again HeHe. Mike redrose group
  15. Happy birthday have a great day Mike redrose group
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