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  1. Looks like he installed the thermostat housing upside down! Mike Redrose Group
  2. Spotted it yesterday put it on to record for this afternoons tv time, Mike. Redrose Group
  3. Standard TR4a tappets 10 thou set cold. Mike Redrose Group
  4. I do everything I should not do with my chrome wire wheels, I have had them on the car for 12 years and they we’re perched before that, my car is used in all weathers, rain,snow, and sunshine. The wheels get cleaned as the car with the power washer. Then I dry them off with the air compressor, then the car sits under the car port to air dry before being put in the garage. I probably take them off 3 times a year to clean and polish properly. Mike Redrose Group
  5. Happy birthday had a great day. Mike Redrose Group
  6. Morning Mike, I had this on my new steering rack for my 4a a few years ago, I cut about 1/2” off both ends and have had no problems. I did check with the Supplier that they had sent the contract rack. Mike Redrose Group
  7. Happy birthday Roger have a good day, you could pop out for a pint today as long as you have some food with it. Mike Redrose Group
  8. Try TR Bitz Warrington Email info@trbitz.com or 01925 756000 ask for Craig. Mike Redrose Group
  9. Something to look forward to, need to have a full diary for next year as we have missed out on so much this year. Mike. Redrose Group
  10. Looks like you have got some cleaning up to do now as that funnel is not quite big enough to catch that petrol flow. Mike Redrose Group
  11. Bob you could have one done of your own car. Mike Redrose Group
  12. Looking good Pete keep up the good work. The glove box is a bit of a pain, I tried all ways to fit my new one I was just about to cut some of it and then discovered I was fitting it upside down. Mike Redrose Group
  13. I always re size mine, I’ll try one as well. Mike Redrose Group no mine didn’t work.
  14. BRENDA1

    Tank pic

    Your newly acquired wiring harness will not work very well in that bag! Pete we could do with some update progress photos. Mike. Redrose Group
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